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Aimee's new SysOp Scribbles *hic*
Spiro bought me some wine... so you're all going to suffer along with him.

When I took the board down, I saved the 3 machines it was on (Ethel, Fred and Winston 486's... wow!) in case I had to bring it back up again.  I had no intention of just letting the messages die for no reason, they were damned funny and informative!  I'd spent a decade on the board and had very fold memories of it.  Maybe I'd make it into a book one day?  But I was never sure how.  The Internet had taken everyone's attention away, and people had changed into twitters with only a one-line attention span.  It was bloody depressing.  I tried to twat, tried to get into facebook, but it didn't work for me.  I finally got rid of the computers, but kept the hard drives.  Woah.. one of them was 100megs!

I moved back down to Wellytown, and hassled Spiro constantly about putting it back up.  He had his up, and looking like the original board, but because you had to telnet into it, people didn't.  I badgered him about putting BS back, and then forgot all about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago he badgered me back.  Damn!

We found the software I hated the least, and he left me to it.  Problem was that my old Searchlight subboards weren't in a format that people this century dealt with.  We could completely rebuild the board on my computer, export the messages as if for Fidonet, but then they would all be like 1.msg 2.msg ad inifinitum, and we couldn't find software to convert the sods into this new board format.  I finally worked out that I could log into B.S, put the SysOp Log on... read all of the messages, log them to a txt file and import the sods in that way.  

OMG... copying and pasting *every single message*?!  No way in hell I'd have that time.  So I just copied and pasted 10-50 pages at once in notepad and took ages doing it that way.  It was in no way satisfying.  When I started reading back the messages and wanting to reply, the reply quote thingy would try to quote the whole 10-50 pages and I couldn't find the text I wanted... also Spiro has umpteen tabs open, and large tabs would crash his system.  Frack!

A couple of days ago I was going through with dual screens, cutting and pasting individually the messages from the BBSCMNTS subby into a new one when I went: "hey... what's that down off the screen?  Quick Reply?  Lets see."  I was almost finished with the messages and figured I'd have nothing to lose. 

Y'see... I was doing it the Aimee way.  Mouse to other screen, highlight start of message... go to end of message, shift click to grab the whole message, leftclick copy ... to the other screen, go to the bottom of the screen, click reply, leftclick paste, to the bottom again and post.  Over and over.  Yeah, you computer wizzes think I'm stupid.  

I finally saw the light.  It said 'quick reply'.  It was an add-on that we stuck on when we installed the software, along with a hundred other things we promptly forgot about.... drag moused to highlight the message, dragged it to the 2nd screen and dumped it.

Oh holey jebus.  That's it?!  That's all that was needed?!  The last 20 messages went by in a flash, and I felt sick.  I didn't tell Spiro about it for half the day in case he went "So?  You didn't know that?  Duhhhhhh"  But he didn't figure it out either, so I felt smart Smile

So now everyday I go through a subboard, and change it over to be one message per post, and it looks SOOOOO much better, and caters to my imagined OCD.  

Me smart, me handy.  Me can't find a decent bloody helpfile for this software.  I may have to write one.


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