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OOo... spooky!
As you all know... I go onto some bloody weird websites now and then, and my latest theme is ghosties and unexplainables.  Most of them I go "oh, come on.  That's plainly a guy in a suit."  But lately there's been a rash of security videos of weird kinda see-thru jelly people and things just wandering around on paths and minding their own business.  

They all seem to look the same, and either it's one group that's bloody good at editing, or people with the same idea, or I don't know, but I came to a thought that makes me *desperately* want to be a writer.

What if it was real.  What if these films were of people and animals in an alternative dimension that we could capture on film but couldn't see with our own eyes?

Suspend your disbelief and go with the writer in me...

What if there was an alternative world, and our constructions turned up in theirs?  Plants have energy, why can't they be perceived in alternative realities as well?  If a tree is cut down in one, it dies in another and makes the path we're/they're creating?  It would be walkable.  If in the other reality it's taken as read that buildings are built and torn down, upgraded and fixed.

If you lived in the other reality fearing that where you lived looked constructed, but you didn't even think of how it was done, it was just a given, then all of a sudden it disappeared killing the people within, and you never could work out the timeline for it?  If the trees and whathaveyou that you lived amongst just suddenly got landscaped?  What would you think?  If the stream you lived next to got polluted for no reason you could see?  If it got nuked? bombed?  How would that affect (effect?) your life?  There's not many people in the videos, but if this was the world you lived in, would you create a large population in one place?  

How would you forage if the landscape changed so rapidly (in the past century) that the animals would be deterred from land?  Would most of the animals stay in the sea because of what we've done at our end?  Would the people?  

If some smart bugger figured it all out, using the technology of their own or that of the other dimension, could you get a message across, or would they be at the same stage as we are?   What if they were as viable as holograms or not very smart, and couldn't create, only use the technology we made, would they be smart enough to know that  we were here, and if they were as 2 dimensional as we seem to be with spiritual/scientific matters, would they be aware that we were here, as we don't know about them?

I *wish* I could write.  Or failing that, I *wish* I was a gazillionaire so I could make someone else write it for me.

By god that's a book I'd like to read!

How do you think the world would be?


Oh, and the idea is copyrighted 2015 coz I'm imaginative and it could maybe probably not, but god how cool could happen I don't care what you say and I'm not embarrassed by it being a dumb idea.  Is anyone out there reading this screen elsewhere? Knock three times.
Interesting...and I just met a film script writer today and James Cameron is living just down the road a bit ... copyright, what's that? lol

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