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A Brief History of Time
B-S-AMsg # 181 of 186 Date: Fri 5/03/1999, 3:13 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 14 times

To: All
Subject: The year that was... or most of it...

Short Cuts from 1998:

April 1998

Zosi did a strange introduction, explaining a lot...

Horus did a long pun involving BSA members. Groans all round;

'is Nibbs kept picking up the phone while users were online;

Horus got coralled by a spider wanting to log on;

The Flash got cornered for being a Nazi right-winger;

XLNC and Guru went panning for gold in them thar hills;

There was a Scandal about Horus' wife leaving him for being on the BBSes and
ignoring her;

Zosi got into the criminal mind;

Horus got bugged by his neighbours;

Horus throws a hissyfit about the lack of replies to his postings;

Guru got a motorbike, and learned closehand about wiring, paint markings and

Mrs Horus banned Horus from Tomb Raider, so he posted his favourite songs
and items on his desk instead to pass the time;

Guru planned making an adventure game;

Guru started scribbling a la Horus;

Zosi and his GF broke up for 3 days (again);

Horus fell in LURVE with Lara from Tomb Raider;

Rasputin managed to break a record by messaging on BS for 8 hours! Woah!

New Users: Vampire Cynister Austin Dave
Chromium Ice Lover Fuzzy
Mushroom Ash Calipo! Alice
Devilmaster Fishdick Alex Cran
Timon Patrick Sentinel Malcolm


May 1998

Aimee became single again, amid much publicity;

Dandy (The other BSA Mascot) went into heat and promptly got her bits taken

Aimee upgraded the BBS machine to a faulty pentium;

Aimee, Guru and XLNC went on a trip around the rocks in XLNC's jeep. Guru
tried to make Aimee nervous, but ended up too scared to sit in the back seat
and walked part of the way ;>

Guru set up the a Go-Carting thingy... What actually happened?

Zosimos got kidnapped by the BSA and was carted off to various 'haunts';

Aimee lends Zosimos 'The Stone of Violent Change' and his life got way too

Someone tried to run Zosimos off the road on his way back from a BSA meet;

Guru had a mid life crisis, and tried to find truth in coke bottles and TV

Zosimos talked about personal things, after setting a precedent at Aimee's

New Users: Cran Barry Jian Elephant
Henry Joko A Long time ago Mike
Pam Jade Flash Radar
Jeff Peter Dr Mal Ryloth


June 1998

Guru flamed everyone in the abuse area;

Zosimos took on Telescum about an impossible phone bill, won, and turned to

Zosimos started the Videots Subby (Gosh, Guru watches a lot of vids!);

Zosimos' neighbours house went aflame;

Zosi helped Aimee upgrade, amongst drunken giggles and mistakes aplenty;

New Users: Psyche Cornfed Fonz Daze
Weather Blackrat Xerox Wingnut


July 1998

The board machine went BOOM, and Zosi saved the day with a pentium :>

Aimee punched her first victim;

Aimee changed stuff around, CID, Validation, Menus, Accesses and upgrades SL
for Y2K;

Gollum gave a warning about him moving up to Auckland to be closer to the
Spice Girls;

New Users: Flame Shaman Jade Lint
Zero Mutha Michael Car67
Ashman Slippery Surfer Arty
Jester Andy Nutta Devilmaster
Falissimo Peter Steph Smudge


August 1998

Dizzy returned for a little while;

Aimee plotted her flat cleaning minute by minute on the board;

Aimee gave paid members an extra month's access to make up for all the
changes and down-time;

XLNC had trouble with 'B-O-B-B-Y';

Gollum did a new BSA Ansi (One of the logon screens now);

Gollum got sucked into the 'Alien Abduction' film;

Sparks had a motherboard problem involving the grand canyon and some

New Users: Micky Oberon Daze Jay
Assassin Dizzy Snoop Anti
Sloth Dom


September 1998

Aimee gave everyone unlimited time to all users for a bit of fun;

People from Gollums Cavern started turning up in droves;

XLNC posted a cat diet :>

Zosimos posted his cyber sex log and had us all in stitches! (Msg 187

New Users: Matt Apple WU White
Halo Jeff Icarus Master


October 1998

Aimee dared people to shove whole pringles into their mouths to prove a

Fiend came back from Queenstown for a while, and posted his usual off-beat
and confusing messages;

Zosimos had an ICQ romance with a woman probably called Mack;

New Users: Rog Lithium Doggy Heman
Slayer Bob Ants Chris


November 1998

Zosimos posted about the wonders of ICQ and the userbase dropped

Aimee turned 30. Nuff said.

New Users: Maestro Subsonik Firestarter Spitfire
NWO Samhain Thommo Waz


December 1998

Lint won the toilet humour punning faction!

Guru wanted to advertise for a pillion in the T&E;

;dlrow esrevni na fo tmaerd sepiP

Aimee tried to force Pipes to read Terry Pratchett :>

Rasputin looked around for a cheap ISP. Hello, Ras? Ras? *sigh* another
one lost to the internet.

Zosimos got drunk at Aimee's and ate her out of house and home;

Aimee got her tongue pierced (Did I mention the turning 30?)

Aimee got a photo of Zosimos snoring in a drunken stupor;

Zosimos countered by getting photos of Aimee on a yacht;

Rasputin searched for the perfect woman;

New Users: Surfer Poetic Goldie Madman


Phew! Short, but sweet :>
IP Address: Logged
B-S-AMsg # 182 of 186 Date: Thu 25/03/1999, 12:55 am [E]
From: AYMERS Read: 13 times

To: All
Subject: The Month that Was

January 1999

Aimee threw Node 2 open for all users, since the phone lines had been fixed
up, and she was in a good mood;

Another CD-Rom drive was added for the BBS. A few mistakes were made in the
config, but fixed after it was pointed out :>

EZ-ROM and Valence programs are upgraded for Y2K;

Aimee fixes up the subboards, deletes loads of them, and cleans up the rest.

The old birds get chicken in the Punsters Subby;

Ras offers his services to Zosimos for $$$;

Aimee fixed the 2nd node line so she now doesn't have to run to answer
voice calls before the modem grabs it by mistake.

Zosimos bought himself a 'bad boy' bike ;>

Guru started planning his own TV special, running from his 486 straight to

Ras tried to sort out how relationships worked;

Surfer got 43% on the Female Purity Test... Hmmm...

New Users: Bloody Kevin Hellspawn Dagsy Banger
B-S-AMsg # 184 of 186 Date: Wed 31/03/1999, 1:28 pm [E]
From: AYMERS Read: 14 times

To: All
Subject: February. The Month That Was.

February 1999

Matrix introduced himself to the clan, but forwent the photo, for some
strange reason (he must have heard what we do to them) ;>;

Zosi and Aimee spend the day screwing and assembling a clothes
hanger/bookcase/cubbyhole thingie, and made it more interesting in a
scandal :>

Aimee acused Zosi of using a thesaurus for the Punsters Subby;

Aimee added to the continuing story. Why is it only me that continues it?!;

XLNC posted a message about what he did in the weekend. Almost minute by

Zosi posted a rejoinder, that took longer to read it than it took to
perform in RL... %);

Zosi *finally* fell off'v his bike. Not very impressive so far!;

Lint got really smutty talking about bikes :>

Gollum advertised his homepage... or should I say Agnes advertised his
homepage... err...;

New Users: Swampman Stacey Flame Ace
Jeremy Jason
B-S-AMsg # 186 of 186 Date: Sun 13/06/1999, 3:09 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 8 times

To: All Fwd From: :IMPORTANT information about the BB
Subject: What happened in March?

March 1999

Guru tried to find out how you can hate someone and still have a crush on

Ras considered getting a chip implant and tattoo for his daughter ;>

Guru posted a puzzle about two guards on two doors, one a lier and the
other telling the truth. Aimee spend HOURS trying to work that out, and

Guru (gosh.. he posted a LOT that month!) tried to get his graphic made
up, amid computer shop people's ignorance;

Aimee tried to find out why XTC was such a bad thing, and it was all put
down to it being an election year;

Guru killed off Ras because of Aimee's changed-around keyboard, and is
put into the dog box for a few hours :>

Guru is online for 3 hours and 36 minutes, trying to beat Ras's record;

Zosi went trawling for women on the internet, and Ruby Graced his
presence, but Zosi was Jaded;

Pipes redid his purity test, and it'd gone down 19% since last year!

New Users:


(23-02-2015, 04:37 PM)Aimee Wrote:  1993
David O'Kane in Corner for logging on with other people's passwords, going
into the games and giving himself money earned with their accounts.

wasn't he later proved innocent!!!!! Cool

I do recall the excitement of finding out that if one was playing the Wrestling Game that if one put in EAT GREENS you character proved rather hard to beat!!!!

Another thing, which I see didn't make that list! was the night at the Taz where a user got rather frustrated that he didn't know who ILBB (or some other... MrsMum) was in the same room as him.... lol leading to him leaving the Taz in a big huff!!!! doing a rather big wheely on leaving in his car??? did he hit a parked car?
(23-02-2015, 07:09 PM)Ijustaniceboywhowasleadastay Wrote:  Another thing, which I see didn't make that list!  was the night at the Taz where a user got rather frustrated that he didn't know who ILBB (or some other... MrsMum) was in the same room as him....  lol leading to him leaving the Taz in a big huff!!!!  doing a rather big wheely on leaving in his car???  did he hit a parked car?

I'm drawing a complete blank on this one... who was it?  There weren't many of us with cars back then... so I'm wracking my brains to remember who did!
(23-02-2015, 04:40 PM)Aimee Wrote:  B-S-AMsg # 171 of 186 Date: Thu 18/09/1997, 4:59 pm [E]
From: ROVING REPORTER Read: 38 times

May-December 1996!


Major Kitten Search ensued! Deth finds tomcat(?!) kitten, Aimee gets
kitten for B'day... Aimee didn't know what she let herself in for. 

Bitzen is still going strong, a little arthritis in her back legs, but that's not slowing her down much (WHEN she's awake.)
Her daughter Dandy is alive, well and daft as a brush, albeit deaf as a post and meowing VERY LOUDLY in the early morning and whenever she wakes herself up sneezing or falling off things.

I didn't know cats were sposed to live this long!

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