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Job hunting sucks...
"I'm Tel,
It's been 6 months since I last worked" <the group all claps>...

To be fair I only started looking for work again the end of Jan due to school holidays, an exchange student who finished school at the start of November as he had no exams and then Xmas school holidays starting for my lad.
Prior to that I contracted for about 5 months of last year back at the DHB after I resigned from said DHB at the beginning of 2014.

However I (like a convo I had with Spiro) find that job hunting now is depressing. The recruitment agencies are big black holes that you almost never get to talk to an actual human being.
From what I understand a lot of them now put cv's into a system that searches for keywords before popping up the results to the agent on the end.

I'm old and decrepit these days (like the rest of you Smile ) and don't keep up with all the new buzzwords being used to describe the things already do - and some of the new ways of describing things is just completely stupid in my opinion. I know I can do what's being asked in job descriptions, and I have rewritten the CV multiple times following general consensus of advice from friends, wife, the net and still...

I have never been good at this, because I virtually have never had to find a job as they found me. I have in just under 30 years gone looking for a job 3 times (not counting the 2 years swanning around in good ol' blighty and even then after the first job the others found me there as well)

I'm not saying I'm head hunted or massively in demand, it's just that roles have popped up just when I needed a change and I've been asked to apply, or I managed to change roles completely by transferring within a company with no CV/resume or interview required.

I did start off for the first 3-4 weeks by going for some jobs that might be a bit outside my scope (but you don't know till you try) but I was also going for things I can and have done previously. Now I am to the point that I am even applying for low paying contract roles on 1st level helpdesk - of which they will probably think I'm too old/over qualified. I just need some doh-ray-me to pay the bills (mainly this coming years tax bill Sad).

Previously I got jobs either through people who knew me or by the company directly advertising. No agency involved, no massive overhead being paid by the company employing for agencies. I'm not saying all agencies are all like this. However having been on the other side, wading through the completely inappropriate cv's sent through from agencies I struggle to see how most of them are providing any real service at all for the 17-25% on the hourly rate they get. Some of them just seem to try the numbers game - if I send 15 applicants, no matter if they are right for the role maybe one will slip through.


While writing this and getting it off my chest and feeling much better, an agency rang me wanting to get me for a temp support role with a company I just applied for a team leader role (directly via their own website I should mention).

Maybe I just need to be a bit more patient...

<and the meeting ends on an upbeat note with everyone promising to do their affirmations et al>
That's really cool... keep us updated!

I was in the same situation being a computer geek without the letters and TLA's that they were all looking for, so I decided to try something completely outside of my field.

So I learned Key cutting (but found after 2 years that it wasn't locksmithing), engraving (who the hell needs one of those?!) and cobbling (what a horrible job) with watch fixing on the side.

Unfortunately this is a disposable society and it's cheaper to buy new than to fix. Same with computers.

I'm not sure what to do next. Motor mechanics so I can get my car fixed for free? Stained glass windows sound like fun, and full time knitting would be hell on my RSI. What to do, what to do.

Watch this spot. It's going to be interesting!
I hope something good results from that temp support job for you @BrotherXan.

I was in the same position you are/were, except not for as long, and I didn't have a partner pulling in an income, so I had 2 months worth of redundancy payout plus 3 weeks outstanding annual leave paid out to live on. And that was it. I foolishly thought I was at a high enough level and everyone is always telling me (whether they know anything about the industry or not) that I should be able to pick up work easily. To the point where it became trite and annoying and I had to resist the urge to shove a sock in someone's mouth practically daily.

I'm certainly not at the top of my industry. There are loads of others with more responsibility and money than me--especially money.. I've always managed to find people who were cheap and don't pay anywhere near alleged industry rates. I'm not sure if that's because I'm applying at the wrong companies, or if the alleged industry rates are complete bollocks, but I know that I've never earned what I *think* I should be earning for someone with 20 years experience in Linux, and someone who's done what I do.

The only people who seem to do well are the bullshit artists. The ones who spin shit or use manager wankspeak. I find that language borderline deceitful. You need a degree in deciphering that crap. Surely it's like the high art world where people speak like that, and have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, but they all just nod their heads and pretend to understand just so they don't look like gumboots in front of all the other pretentious wankers doing the exact same thing.

I was job hunting since the beginning of November. I officially got the redundancy letter one month before xmas, but they gave me a 2 week heads-up. From xmas to end of Jan, agents and employers stopped communicating with the outside world. Some people I didn't hear back from until end of Feb or beginning of March.

Agents are absolutely fucking useless. Even the nice ones. They are a complete waste of space and money. They only seem to exist and be thriving because there are so many people unemployed and so many people applying for jobs now that employers can't be fucked dealing with it. And the larger companies who get big budgets or tax payer money don't care. They'll pay people to do the menial work that they can't be arsed doing.

And that may be fine in a lot of industries. But in a hugely technical industry like mine, not a single one of them even have the remotest clue of what I do, or how my skills apply to the roles on offer. None of them. At all. They are just monkeys who process shit based on keywords like you say.

When the person acting as a barrier between the job seeker and the employer doesn't actually know what the employer wants and what the job seeker does, you have erected a useless wall. This seems to me to be contrary to what is ideal for the employer.

And it makes the job seeker depressed and suicidal. I know I did. I can't imagine how I would have survived if I had no redundancy payout. I have no savings, and my mortgage will be paid off when I'm 67 or 68 at the current rate.

My current job has no redundancy payout. If I lose this job, I am completely and utterly fucked. I have no backup plan. I have no savings. There is about $1500 left in my savings from my redundancy payout because we've been living skint the last few months, but we've been putting off a lot of bills during that time, including 4 new tires for Aimee's car, and a new door handle for my car (I have to wind down my window and open the door from the outside to get out of my car).

Aimee hasn't managed to find work either. So if this job goes for me, we are up poopy creek without a poopy paddle.

I applied at WINZ and got on the Job Seeker benefit for a few weeks (should have done that sooner). That plus my living allowance paid me a little over a third of the money I needed just to pay the minimum bills each week. I couldn't survive on that alone, and the only thing it allowed me to do was make my redundancy money last--literally--a few weeks longer.

I started painting miniatures for friends, but it would take me a month working the equivalent of a 40 hour week to earn one week of my projected minimum needed to survive.

I just started a job a week ago, and that was not because of an agency or a job I applied for direct. That was because of a friend (who I met from the BBSs, btw), who is moving on from his position, and told his bosses I'd be a good replacement. Within a couple of days I was hired. I'm on a bit less than I was before, and I was struggling a bit then. But it's a job. And I can now pay the bills even if we still have to be a bit skint on things. Once my 3 month "trial period" is over and I'm still employed, I'll sleep a little easier.

But until then, I have no expectations that this will last. If it doesn't, I don't want to be in the IT industry any more. For something that is so integral in everyone's business now, it's become a shitty commodity industry that many employers still don't understand, nor are willing to. They just see it as another expense, and will outsource to cheap labour wherever they can. There are other things I'd love to do, like writing or making Youtube videos for a living, but they take years to build up and I have no expectations of making a sustainable living past this current job.

Sorry this is depressing and long, but I had to get it off my chest.

That said, I really frikkin like my current job. It's a completely different way of working to what I've done before. My last job I managed an ISP's data centre all on my own, and my boss managed the core network infrastructure. The company I'm with now is across NZ and Australia, and I'm doing the same sort of work, but there are more people in the company and other admins. I'm looking afterthe systems side of the Upper Hutt data centre (and my manager is the network ops manager who does the networky stuff), but there are others in Hamilton, Auckland, and Brisbane. The Aussie guys are mainly Windows guys, and the Hamilton guy is mostly a VoIP guy, but our skills are all pretty broad.

We're all required to be on Skype while we're at work, which is great because we can just chat realtime to anyone in the company wherever they are in the world. Daily meetings with the boss in Aus, and the other important engineers across Skype too.

And on top of that, we're a completely virtualised environment, which I've never had before.

So it's all exciting and new, and I'm pretty stoked about it all.

I really hope something works out for you @BrotherXan, and you're the first person I have in mind if the current employer needs someone, but I haven't been there long enough to know if and when that'll be yet.
Status Update:
Agencies still suck, still don't get back to you and the sound of the wind and watching tumbleweeds continues on the IT front...

However ...

It seems after nice a casual sit down and chat interview this morning I may now have an evening/weekend job at my favourite winery in Martinborough

No CV/references/bullshit required. I just turned up at the appointed time and chatted to the couple that run the winery, and their father who owns it, and they said "Right, are you available tonight to have a look around how things work ???". Sure it's only bar/waiting work and I won't challenge the wealth of our nearby neighbour James (I call him Jim) Cameron but it's a job.

We had been looking for some ad-hoc/additional income anyway and this won't preclude my getting a fulltime weekday job in Welly.

It's somewhere I had always thought I'd like to work. We'll see what the reality of this brings, but I've always been impressed how friendly and happy everyone there is when I have gone there, so I am quite hopeful. And it's a winery!...'nuff said.

It's also the first time in ages where the "someone a bit more...mature..." statement was not a downer.
They employ some students/younger people as well and said having someone a bit more mature to look after the younger staff may be helpful. They also dangled the carrot of it may be we (the couple that run the place) may be able to take a night off, and "oh would you be interested to do cellar door sales if things work out."

Considering they don't really know me as such I'm really bouyed at the moment. If only getting an IT job was this easy...
Congrats. Sounds like a nice change of pace.
First night at the restaurant was great...
The boss Toby and his wife (actually she's probably the boss) and myself working (with a bit of dishwashing help from their son when it got a little busy) - all well organised for the 30 or so guests.  Then I was sent off around Martinborough to drop off guests in the courtesy vehicle at the end.  I only really know the square and the road where a majority of the wineries are so that was ...interesting.

Back tonight for a meal for my family on them, so we can experience it from the other side.

Corporate employers could should take a lesson from these guys about valuing all their staff!
(09-04-2015, 01:46 PM)BrotherXan Wrote:  First night at the restaurant was great...
The boss Toby and his wife (actually she's probably the boss) and myself working (with a bit of dishwashing help from their son when it got a little busy) - all well organised for the 30 or so guests.  Then I was sent off around Martinborough to drop off guests in the courtesy vehicle at the end.  I only really know the square and the road where a majority of the wineries are so that was ...interesting.  

Back tonight for a meal for my family on them, so we can experience it from the other side.

Corporate employers could should take a lesson from these guys about valuing all their staff!

Nice one!  If they're ever in the need for a taster, I'll be in for it Wink

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