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The great dieting plan.
Ugh.  I'm overweight.  I've been getting down on myself about it, and depressed about the clothes that don't fit, and the general feeling of heaviness and unhealth.  I loathe the feeling of my thighs squishing together when I walk, my back keeps aching, I'm getting vaguely asthmatic at night and my skin is suffering.  On the plus side, my knockers are (for me) huge! 

So I've decided to do something about it.  I went to various websites, and figured that I have to trim down from 89kg to 65 to be healthy again.

This means that to lose a kilo a week I should be eating only 4200kj per day.  Anything under 3000 lowers your metabolism and isn't worth it for results.  Unfortunately a coffee is 300kj and I drink a lot of them and I love cheese and mayo with a passion.  So instead of keeping to the kilojoules, I'm going to keep a food diary, and if I go over I'll do walkies on the treadmill the next day to get rid of the extra.

Slow walkies will burn up 566kj per hour so this is going to be interesting.  Thank god the machine is in front of the tv.  That's going to make life interesting, and if I schedule it in dvd episodes it should make it easier.

Lets see if I can keep up with it... I'll have to sacrifice the magumbas, but I'll have a lot of cool jeans I'd fit back into.

Wish me luck!
Goddammit... Spiro bought treats in the weekly shop...

A bag of chippies (who can't eat the whole bag? Wimps.) is 3000kj, and the dip is another 700!

A glass of white wine (my size glasses) is 1400kj, so that's out now, and instant noodles is 2240.

Shit. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Where's the carrots?

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