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A Brief History of Time
B-S-AMsg # 158 of 186 Date: Sun 20/08/1995, 5:47 pm [E]

From: REMEMBER WHEN? Read: 80 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene 
Subject: lest we forget...



Board opened as 'Scorpion's Lair', running at 2400 on a Tandon AT.

The BSA started up, with meetings at the Mid City Bar. David Benfell
tries to hide under table as Aimee arrives.

Our Spiritual Leader, Raz instructed us all on how to walk the spiritual
(40% proof) path.


Name changed to 'Board Shitless BBS' while chatting to Pat Cain on the
computer about what to file the bbs under for the BBS list. :>

The GATE opened up as the Dude & Dudettes Den by Wolfman. People wrote
about who they were, and what they wanted to do with their lives.

Helpline started, with Lou and Skumo presiding. People developed all sorts
of personal problems because of this, and needed further counselling.


Gobo was christened, just because it annoyed him to be called 'Gobo'.

Robot user made by the MMOS (Mongrel Mob of Shitless) and noone worked out
that it wasn't a real person :>


Election of Officers to the BSA. The Dude puzzled at how he got elected as


Gladys stepped in, with his own weird and wonderful style of writing.


Adrain decides to dance with the cheerleaders at the Mid City for a free
beer. No photos taken. 8(

Lord Sneeble arrives in Wellington for the BSA Birthday Bash :> Takes MANY

TeeJay gets completely smashed for the first time in his life.

CAT FIGHT! in the Bond St. Inn. Belgarath hides under table, spare women
keep score.


Dungeon Master started the ball REALLY rolling for the political subby.

BSA moves to the Rose & Crown.

Aimee misses first BSA!

TeeJay succumbs to Thomas the Tank Engine mania, with a tie bought from the
barman of the R&C




The Vulgar Unicorn opens for business! Curses all round :>


Raz disappears to help out the citizens of ChristChurch. (rip)

Roving Reporter is born!


BSA moves back to the Bond St. Inn.


Nemesis gets confused for a women, and all people join in with confusing
even him!

Alan Isaacs in Hospital for a Heart bypass operation, and all things go
quiet in anticipation.


Martial arts boom, and the board reflects this with fights between who's
dojo is the best. *sigh*


Zane Ritchie returns from Japan, only to bugger off again!


TeeJay discovers Karaoki. OH NO!!! Video tapes taken and played on local
TV station.. over and over again!
B-S-AMsg # 159 of 186 Date: Sun 20/08/1995, 6:05 pm [E]
From: REMEMBER WHEN? Read: 80 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: Lest we forget (1993+)



Harry's Dream subby starts up. People try to work out why Zane is having
WEIRD dreams.


The <shudder> Hon scene starts up in earnest. Guys turn into idiots, and
bulletin boards turn to slush.

Sysop has Mid-life crisis. Starts SCRIBBLE subboard to purge.


DROOL Subboard started, with recipes that had main ingredients missing.

Shitlink gets taken over with utter crap, and sysop fights start happening
all over wellington. Users are drawn in to fight to take sides. STUPID!

Shitlink fights over, Reigning champion: AIMEE! Yahhhooo.. <pththththt>

BS BBS gets linked up to Silly Fantasies BBS for a bit of fun :>

Aimee moves to Karori.


Sysop makes questionaire so users can help make the board crap free.


Board Shitless Theme Song made up :> Sung to the theme of 'Cheers'.

First BSA Skate.

Board turns Aliases Only.

Shitlink gets a group together to see Aladin, unfortunately noone booked
tickets, and we end up going to do something completely different.

Aimee stuffs up by changing logoff string from "please enter a logoff quote"
to "please enter your password *grin*" and well.. people DID!

David O'Kane in Corner for logging on with other people's passwords, going
into the games and giving himself money earned with their accounts.


Aimee discovers IRC and disappears online for 30 hours at a time.


Articles subboard starts up. Guess who had too many good Readers Digests!

BSA gets new Hard Drive :>


Scandals Subboard started, under pain of insanity.

Dave O'K falls in love long distance ;>

Thanatos discovers the joys of Stewardesses.
B-S-AMsg # 160 of 186 Date: Sun 20/08/1995, 6:17 pm [E]
From: REMEMBER WHEN? Read: 73 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: Lest we forget '94



The Dude falls in love (briefly).

Peter Lambrechchchchtsen falls for an 'older woman'.


IRC booms, starts Internet Subboard.

Brother Xan returns from London.

Lupus falls in love. :>


Thanatos falls in Love.


Aimee considers charging for the BBS.


Aimee disappears to the USA.


Aimee still in the US, due to the IRC and rich person in America ;>
B-S-AMsg # 161 of 186 Date: Sun 20/08/1995, 6:23 pm [E]
From: REMEMBER WHEN? Read: 73 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: '95



Story Subby Starts up :>

BS gets new motherboard! yaaaahooo!

Major crash for installing motherboard. 8(

Aimee didn't do a backup, so this was termed the Crash of '95.

Thanatos gets engaged! Woah!

Hackers get hack programs for SL, not that I noticed. Sysops panick, users
get touchy.

Users get bored with normal subboards, and start posting in hidden
subboards. ??? heheheheh well.. why the hell not?


Telecom starts the *52 thingy to turn off Call Waiting. The bbs community

Jonathan Love (Ice Cube) thrown in corner, and forgotten.. oops!

Moved to Newtown. wow.. was it that long ago?

The Jungle opens, only to be shut down in a raid. hehehehe twits.


SAMSON starts up, with regular meetings for all sysops to counter hackers
and Trevor Rogers Bill.

Zarniwoop decides that he's gay, and opens StrangeLove subboard.


Subboards get crippled for the unregistered people, they get only 1/5th of
the subboards per day, all in the weekends.

Trevor McKenzie (Mack) gets thrown in corner, confused for someone else,
thrown in again and left.


Death gets banned from the TAZ, and plots revenge :>

The BBS is upgraded to SL version whateverthehellitwas, and starts working
perfectly again :>

Witch Won offers use of tape backup, and saves SysOp about 11 hours a week!


BJ the hun gets annoying and almost thrown in corner. Bets taken!

BSA Skate ... noone knew what the rest looked like, so we missed each other
entirely. hehehehehehehehehe

Dude wins prize for the most spectacular falls. Even DJ commented on them!

The_beat subby opens for mod writers.

Major fight between POD and Grey Ghost. Well.. not that major, but could
see it coming :>

B-S-AMsg # 162 of 186 Date: Fri 1/09/1995, 1:59 pm [E]
From: AUGUST :> Read: 71 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: Summary of August on the BBS :>


Board Shitless was made an official site for Proteus' Mods :> Starting a
wave of mod makers coming to the board and wanting their own file areas!

Weather Lady had the first of many mid-life crises, but we forgive her for
that :> We're all allowed one per year :> (Sysops are allowed unlimited
access to that ;>)

Dizzy's Dilemma got put onto Shitlink :> and oh dear!

Win '95 arrive, and most messages are asking for help with it... The other
half of the messages were about how to delete it, and why.

BFG and his cat (Pocket Oxford) arrives to BS :> Welcome!

Harry has a Birthday Bash :> *hic*

Mayeb dbase materila language started, but only 2 people on the board can
translate 8(

T-shirt Logo was ordered, watch this space!

Roving Reporter put the spotlite on Below Zero

Years of goings on were posted in the Reporter Area :>

Ladies Subboard Started

We all got really drunk in the Unicorn, and Hydra was bounced out for
abusing the bartender ;>

Ladies raid the Men's area, penthouses burned, money stole, and a bar fridge
mysteriously disappears ;>

Donations flood in, and the board up to date money-wise Big Grin

All in all, a good month!

August :>
B-S-AMsg # 163 of 186 Date: Mon 2/10/1995, 5:22 am [E]
From: SEPTEMBER :> Read: 82 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The Month That Was...


2350 messages were posted, revealing:

BFG got out his Wonder Book of Why and How, and told us all about life's
mysteries, and what the names for them were. Most of us had our aliases
looked up in the book, except the SysOp. 8( boohoo!

The board had complete drivel posted, which started the Flushed area, where
the rubbish was thrown into. Thank goodness!

Board Shitless users somehow ended up on Who's Board on various days, and
confusion reigns supreme! Major woops!

Weather Lady popped in, told us what she'd been up to (a damned sight more
interesting stuff than we'd been doing!), and popped back out again. Next
time we'll smear the board with glue.

Sysop gets RSI, and lays low for a while. That'll teach her for posting all
those Readers Digests' jokes.

The Cat From Hell goes into the vet for weeks on end, gets fixed up for the
sum of NZ's annual Tax Bill.

The Executive Area is formed for the Registered users :> Menus cleaned up,
things tidied and changed around.

Graveyard BBS Closes down

The Socialists come into form on Shitlink. Who's winning?

Current Offense and General area formed for the adults.

Skidmark's car gets stolen, then found again (some worries as Dizzy buys
same type of car that week).

The men get thrown out of the Ladies area, all except Grey Ghost who
promises massages and various other luxuries :>

Mrs Grey Ghost appears spookily and gets introduced into the Unicorn :>
Drinks all round!

Le_Stud saunters into the bar after an absence of years. Gets castrated for
being cocky, reincarnates various bits back again.

Skidmark takes over the mens area and trys to organise it. HA! Cha right..
trying to organise men... hehehehehehehe

All in all... I'd say it was a busy month! *grin*

September :>
B-S-AMsg # 164 of 186 Date: Thu 2/11/1995, 1:44 pm [E]
From: OCTOBER :> Read: 85 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: the Month that Was

October :>


2262 Messages posted, 41 files uploaded :>

Tim2 took a holiday in Christchurch.

Grey Ghost misses seeing Ruapehu blow it's top. (again)

Legend encroaches on Weather Lady's Shrine, which is consequently reopened
for buisiness :>

POD gets warning for being down in the mouth.. fails task set at BSA Pub
Nite that he has to be 'nice' to BJ on Board Shitless for one day.

BFG gets a Joke Book and keeps us all in stitches :>

Grey Ghosts' extended family emerges onto the BBS scene.. likely targets for
finding out GG's secrets ;> Muahahha!

Messages were posted in black, so most people missed the puns for the month
;> hehehehe

BSA moved from the Taz to Cactus Jacks, and heaps of people come for the new
atmosphere :> Lotsa fun! (Pity about the pool table...) <GG, you can stop
hiding from us at the pub now that we know what you look like Wink>

Weather Lady abandons us for a job... What are we sposed to do now?!

Mona comes back, with the beginnings of a new storyline :> Yippee!

The women from PorFemme sneak into PorHomme and jimmy the beer that the
crafty buggers have stolen from the Unicorn. World Laxative shortage
ensues, but it was worth it for the giggle ;>

One Thumb is let go by the Ladies 'upstairs' and allowed to pour a few
drinks. Seems that he was dragged right back up there. *sigh*

Dizzy's Dilemma has a BBQ, and HEAPS of BS members go, see what each other
look like, and squirt each other to within an inch of their lives.

BJ is sighted at last, becomes the life of the party and dissappears,
leaving us to wonder WHERE THE HELL HE IS! Sheesh.. kids. *grin*

Chocolate Trek to the Chocolate Factory planned!!!

PorHomme Subboard started - for Men Only
OnYaBike Subboard started - biking mischief
General Subboard started - Topic: Men & Women can't be good friends
-Bored?- Subboard started - what to do in Wgtn, if bored outta ya skull

Not a bad month, eah? *grin*
B-S-AMsg # 165 of 186 Date: Sat 27/01/1996, 5:50 pm [E]
From: NOVEMBER :> Read: 71 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: Happenings in November :>


Happenings in November :>

There was an election of the BSA Officers.

The Cheese Messiah arrived, and promptly dissappeared.

At the BSA was held a 'legs' competition, many attended, and Dimebag won
with his rendition of Eric Morcombes 'Safari Shorts'.

Hydra reappeared, after study leave.

Some of us went to the fireworks show at Frank Kitts Park... didn't
recognise each other, but saw a wonderful show, got rained on, and spent 4
hours getting out of the parking lots.

Redheads were classified as 'bitches' and many were retermed, or dyed ;>

Pod admitted to not being able to program a VCR.

BSA BBQ held.. nuff said.

BJ was put into the corner for jabbering on in the women's area.
BJ the free was put into the corner for being BJ

Skidmark tried to change his name to Chordee, found out what it meant and
changed it to Tom.. found out that all his mail went to Tom Clarkson,
changed it back to Skidmark.

Pod got a hickey! Pod got a hickey! Pod got a hickey!

The Occult area held a seance.

Mona arrived again... dissappeared again..

Lupus came back :>

Men raided the Unicorn, only to be foiled. Yet again... Tsk.

New word designed: 'Fruck'.
B-S-AMsg # 166 of 186 Date: Sat 27/01/1996, 6:35 pm [E]

From: DECEMBER :> Read: 80 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The Month That Was...


The Month That Was :

Santa came online and chatted to everyone who logged in. No logs kept.

Idiot Savant returned after a while of not being here (duh)

Discussion on the orgasm rate of BJ... We're still in the dark.

Skidmark gave up smoking <shudder>

Everyone tried to work out what BSA stood for:
Birmingham Small Arms
Broadcasting Standards Association
Beautiful Sexy Aimee <g>
Brilliant Stimpy & Associates
British Stammerers Association (BBBBBBSA)

People got drunk in readiness for Xmas

Bo Peep made a xmas cake and brought it to the BSA :>

Competition on 'how Aimee got preggers'... no winners yet

One Thumb returned to the bar.. disappeared upstairs again ;>

oh yeah... Xmas happened... forgot about that :>
B-S-AMsg # 167 of 186 Date: Mon 5/02/1996, 2:11 pm [E]
From: AUGUST :> Read: 75 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: the Month that Was

January 96 :>


2969 Messages posted, revealing:>

BJ took a holiday down south :> Was sposed to be for a while, but family
stuff brought him back early.

Board Shitless went MULTINODE!!! Woooohooo! How the hell am I going to pay
for that?! hehehe

GG Found out who Freckles was.. and uh... disappeared for a while. <blink>

Russel D returned to the frae.. happens to most of them :>

BJ was almost cornered for posting a private address publicly...tsk tsk!

Rip menus got made... destroyed.. made... destroyed... made... etc

Trekker wrote off a perfectly good car, a van, and 10 years of his life. ;>

GG foiled a car theif, who had good taste :>

Stimpy admitted to having a male problem... no idea what it was. Could be
anything, really ;>

Aimee did something spontaneous in the Vulgar Unicorn.

Witch Won designed personal drinks, ensuing in random drunkedness :>

Gizmo got drunk as a skunk, and he wasn't even in the bar!

T-Shirt design was talked about. No answer yet.

Not much.. but enough to go on :> Phew!

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