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I gave up watching TV about 2 years ago because of the annoying adverts destroying my viewing pleasure...

Did I miss anything good?

DVDs and electronic downloads are the best way of watching. Who can wait a week between episodes? That drives me spare.

If we had legal options here in NZ to buy digital TV shows, I'd be more inclined to go down that route than DVDs, even if it's just for space considerations, but with digital files, we wouldn't have to sit through those "don't pirate me" pieces of shit that we can't fast forward through.

It's almost like they're intentionally trying to encourage piracy.

I don't think I'd go for Netflix if that ever comes here because that's just rentals. I'd prefer something like iTunes (except not by Apple) where I can buy an episode for a couple of dollars.
Yeah... I usually buy the series on DVD, but since I haven't watched telly in so long I don't know what's a good series to start watching. Catch bloody 22.
if its not for Free then is NO for ME!!! Cool
Free is nice, but with the DVD you get better quality and all of the extras. I like to listen to the commentaries and watch the bloopers. It makes the experience much better!
I wonder if they make those available via the electronic distribution channels, or if those extras are strictly reserved for the DVD/Blu-Ray releases..
They have to try justify the stupid amount of money they charge for a disc (I am a sucker for those extras though ... )

Online streaming now is a pain with adverts being dropped into Youtube, TV on demand etc.

Like the Spiral man ;/ above I like not to have to wait between episodes... Nothing better in winter than doing a marathon viewing of a season of a show!

Me currently, I'm watching Ripper Street, Marval's Agent Carter, Hawaii 5-0 and Star Wars Rebels (animation).
I tend to collect series from the 80's... like Cheers, Taxi and Mad About You Big Grin Anything for a laugh really. And a lot of the british stuff... Chef, Black Adder, Red Dwarf I just love.
A lot of people I know love the extras on DVDs, @Aimee included, but I never watch them. In fact, if buying, I would prefer a cheaper alternative where I didn't have to pay for them, hence why I think I'd love the option of paying a couple of dollars for an episode in electronic format.
.. but... but... bloopers!  Oh come on... bloopers!  OMG!

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