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Where is Tesla when we need him?!
I spent a bit of time Stumbling from site to site when I'm bored, and sometimes it takes me somewhere wonderful where I'll spend DAYS wasting my time.  Well... I stumped upon '22 words'... which is a site that seems to have every damn meme going back to the stone ages.  I'm up to page 303 and I haven't reached the bottom.

Spiro pointed out to me that by the time I got to the end of the posts, the new posts would outweigh it and I'd never finish.  Disconcerting words indeed!

Well... I listen to the videos on there with headphones, coz Spiro doesn't like any noise but his own natural ones (fair enough... even this keyboard is pretty damn loud!) And the headphones make my earlugs hurt.

So I was thinking, 'Damn... why can't I have wireless ones?!'... but I remembered that I used to have them, but they ran out of batteries really fast, so it got me thinking about transmitted power.

Now... Nikola (Mr Tesla to most of us) had that idea bloody yonks ago, but when he gave the idea to the people that had the money at the time (I think it was J.P. Morgan, but then I can't be bothered googling it, and it sounds like a batman enough baddy name to be relevant) he was told that there was no money in giving people free power, and in essence to bugger off.  Everyone else stole his bloody ideas, so I guess that was when he went nuts and started talking to pigeons.  Apparently there's still an island out there powered by his ideas, but no-one knows how the hell he did it, so that's no goer.

Oh christ... the cat sitting on my desk just gave a riotous fart and put me off my typing.  gonna vom.

Jesus.  How did she get into the eggs?!

Anyway... we need transmitted power to make my life easier.  

Nuff said.

Shall I add his name to the resurrection list scheduled at the next zombie apocalypse?
Yes please!

Actually... I can't think of anyone else we need for the world.
The person who invented bacon should be a high priority.
(12-03-2015, 10:11 AM)SpiroDotgeek Wrote:  The person who invented bacon should be a high priority.

Yes...he should be at the top of the list!

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