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OMf'ingG. This needs a new thread, it is so stupid.
[Image: board_shitless_outline.jpg]
REALLY, you *honestly* think I am a stalker or desperate for attention from AIMeE? You guys are more fucked up than what I remember.

I did the graffix. I am doing a whole retro addiction thing with my tattoo's.

Moving cursors around an IBM EGA screen and having to push all sorts of wyrd combination keys to get different ansi characters (and doing it in order, without error, to create animation) is not a problematic addiction, granted.

However, doing it work instead of earning $50,000 a year when you're 16 or 17 probably is a bit of "heads up" as to whom I am (was).

There are all sorts of genuine character traits, both benefit and deficit types, in the story of creating this graffik.

And, I promise you, I did FREE and NON ASKED FOR and NON COMMISSIONED and probably SANS WANTED work of this nature for many many many people and organisitions. In the last few years I have done work for mental health and addiction trusts, car forums and sex sites.

Although the idiots on a lot of those sex sites are the same idiots whom suggest you're a stalker for getting your own graffik tattoo'd on your own body.


And thus, so saying, Fiend simply shows you all his middle finger.

And laughs loudly.
I haven't had such a good laugh in the longest time. Since the BSA was up and running I think Big Grin
(25-03-2015, 11:40 PM)Aimée Wrote:  I haven't had such a good laugh in the longest time.  Since the BSA was up and running I think Big Grin

[Image: boardshitlesstwit_zpsj1niguql.jpg]
Have not coloured in the SHITLESS or done the brown POOS dripping over BOARD. Will get there. Have been somewhat distracted recently....

Big Grin

However, showing this tattoo to all the lads in jail got surprisingly mixed results. Some of the staunchest, hardest guys cracked up. The younger crew just could not get their heads around it.

Being able to laugh at yourself is not on most of these guys bucket lists.

But a few mobsters with gang tattoo's all over their faces became my friend purely on the back of seeing this tattoo...

Is a real moment when people whom have been alleged to have murdered people yell across the yard in front of everyone "Hey, ANGRY BIRD, what the fuck is that on your stomach?" and the whole yard stops, stands in front of you and examines your tattoo's closely. Happened time and time again in different units, yards and holding pens. Sometimes I was moved with guys who had been through this scene with me before and they would stand back and watch the commotion. Someone should write a book on prison inmate psychology. You could not do it as a researcher. You would need to go get your credentials and then go do some semi serious crime.

It is an eye opener.

AND NO - I did not get this tattoo for attention from Aimee or, for that matter, prison inmates.
Sounds like you've got an idea for a great sitcom in the making! Could vie for M*A*S*H for the 6pm slot!

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