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What's for dinner Aimée? - Aimée - 05-04-2015

Tonight it was interesting.  I hadn't defrosted any meat, and have to get veges into the Dark Dweller.

So I baked some taties in the microwave for 8 minutes, cut off the top and bottom, scooped out the insides with a teaspoon and did lasagna lining with cut up ham and grated cheese.  Popped on the top, wrapped them in bacon (steadied with toothpicks) and baked them upright (hence the cutting of the bottom) in the oven for 40 mins to crisp up.

Meanwhile I mashed the innards, mixed the last of the cheese and ham, added a shitload of mixed veges and nuked them till hot.

Then made a small amount of cheese sauce with dill and drizzled it over the lot when I plated up. 

Yum!  A no-effort dinner.

RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - SpiroDotgeek - 06-04-2015

Your definition of "no-effort" appears to differ to mine.

However, we are in agreement with the "yum." It was bloody great. The cheese sauce was the pièce de résistance.

RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - Aimée - 08-04-2015

Tonight I went all out and made authentic Indian chicken tikka masala (sp?!).

I had nothing better to do, and nothing else to cook in the kitchen so I butterflied a chicken the size of a pigeon, roasted it in sesame oil, got the chicken off that, marinated it in ginger and garlic and let it set for half the day.

Dum de doo... hours and hours till dinner, what to do.  I know... We love the breads you get at the Genghis Khan restaurant, so I'll make some of those.

Fucking hell.. they're bloody fiddly.  You don't bake them, you knead them for 10 minutes, then fry the bottom, then coat the top in sesame seeds, then grill the top.  Grilling seems to be an american thing, and our ovens can only just do it if you set them on 'Holy Crap We're All Going To Burn!' and leave the oven door open so that the temperature can get high enough.

Well.  The fire alarm went off.

Firstly.. WHERE THE HELL IS THE ALARM?!  There are many things embedding in the ceiling here, but only the last one down the hallway is the fucking alarm.  Finally got the chair underneath, ignoring the sounds, beat the thing into submission to get the cover off so I could disconnect the battery, and the FUCKING THING IS WIRED INTO THE MAINS!  I admit... I stood there on the chair wondering whether to pull the green or the red wire, with that Mel Gibson film in my head... when I thought, "fuck it." and wafted my hand in front of it for half a minute.  It shut up.

I got off the chair, started to go into the kitchen and the fucker went off again.  

So I opened the front door and saw (for some ungodly reason) a shovel inside the front door.  So I grabbed it, put the chair back where it was before and wafted it back and forth, thinking all the time "If this doesn't work, I'll just smash it's bloody brains in with the shovel.  No-one can prove a thing."  It worked.

Ok.  I toddled back, breads made and smelling bloody wonderful. (I'll give you the recipe if you like, but they don't form pockets like the ones in the restaurant, but bloody wonderful, as I said, otherwise.) and waited for Spiro Arrival T Minus 15 Minutes.

T time arrived, and I made the tikka masala and I have to say.... OMG bloody restaurant quality noms.

The brand is Street kitchen and they have all the herbies and spicies you need to make an amazing indian dinner.  Try it.

Only leave all the doors and windows open if you're going to make bread to go with it.


RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - BrotherXan - 09-04-2015

lol...pity i ran out of time in Welly and couldn't come by - the comedy sketch of Aimee and the fire alarm would've been a hoot to see.

RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - SpiroDotgeek - 09-04-2015

And of course, we bought 4 more of those curries at the supermarket yesterday. It was sooo good! And the breads were bready and delicious too.

Wasn't too fussed that they weren't the same as Genghis Khan's because they were bloody good.

And, uh, the shovel's where it is because months and months and months ago, when there was a leaky water pipe in the front yardy bit, I started to dig it up. And then I left the shovel there to remind me to cover the hole back up properly. Except now the mound of dirt is covered by the waist high grass, so it's low priority now.

RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - Aimée - 05-05-2015

Well, I decided to try something special tonite, and went on the net for recipes. They were all boring.

I wanted to do an interesting side-dish, and planned my attack early.

I made some mashed potatoes, and chilled them for about 3 hours.

Then I fried some bacon (mmmmmm... bacon....) and mushrooms, mixed in some sour cream, and set about making some stuffed potato balls.

Stuffing the balls was the easy part. It went swimmingly! Then I coated them in parmesan crumbs. Then chilled them for a bit longer. They were quite large, so 3 each would be sufficient.

Dinner almost ready, and I heated up the oil, and decided to deep-fry the suckers to get them crispy all-round.

It started looking good... Then they started getting smaller... and smaller.. .and the coating was floating on the top of the oil. OH FUCK!

I managed to get them out before I ended up with potato soup. 5 each was all I could manage to make them look good. They kept their roundness, and the stuffing stayed inside. After I drained them they seemed alright.

Not quite the masterpiece I was expecting, but the cheese taste seemed to make it through all the trouble. The oil looks like I boiled a leper in it.

Next time I think I'll bake the suckers and see if that makes them better.

I did manage a wonderful dessert to make up for it though, so all turned out alright on the night.

We live and learn. *sigh*


RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - Aimée - 11-06-2015

Seems like I just made 'The Best Dinner Ever'. This coming from Spiro is .... uh.. almost weekly. But this time I put some effort into it. Here's how it went:

Get it all together:

Defrost a sheet of flakey/puff pastry

Precook 3 strips of bacon (I like streaky coz it makes nice roses for a special occasion). I can't be bothered doing it in the grill or frying it, and I like to make sure all the fat is gone. So I put a large dish upended on a plate, put on 2 pieces of paper towel, drape the bacon over, add another paper towel and nuke them for 2 1/2 minutes. All done.

Defrost 2 large pieces of schnitzel. Make sure to dab them with yet another paper towel so they're dry.

When it's all go:

Lay out the sheet of pastry on an oil-sprayed cooking-paper lined tray.
Squirt on some mustard in a dirty word (no one will know.)
On a cutting board lay out the pieces of meat and put on some cheese slices.
Roll the meat up with the cheese inside and put them on one half of the pastry. They should be the perfect size to lay side-by-side.
Smear the meat with sour cream.
Squirt on some bbq sauce.
Layer on the bacon.
Fold over the second half.
Press down the sides (Use milk as a stick-er if you wish)
Brush on some milk.
Sprinkle some herbs and whathaveyou.

Put in oven for 25 minutes at 190 degrees.

Let it rest for a couple of minutes while you cheat and use a 2 minute rice thingy. The mushroom one is particularly nice.


RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - FIEND - 11-06-2015

Any chance that "what's for dinner" can come to my place?! Am so bored and need food!

RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - Aimée - 11-06-2015

Do you still have taste buds?

RE: What's for dinner Aimée? - thommo_nz - 11-06-2015

Mmmm Schnitzel...

Here is easy one...
(And by broad definition far easier in terms of preparation.. No threats of smoke alarms attempting GBH on your earholes)

Sage & Onion stuffing mix
Instant gravy - dark, or brown onion

Makes the stuffing mix, with slightly less of the water than the packet says.. Should be quite firm when you've finished with it.
Lay out the meats, makes rolly balls of stuffing that's kinda oblong. Put the ball at one end of the meat and roll.. Fix with tooth pick.
Make manys...
Fry pan, little oil or butter .. heat, fry... On plate next to green things if you want or mash tatters. Attempt drowning with premade gravies..
FOODS!! :p

PS. Don't forgets to remove the tooth sticks before nom noms.. or ouchy poos..