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Working causing weight gain
One and a bit weeks back in the rat race and I have scientifically found that work causes weight gain.
My methodology was as follows.

Go to work.
Eat free biscuits (range of about 4-5 from crackers to choccy ones) & fruit provided each day.
Drink twice as much coffee and tea in a day to keep myself from fretting about how much I have
a) forgotten,
b) never really knew
each with my statutory 1 tsp sugar.
Eat nibbles, chips sausie rolls at staff meeting and have a beer (be rude not too)
Forgot to organise lunch 6 days out of the 7 I have now worked and go out and spend way too much on not so healthy options, including my first maccas in about 2 months - but only cause I wanted to get back to watch the Somoan/All Black test in the breakout room .

Hence I can prove and I'm sure this can be easily repeated:

((Employment x 8 hours/day) x 7days) = Weight gain 1.5kg

It's not all bad - I had lost about 9.5kg this year and I wasn't really sure how and it was starting to worry me...Now I am pretty sure I just wasn't eating crap!
The weight loss could have been by stress from not finding a job Smile

You could do with a bit of meat on those scrawny bones anyway!

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