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A Brief History of Time
B-S-AMsg # 168 of 186 Date: Wed 29/05/1996, 5:16 pm [E]
From: AUGUST :> Read: 65 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: the Month that Was

February 96 :>


Dunno how many Messages posted, revealing:>

Dimebag got REALLY paranoid about his cellphone at the BSA, and for good

Dimebag found out what the hell Aimee did to his cellphone, and wins a
chocolate fish!

Aimee got into Rip graphics, and had a minor frenzy.

Ding arrived, sounding just like BFG (whatever happened to him?)

The Romance subby started, due to St. Valentines day arriving sometime then.

Aimee received lots of flowers in lieu of registration payments ;>

Duke3d arrived, and everyone went nuts over it. Dunno what the fuss was
about myself :> But the users got together and blew each other to pieces.

The Tekno subby started.

Newage subby started.

Fiend gave his life story in the Drugrec area, and we all swore off drugs
forever.. or until we next went to the bottle store.

Grey Ghost was still sulking in the men's area, and wasn't allowed to drink
in the Unicorn for a while. (No spirits served then)

uh... not much else...
B-S-AMsg # 169 of 186 Date: Wed 29/05/1996, 5:32 pm [E]
From: FEBRUARY :> Read: 69 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The Month That Was

March '96

No idea again how many messages were posted, but this is what came of it:

there was poem making in -----;

BJ & Skidmark were snapped for being Madam X.. and caught merry hell for it!

A rodent was heard singing in the boot of GG's car, but it turned out to be
Gizmo after all.

Death wrote a couple of books in GUDDAY!

Private Paartz arrived on the scene with a hiss & a roar.

Various members were confused with the characters from Johnson & Friends. I
still haven't worked out which one I was sposed to be. 8(

People tackled the MENSA test in the uh... one of the subbies.. and failed

JJane was thrown in the corner for being a pratt... oh hell.. I forgot to
let it out again! Oh well.

The Dark Potato was added to Shitlink...

Aimee showed some brains in one of the subboard. If it were true I'd
probably remember which one.

One Thumb time warped into the Unicorn.. noone noticed that he was there
from 1994.. hehehehehehe

Oh.. that was it? piffle!
B-S-AMsg # 170 of 186 Date: Wed 29/05/1996, 5:55 pm [E]
From: FEBRUARY :> Read: 81 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The Month that was...

Another boring month... called: April '96

This is some of what happened.

Newbies area was started.

Private Paartz introduced himself.

Emong arrived to the board

The IHM club was started ;> *hic*

Dimebag's car started packing a fit.

Aimee got PMT and deleted everyone in sight.

Samson BBQ sorta happened... the 4 people that were there got bored.

One Thumb arrived! Really! It was HIM!

uhh.. couldn't really be bothered writing down more... maybe for the next
month it'll be easier :>
B-S-AMsg # 171 of 186 Date: Thu 18/09/1997, 4:59 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 38 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The year that was :>

May-December 1996!

The year that was.

The following happened, in no particular order :>

Emong introduced himself
As did Rakeman
Gareth Newtown couldn't decide on an Alias, started with Fox.
Goat Boy didn't last long
Nor did Doctor Mal
Jim Digriz arrived with a hiss and a roar, went to a BSA
meeting, and was never seen again.
Dark arrived...
Butcher gloated about his computer, for some reason, but we
let him stay anyway
Zosimos Of Panopolis moved from ChCh to be with us... thought
he was in a confessional and revealed all his sins.
Deacon arrived, got drunk and left.

General Mayhem

We had a discussion on why men wear ties, and it ended up being a lesson in
learning left from right. BJ was fastest on the uptake.

The continuing story took a dive, turned into a dream session. Where was
Patrick Duffy, we ask?

Private Paartz got sozzled in the Vulgar Unicorn (Now: Spacebar), and got
himself into trouble.

The Internet computers exploded in the Bar.

The Doctor went to the US, found the love of his life and got married!
(Shotgun wedding maybe?)

Fight between major BBS players... took a while, was pathetic, but amusing,
and died down when most people got deleted :>

The Bastard Operator From Hell got readmitted into the Humour Hall of Fame

Frumple suggested the Trenthem Graveyard as a place to party and eat chips.

There was a discussion on Virgin Olive Oil - Paddling Pool not included.

BJ got shot... - Tetanus :>

Ella Fitzgerald was discussed at length in the Scribble section, she died a
week later. IT WASN'T OUR FAULT!

Aimee got drunk and changed the board around. Again?!

The Reader's Digests ran out. 8(

Aimee went to Auckland for a naughty fortnite, won at the casino, won at
lotto and was dragged kicking and screaming back to Wgtn. 8(

Arthur (node 2) went back to his rightful owner.

TABS system got started, and parties ensued in the background :>

Joy De Vivre got thrown in the corner for being witty :>

Aimee tried to do backups again, and failed. She won't learn from this.

Robert Ruthven Died in car crash. 8(
Damian Kennedy (Sysop of Garfield's Greenhouse) died mysteriously
Silver aka The Board Mascot, aka The Cat From Hell died 8((((((((

Major Kitten Search ensued! Deth finds tomcat(?!) kitten, Aimee gets
kitten for B'day... Aimee didn't know what she let herself in for. (Kittens
expected in mid-October 1997)

Aimee got RSI badly, took up knitting to get away from the computer,
developes worse RSI for speed knitting, but gets 2 new jerseys from it :>

Ethel got a facelift... took days. *sigh*

FidoNet SysOps start a ruckus about BSA's Origin line, Aimee wins hands

BSA Bash! Would have been better if people had attended ;>

Kitten finds keyboard, chats to users. Oh dear.

Ongoing search for multi-chat...

Witch Won went missing, presumed married to filipino in West Indies... or
... maybe just missing :>

Butcher admits to flying in his dreams. Windows slam shut all over

Duckman starts on TV!!! Woooohooo!

Ras used pictures in his messages, ensuring that his messages never get
deleted, or misquoted ;>

Zosimos put in an application for Home Secretary.. Bitzen veto's the idea.

How the hell did Aim‚e get the ‚? We'll never tell ;>

Messges were posted from 02/01/80... hehehehe flat cmos battery in node 7 :>

Deadly came back from the uh... came back :>

Gollum started his BBS with a hiss and a roar.

Sailor Moon festival in Gogglbox! "Never shirking from a real fight, she is
the one named Sailor Moon!" Wot, me? Watch it? Naaaaaaaaahhhh.... "In the
name of the moon, I punish you!" *giggle*

Weather Lady takes over ------ and makes it a no-male zone! %)

Deth loses his job due to mountain blowing up. Acts of God not covered in
the Redundancy deal.

Phew! And I thought it was a boring year! *grin*
B-S-AMsg # 172 of 186 Date: Thu 18/09/1997, 6:25 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 39 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: Remember When? Jan-April 97 :>

January to April 1997


Intros: Poison introduced himself
Hydra did the same...
Lucky Luke came onto the scene, almost cornered immediately
for being Zosi's flatmate ;>

Aimee cleaned her kitchen for some unknown reason,

Lupus got a Psycho Cat from the SPCA, various talk about whether to get
Bitzen's dubries cut off... moot point now, anyways, now that he's preggers

Bitzen attacked a dog in Auckland, and won!

Gollum left an incriminating message on Aimee's answerphone. It's still
there, and just waiting for Golly-babe to be rich so she can use it in
evidence against him for blackmail purposes.


Someone asked for help in Helpline! Wow!

People actually took it seriously and gave some good advice.

Question asked : Why do we hiccup? Answer still not forthcoming.

Skidmark tried to paint his house, and it rained for 2 weeks solid.

New storyline started in the Story Subboard.

Aimee looked for BSA stuff & nonsense to sell off to pay for the phone line.
T-shirt design didn't arrive, cups were too expensive, and the toilets at
the supermarket were too far away.

Aimee bought some catnip, and Bitzen ignored it completely.

Destruct was thrown into the Corner for calling the SysOp a wimp. SysOp
proved otherwise :> I'll let him out soon.

One Thumb Returned!

Ras revolted us all in Macabre. Did I *have* to reread that message?!


Aimee started making mouse pads. Message were a bit weird for a while
because the paint had some wicked fumes! $)

The BSA got Caller ID! No more stupid hackers!

The TSMouse was found in the oven in Aimee's flat. Bitzen went nuts, Aimee
went nuttier trying to catch it. Various mousetrap designs were put onto
the board. None worked.

Oldies subboard started.

XLNC arrived

Discussion about Wibble and Rubber Chickens took us all back about 10 years

Women? Who can understand them? thread was started by Skidmark. Bo Peep
was strangely silent on the matter :>

Aimee shot the bunny.

BSA phone number changed, confusing some, annoying others, and upsetting
Telecom :>

Ras costed out InterNet Providers for us.


Private Paarts started the Newbies! subby.

There was a discussion in Helpline on how to handle depression. Did it

Fred blew a power supply, taking out 2 blocks in inner Wellington.

Deadly arrived with a 33.6 for the new Fred, and while futzing around with
that half hour job for 8 hours, Aimee caught the mouse! The best mousetrap
turned out to be Bitzen's mouth.

Trekker tried to move the Spa downstairs in the Unicorn, but the idea was
veto'd as there was too many people in it at the time.

The great Potato Patty debate started!

Aimee, Joy and Ras got completely sozzled and played on the jungle gym up
the road for a while.

Jane's board closed. heh... yeah.. RIGHT! Aimee wins $5.

Aimee got addicted to Star Trek, got others involved till there was a
following, then TV3 took it off! BASTARDS!

Well.... that's it for the beginning of this year... I got sick of reading
every dratted message online, so the rest will have to wait for a while till
I can get to it. But that sorta puts us up to date :>
B-S-AMsg # 173 of 186 Date: Sun 28/09/1997, 6:59 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 35 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The Month That Was

May 1997!

Here's some of what happened in May 1997. :>

Deth returned from snowboarding and futzing around to treat us all to
messages a mile long :>

Bloodsword arrived, and stayed :> (See? You *do* get a mention!)

Aim‚e planed the Next Generation of BS, and got all involved in the crafty
ideas :> Deth went and visited the Home of BS and helped with the cackling
and plotting :>

Death (That's little Death, not big Deth) went through puberty, and posted
about how bloody awful it was.

We discussed what fun things to do in Tawa. Very short thread.

ISS changed everything, and there were hints and tips on how to get the best
service. Involved plants, crying babies and looking charming.

Aim‚e put the Auto-Announcer online, and people got confused as to how the
others knew they were online. Was there some telepathy involved? Hell No!
At least it got chatting underway :> But because of that BS had to have the
'Give Time' to the other node, as there was never enough time when the talk
got going :>

BS Turned into BS TNG! There were many changes, many confusions and many
new users (as most people were deleted to save time :>)

A questionaire was put up for the new users to determine the kind of access
rates they got. Not the normal questions! Answers were ported into a
special subboard that only the registered members could see.. and it turned
into the most used subboard on the board. It split into 3 subboards because
of the high traffic, and is still popular today. Watch out folks, we're
talking about you all!

Aim‚e got rid of the age restriction in the doors and stuff, coz the access
levels were confusing even her!

Andrew Main got cornered for not filling in the questionaire - twice! And
hasn't been seen since. Oh well. Note to Aim‚e: Remember to take people
*out* of the corner as well.

Spaceman admitted hitting the bottom of a cliff while falling down it in his
dreams. It explains a lot ;>

Deth caught the 'flu and regailed us with his marvelous dreams! Questions
ensued about whether a tetraplegic was a milk carton in a wheelchair.

Aim‚e started giggling in her sleep. Will wonders never cease?

Rasputin started worrying about the mentioning of cream in the dreams subby.

Hydra's Rustle Subby started.

Gollum uploaded his Spice Girls remix, next day apologised for this :> (I
liked it :>)

General music subby was started to piss of the muso's on here, and we tried
to find out what the hell 'alternative' music was. Probably when you
watched telly instead of listening to it.

Deth wrote novellas in the Games! subby :> We're not rich enough to buy
the games he plays :>

Aim‚e put the old 'blasts from the past' subbies online. Messages from
1991! Yay :>

Ras asked about Astral Projection. We sent someone over to tell him.

Puns abounded in the Shitlink Subby. Bound to happen :>

Hydra complained about the new BBS listing, where it said that his board was
closing soon. He told us that he was bowing to popular demands, and keeping
his board and that it wasn't 'ever going to go down if he could help it.
Not ever'.

Hydra's board goes down.

Nice month! :>
B-S-AMsg # 174 of 186 Date: Sun 28/09/1997, 7:49 pm [E]

From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 35 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The Month That Was :>

June 1997!

Here's what happened in June 1997 :>

BJ The Hun reappeared... stirred for a bit and then wasn't seen again.

Mystic-Head made his intro.

Guru made his intro, admitting to not knowing who Jethro Tull was. The BBS
community ducks.

BJ planned a BSA party in the blast furnace incinerator at Wgtn Hospital.
This idea was vetoed by the Hospital.

There was a major palava about trying to get the Voice Chat working. Aim‚e
worked for MONTHS to get that bloody thing going, even to trying to learn
how to program it herself. She failed, but after giving up, the Voice Chat
program worked.

The Punsters Subby was started. It was inevitable.

Ras posted about womens' uhhh superior language skills.

Tetris was put online, Aim‚e won, and many tried to beat her ;>

Many chat programs were put online, none of them were up to standard, and a
call was put out for a kind soul to donate some money so that she could buy
the F.R.E.D chat for SearchLight. Still waiting. 8(

Ras tried to download a pizza.

Yoda speak was started up :>

Bloodsword admitted after an embarrassing time that he had no idea what
monogamous meant. We explained it patiently, to his dawning horror.

TV4 started up.... and noone could get it.

The BSA Purity test was made up. And so was the Mountain Bike one.

Ras tried to find out what QWK meant after doing the BSA Purity Test. Aim‚e
admitting to not having a clue either. Major text searching on the Internet
started, culminating in the answer.

Hydra got 94.89% in the Male Purity test. We were aghast! Funnily enough,
when he did it later on he got 90%. Just what did he do, we wonder? ;>

Hydra got 56.06% in the Ultra Pure purity test, and asked for someone to
help him improve his score.

Hydra (yes, again!) redeemed himself by getting only 35% in the BSA Purity
test, and we lay off him for a while. He's finally depraved!

Ras tries to lower his Purity Score by seducing Zosimos.

Deth gets 71% in the Female test %) and 16% in the male test. What hasn't
this guy done?!

:> If you don't remember any of this happening, then it probably means you
don't have the access to the more 'interesting' areas. This is a blatant
plug for you to become a paid-up user, and be in on the fun & games :>
B-S-AMsg # 175 of 186 Date: Sun 28/09/1997, 8:23 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 38 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: The Month that was

July 1997!

This is what happened in July... that I can remember.

Guru tries to get Aim‚e to add some codes to the rip screens. Aim‚e is
immediately suspicious. It seems harmless, but too much work for something
that may be designed to reformat her hard drives.

Ras suggests putting the Barney Theme Song into the unpaid users configs
until they pay up! Good idea :>

Ras suggests turning BS into infernet format to make life easier for him.

Bizzaro subboard started.

Aim‚e suggests a mind-screwer in the 'duh' subboard because of boredom, gets
everyone to do strange things with their hands to prove a point, and finds
out she's actually a mutant.

Discussion about what to do about Jehovahs Witlesses. Why not just kill 'em

XLNC suggests a velcro fly on his trousers, and people cringe.

Interesting talk about NZ natives, getting DJ Law *really* upset Big Grin People
start up a special Mountain Speak to combat this ignorance ;>

Bitzen ends up being allergic to flea collar, and Aim‚e is allergic to
Bitzen. Sheesh!

Talk on Ostriches. Kentucky Fried, or roasted on a spit for the next BSA

Halo seeks counselling for past transgressions. Then present
transgressions. Then future transgressions. What the hell. We're only
young once, right?

Programs subby started.
Pascal subby started.
Confusion started.

Gollums Cavern Crashes. No backup? Oh no!

Tyson chews Holyfield's ear off, and we're not talking about a bad

Milo & Otis on telly. Long talk about how many kittens they killed in the
'cliff' scene.

Deth sticks to his vow of celibacy, much to our disgust. Oh ok. Much to
*my* disgust. ;>

Ras assumes that Halo is everyone's sister, and has to have pointed out that
there are actually *other* females that use BBSes.

Interesting :>
B-S-AMsg # 176 of 186 Date: Mon 1/06/1998, 3:32 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 36 times

To: All Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: Remember When? :>

August 1997

Deth was in love with an Aucklander who preferred horses, and had just won
$20,000 standing on a billboard for 5 months. He was going to visit her.

XLNC, Guru and Aim‚e went kayaking, and Guru dunked himself severely,
coining the phrase 'Doing a Guru' ;>

Aimee got the pentium, and was lost in smiles for days...

Aimee lost her contact lense just before the bowling tournament. That's her
excuse for losing to Rasputin.

Bitzen started living an alternative lifestyle.

The BSA went mountain biking, resulting in ripped jeans.

Joko introduced us to his new mod 'Live with it.'

The Sexism subby started with a discussion on PMS and Xlnc's love spuds.

TS Mouse died due to kitten overdose. (Case still open)

Princess Diana died, causing much debate.

New Users: Ewen Wagener Miles Clark
Arthur Hughes Faraaz Khan
Vincent Bailey John Wills
Anthony Fok Alastair Cunningham
Kevin Moar Helen Bell
Daniel Donbavand Phillipa Lampshire
Bob Jones (?!) Matthew Buck
Barbara Cahn.


September 1997

Colgate's friend robs the Tawa BNZ with a carving knife;

Guru tried to find out how to think...

Aim‚e attempted a memory upgrade, motherboard upgrade and considered moving
to Lebanon for stress relief after 12 hours of trying to do a backup.

Aim‚e downgrades a couple of days later after the machine packs a sad.

Bitzen finally changes sex and gets preggers... *sigh*

Spaceman's new mod 'Mission' introduced;

Guru admitted that he thinks 'syndromes' and addictions are fake, including
PMS! Many duck.

Zosimos chats with Pod, thinking it's Aim‚e being extremely rude, and packs
a hissy fit ;>

New Users: Elizabeth Brown Paul MacDonald
Tim Bewick David Collier
David Fa'Atafa Simon White
Alex Richardson Helen Bell
Colvin Bruce Inglis Paul Miller
David Chord Cam Slikas
Simon Cook Lindsay Olsen
Darren Graham Andrew Burt
Thomas Cranney Miles Dean
Andrew Burrows


October 1997

Aim‚e starts messaging when tiddly... Not a bad idea :>

Aim‚e changes all the Rips on the board to confuse people.

Bitzen girls birth to 3 kittens, and Sparks and Idiot Savant win the 'how
many kittens' competition.

Ras eats pizza at night to see if his dreams will become more lucid. This
doesn't work. (He forgot the anchovies.)

Aim‚e admitted to hearing voices in her head, and to make things even
scarier, Zosi, Ras and Xlnc also admit the same!

Aim‚e first mentions 'The Dress'. Woooo!

Xlnc finds Aim‚e's twin in Manners Street.

Miranda Harcourt is mentioned, and Xlnc is almost cornered for a year.

Rasputin continues posting messages from 1980.

Xlnc wins at golf against Guru, Jono and PJ.

Sparks gets 96% in the male Purity Test, and if that's not bad enough, Guru
gets 90% in the *female* test.

New users: Gareth Robinson Sparks*
None Satan
Stephn Luke
Sid_DT Steve
Kizzy Tom
Napoleon Nitz
Joe Seth

*Sparks sparked discussion in the 'secret' registered subboard area
about the pronounciation of his name. He got us back by becoming registered
and reading all the messages about this... ooops!


November 1997

Bitzen got preggers again.

Aim‚e turned twenty-mumble quietly, and gives herself a new boyfriend as a

Gollum made new mods - 'A new beginning', 'Willpower' and 'Spice World'. He
apologised a few days later about the Spice Girl one.

XLNC started a 'slag off the Spice Girls' thread which got someone really
upset :>

Sparks clocked Solar Winds

New Users: Mammoth Kat Pope
Tomo Sarah Sam
Spider Robb Chaucey
Goliath Tan Batman
Brent Willy-K Stacey
Freddie New Cran


December 1997

Zosi's stuff got nicked from his car, fortunately one piece of this was his
cellphone and it answered from a bush when he rang it. :>

BJ the Hun popped in to moan at us about becoming an adolescent...

Zosimos got Anika, his short lived kitten. 8(

The Spice Girl lineup got changed to include BSA'ers :>

Halo moved in with Gizmo.... Oooooer!

Aim‚e talked to the ComputerWorld Telecommunications guy about the board,
and he'd never heard of BBSes!

New Users: Flame Ralph Bulldog
Doggie Stacey Splatta
Treb Smokefree Kambing
Knockers Kong Hostage
Cus Taxi Billy
Chaos Hatter Ryan
Cran Spawn Paul


So that's out of the way... now I just have to review 1998! *groan*

B-S-AMsg # 178 of 186 Date: Thu 11/06/1998, 6:17 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 33 times

To: ALL Fwd From: : Out and About in the BBS Scene
Subject: Remember When? :>

January 1998

Cragmar posts his first message, which mentions Quake, smoking, the wife &
beer! Interesting start :>

Zosimos elects himself for president...

Zosi blasts Luke Hardiman for excessive taglining. The rest of us blast him
for being a complete gimp.

Cragmar & Aim‚e compare tobacco tastes.

An angel arrives at the BSA with a new modem, a CD changer, soldering iron
and power supply, and attempts to fix Aim‚e's telly, much to no avail.

Aim‚e spends a week alternately upgrading and throwing up.

Cragmar tries to get the Yahtzee hiscore...

Guru officially is able to ride a motorbike!

More kittens were born to the BSA.

Cragmar admits to having unsatisfying dreams. Probably coz the wife is
sleeping in the next room.

Cragmar (Gosh... lots of stuff about this guy!) gets 31% in the female
purity test. %)

New Users: Jason Waters Squeak
Jason Hatter
Taco Josh
Stacey Zulu
Smack Ben
Falcon Sexy


February 1998

Jazzman is sad and lonely...

Cragmar is now called 'Son of C' and admits to making laughable faces during

Son of C changes name to 'Horus'...

Gollum uploads his new mod 'Howlong'...

Sparks learns how to spell 'Aim‚e'..

XLNC arranges a BSA Tramp...

'Interesting' messages start arriving from Lawless...

New Users: Bob God Wish
Stacey Hangman Dagsy
Xanatos Bartender Bruce
Nutta Jazzman Black
Bargee Puck Daemon
Sean Smithy Flash
Death Hostage Quackers


March 1998

Horus suggests that the subboard lists get changed, which Aim‚e actually did
yesterday (again);

Zosimos, Horus & XLNC discuss coincidences with numerology. Bloodsword's IQ
of 18 is refrained from suggestion, often.

Aim‚e admits to wearing black silk undies in the morning;

Idle makes an appearance to abuse everyone;

Rasputin knocks out a courier;

The BSA starts praying to Ogg, the empty coke bottle on Guru's desk;

Aim‚e finally buys 'That' dress :>;

Horus spits the dummer over Aim‚e not answering his messages;

Anika R.I.P.

Aim‚e upgrades Fantasyland and modem;

Aim‚e's RL shatters, and she starts hitting the booze big time, but Sparks
surprises everyone by coming to the rescue with some excellent advice. :>

Aim‚e turns off the BBS screens in case the BF reads the messages;

Vapours subby started with a hiss and a roar... It's worth rereading the
messages from the beginning.

Horus dips into his draws and brings out some golden oldies ;>

Horus (again... woah!) falls in lurve with Lara from Tombraider. Shall we
tell him that they're going to be making a movie based on it and are looking
to see if that cow Demi Moore is going to play the main part?

Fidonet feed goes down due to all sorts of problems;

New users: Aurorix Sexy
Crazy Wild
Pope Jono
Lover Kayann
Ockerr Rambo
Astro69 Warwick
Lonestarr Nooly.

Phew! Now to do April... *sigh*

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