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Amazing things found on the net
Chase Holfelder... a star in the making.

This boy is going to go far!  He takes happy major songs and changes them to minor to create a whole new meaning!

This is the link for his version of Sting's 'Every breath you take', and it's bloody incredible!
He's good. I like his rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...
Aaaand, that last video led me to this song, also called Girls Wanna Have Fun... 68 million views, so someone's rich...

I'm on the fence as to whether this is cute as a button or creepier than the Sting cover..
Dear Jesus. It's like watching a suicide by drug overdose at 19 in action.

... leaving behind the child she had at 14.
Arrrghhh...make it stop...oh yeah there's a button for that ][ (The Sophie Grace I mean...not the Chase Holfelder one)
Yeeeeeah... something's seriously wrong with the world if Sophie Grace is in it.

Cringe Factor 10.
fucking hate this software.

AS I was saying. I hope no-one is monitoring my searches.

I spend a lot of time bored, and I Stumble around the place. (Note the capitals on Stumble. It's an amazing program.)

I stumbled for an hour looking at pictures and videos of funny cats, then it took me to an amazing website about the medical history of people who had been put into an asylum circa 1880. Bloody fascinating reading. I had many interesting thoughts about the races and cultures of the time and what they went through, and had a very absorbing convo with Spiro about it. Such fun.

That took me to the nazi experiments that they did, and the americans with their LSD trials. Then I went back to cat videos.

What would someone make of this?!

Enjoy your own paranoia. Smile
By default, your web history is turned on with Google:

[Image: e8abb7ed0914e19ee2fdb17c52c3003a.gif]
Heavy Metal 'Let It Go' for those of you with young girls at home Wink
Going to have to follow up on Chase Holfelder - my addiction in youtube are the various parody song channels - Barely Political being one of my favourites (nah haven't got the hang of this linkage thing yet :-{(> ) - its has reached the point that when ever I hear the originals play on the radio I think of the Parody - in fact half the time I don't even know the original.

Of course it all started with watching Weird Al Yankovich videos, that was my gateway, I thought a little Weird Al wouldn't hurt - and then came Barely Polictical, Warp Zone, Not Literally, I became hooked, now I sing along - its very sad Smile

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