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I don't often remember my dreams, and if I do they're rather pedestrian.  

But this morning I had a weird one that I remember almost completely!

There were three of us in a tiny car (I have no idea who the two in the front were, but both male, thin and tallish)...

[afterthought] I definitely classified them as tall (maybe over 6 foot?), and if so, how the hell did they fit in a mini without looking hunched over?

...maybe a mini, maybe mine, but mine doesn't have a back seat, and that's where I was. Funny, I'm SURE it was my car... I can remember it being my black jetson car, but I also remember it being a beige mini, but it was definately my boot that got munched, and a mini doesn't really have one.  When I looked towards the front it was the light mini, but the scene looking back was my black boot... but semantics.

[afterthought]  Why didn't that bother me in the dream?  It obviously doesn't make sense.

It appeared to be set in America.  We were driving on a 4 lane highway, quite busy,  and I was looking out the back window.  A large truck changed lanes behind us, and drove up our arse.  I stupidly (so stupidly I almost decided to omit this fact) gave him the finger and BAM!  He rear-ended us!  And again!  The boot was all munted, and I remember getting out my phone and trying to capture a video of it while the person in the front seat called the cops.  

We kept trying to evade this damn truck, and I still remember the (like something from an american movie) yokel in the levi's dungarees in the driver's seat.  He looked almost vacant.  It just kept going on, with me trying to video it all, us changing lanes and trying to get away from him.

Weird huh?  Maybe Spiro was backing into me in bed and I made it into a dream? (I only say that before someone else does, thinking they're being funny.)

The other one lately is that a meteor lands in our garden while I'm out having a smoke, and after testing it with a leaf for heat or cold I take it inside and test it for radioactivity against the computer speakers while I play some music.  

When I touch it I get this weird power that means that I can shape reality.  First I become thin, then give myself long hair down to my waist (which was a childhood dream of mine after seeing a singer on The Two Ronnies with hair down to her ankles... can't remember her name now.  Not important.)  I can never get past that point in the dream and I'm pissed off that I can't change anything else.  When I wake up I can think of a thousand things I'd like!

I've had this dream about 4 times.

I'd love to be that type of person (very rare) that can realise that they're dreaming and change the dream for themselves.  It would be a wonderful gift.  The flying I would do!

Anyways.. back to reality.

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