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meh. I'll usually watch and enjoy them if that's what others are doing, but if I'm on my own, I really just care about the show.
Well like Amiee I gave up on Television back in late 2013. Freeview just was not what the dear old NZBC had been and we don't do Sky. However I have found other avenues. Currently I'm catching up with Black Sails, Game of Thrones, iZombi (didn't think I would like this one but it quickly grew on me) and Banshee. We've just finished The Americans (which I reckon is the best Spy drama currently in production) and Fortitude (More Scandinavian Noir but this time involving the BBC). I'm hanging out for series 6 of Spiral (Engrenages in its native France - a police, justice, lawyer type of drama that leaves the rest in the dust) and Bron (the original Swedish Danish version of the Bridge). Also later this year is Longmire (a modern Western) and of course season 2 of Penny Dreadful. So much good television so little time.
Far more than I'm watching. Aimee watches a lot, but she has more time in the day.

Black Sails, I utterly love. I am going to try and find the time to get current with Vikings and the 80s Conan cartoon I found on Youtube.
It's true there is so much to see and so little time. I have Hannibal season 1 and 2 on hand (still to see the last episode of season 1) for the time permits (really wish they would do the Hannibal cook book - some of those meals look damn good). Still have to see the end of Son's of Anarchy and Breaking Bad (maybe I just don't want to see them given all the really bad endings we have had recently - Yes Dexter I thinking of you). But my love for the foreign language dramas grows. I have 4 sitting for that time when I get time, 1 Italian, 1 Swedish, 1 Danish and 1 Belgian.
Of course the sacrifice you make is reading and I have not been doing that enough and have to force myself to make the time - Where's that lotto win when you so really need it.
I bought a nice Blu Ray pack with Sons of Anarchy seasons 1-3, so I haven't watched any more than that. But I quite like that.

Breaking Bad is on my to-watch list, but not high priority. Not sure why because from all accounts, I'd enjoy it. Maybe I'll start getting lotto tickets to give me some of that free time I've heard so much about.

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