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How it all came to be.
The Way Things Were:

Once upon a time back in 1990, in a little town in New Zealand, Miss Aimee was 
given a modem for her birthday.

Miss Aimee got onto the Wellington boards since she was on holiday and it was
Xmas time... Miss A had heard a lot about the boards from others chatting
about them now and again, and decided that she HAD to be involved if it was
that much fun!

Miss A liked to talk about herself in the third person to sound more windswept
and interesting.

Lo and behold.. the first time Miss A dialled a board she didn't know what
she was doing and thought that she was going to be hit with a bill for her
time and left a message asking for help.  Miss A found out that boards were free
to ring and decided to go all out and ring every board number that was given to 
her with her Telemate software.

Miss A found a world where SysOps were god, and users were far more
intelligent than the norm.  There were people that shone out of the
woodwork, i.e. Skumo the halfgoblin, Lord Sneeble etc...

She got hold of a board list, and rang every board every day... and one day
actually met a SYSOP!!! Shock horror.. he was human!  This surprised her
quite a bit, after forming an impression of them being super-human!  Miss A
had said to a SysOp that the best thing about Telemate was the host mode...
so he said 'get a load of this one then!' and gave Miss A Searchlight BBS software
to play around with.

Miss A put Searchlight online for a few of her friends, and invited a few
more to become part of it.

Miss A got bored with the other boards being too serious, and a bit too
pompous to new-comers, so decided to put her board online 24 hours, and to
use a beeper for her own calls.  She called her board 'Scorpions Lair' but
found that it was too much like the other board names, so changed it to
Board Shitless, coz that's what she was becoming with the other boards.
She decided that her board was going to be a sitcom in the midst of

She was very proud when the big names from the board scene would start to
log onto her board, and decided to make it the best in Wellington (pompous
huh?) and listened to the users and found out what they wanted.

The conversations were wonderful.  Everything was structured, and if
anything went wrong, the MMOS (Mongrel Mob of Shitless) would jump in and help out.

The BSA (Board Shitless Association) was formed, with meetings at the TAZ Bar, and
it was a chance to see what the other users looked like.  It was an interesting time,
and it hadn't been done before, so people kept arriving to find out what it was all 

It was a thriving community, but was eclipsed by the internet after 10 years and 
forgotten.  Thankfully the data was backed up, and is brought back for your 
enjoyment.  Some of the messages are long, but this was back before txtspk and people
actually had interesting things to say.  So go along with it, and have some fun!


I haven't moved in a quarter century! Rolleyes

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