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Amazing things found on the net
A lot of musicians ruined perfectly good Weird Al songs for me.
(15-05-2015, 12:24 AM)SpiroDotgeek Wrote:  A lot of musicians ruined perfectly good Weird Al songs for me.

You're right.  Michael Jackson spoiled 'Eat It' for me, and Coolio totally ruined 'Amish Paradise'.
Those are two of the best.

Apparently someone called Puff Daddy ruined this song too:
Jeze... watching that video, all I was thinking the whole way through was "How the hell can he remember all of the words?!"
Multiple takes? Being the writer of the words helps?

A must see! I'm constantly amazed at how many talented buggers are out there.
Wow, that's pretty incredible.
I like Al, but I've moved on to Warp Zone and Not Literally Though sadly they have since split up with out finishing the Ravenclaw song - Oh well. Lifes full of missed opportunities.
Haven't seen or heard of either of those before, but I know Dodger, who made an appearance in the Warp Zone song. She plays the girlfriend of the guy with the epic purple shirt. Don't know the song that was a pisstake of tho. I'd like to say I'm sheltered but Maroon 5 sounds like Hi 5, so I'm guessing it's a kids' band.
I recently came under fire from my daughter for putting shit on Maroon 5.

I'd kick her out, but she's 7 and will only find her way back here eventually.

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