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The perfect relationship...
Spiro and I spend a lot of time in different rooms on our computers, usually ignoring each other, in internet bliss...

I went to storm into there, totally out of the blue, after looking at different things, and I confronted him with the following (the background is that I'm colourblind and totally night blind) and said "Hey... when you look at the sky, do you see stars?  I only see like 4 stars in the sky, and these pictures have MILLIONS!  There are CONSTELLATIONS!  Can you see these, you bastard?!"

He got out his camera, we went outside, and set it up which took a long time, with various apertures and settings to show me what he saw... and it started a whole routine about me wondering if what he saw was what the camera saw.  I didn't see shit.  Many arguments ensued.

Then it turned to an hour of god knows what, with back and forth, with me feeling like I was bereft of a whole gamut of human experience.

We consulted google... unfortunately we were a couple of steps ahead, and changed topics a multitude of times until...  

It culminated in a discussion about Kid rock and the kid.

Did you know that the kid was a dwarf?!  I didn't.  He died and there was no word.


Spiro knows half of the information I'm missing!   

That's why I lurve the guy.  He's the missing half of the argument I'm trying seriously not to have.


I think I'll have to keep him or miss half my brain.

Actually, I think you make up about 3/4 of the collective brainparts we have.

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know how to use the dishwasher or that big thingy that makes fire in the lounge. There were quite a few things I was mantarded about until you came along.
Ha! Mantarded... I love it Big Grin

And I'm slowly introducing you to that big yellow thing in the sky... and curtains that *open*!

... and how to dust the house using just a cat and a laser pointer. My personal favourite.

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