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Ok.. so same-sex marriage is becoming legal around the world... bit by bit... so...

If the Tube that Prince William and whatsisherface had was gay.. what's his name?  Bovril?  Henry? Oh... George..., (Gayness seems like an even bet, given the time) had a boyfriend, and wanted to get married, and became King, what would happen?  Would he be forced to find a princess, or would his boyfriend become a Royal Prince?  I'd LOOOOOOVE to see that happen.  What if George wanted to be Georgina?  How would the world take that?

God... to be able to live a thousand or so years and see that one coming.  Maybe a million years... there's still some stuck-in-the-mud thinking out there.

What an interesting time we're living in.

Just imagine... George wanted to be Georgina.. had the op, and suddenly bits of him appeared on E-Bay... Imagine the adverts!

*manic laughter*

I wish I could write books... this would be a perler!

"The e-bay bollocks of King Georgina the First, by A. Winn"

I could retire happy Big Grin

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