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Cooking isn't easy.

I spend a lot of my day going "ok.. I have mince, and every spice known to man.  Hell... I grow the ones I don't have dried out in little tiny jars.  Lets find a GOOD recipe."

I do a lot of googling, find a linked called 'mince cheddar stuffed bread/puff pastry'.. sounds wonderful!  The picture is of something I've only dreamed of.  The fat/comfort content is enough to make a war victim put on 30 pounds in a single sitting.  There's probably enough for seconds that would make a skeleton come back to life.  That's the thing for me!

Click on it...

Mince.. check.. cheese.. check... bacon... TRIPLE CHECK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!  1 packet ready made Warble Pliffle Brand Puff Biscuit Roll and Arugala.  Wut?  WUT THE FUCK?!  What. The. Fuck. Are. They. Talking. About?!

Seems that the americans have a lot of things that we don't.  I'm often disappointed.  I visited america for a couple of months and the first time I went to their supermarket I had on my foodlist 'tasty cheese.  They had a FULL AISLE of stuff called 'cheese food'.  No sign of cheese.  I was bombarded with this vibrant orange stuff I was assured was indeed cheese.  I passed.

Spiro thinks that my cooking is easy.  I take a lot of my ideas from online and mostly have to botch around their weird-arse ingredients.  Most things I've never heard of before, and some things they take on trust that have always existed.

Take Bacon.  Our bacon looks kinda limp and brown.  Theirs always look like an oil painting.  Do they bake it?  Is it cured in maple syrup and baked in an angel's butt?  How the hell can I match that?  I fucking well can't.

I make up for it by knowing what most vegetables look like.  They know what potatoes are.  Well... when made into french fries.  I revel in the fact that I can do things to a broccoli that will make them glad to be fried in butter and oil till crispy and tossed in balsamic vinegar. I'm proud that I've never deep-fried a lettuce.

But find a recipe for Swedish meatballs that isn't american or fried?  I'll have to wing it.

It'll probably involve Parmesan.  Or Pizza Hut.

Oh, and don't get me started on their potatoes.

When we were in the US and went to a restaurant (There's no such thing as a 'fancy restaurant'. They're all like Cobb 'N Co there) They'd have things on the menu with potatoes and I'd have to ask the waiter... 'is the mashed potato made with potatoes or instant?' {often three times since they didn't understand kiwi <Oh! You're from New Zealand?! Cool! I have a friend in Melbourne called Frank! Know him?! Do Ya!} and they were ALWAYS instant. When they were jacket potatoes I was warned not to eat the skin because 'you never know whether the cook has washed his hands.'

... but holey fuck... the twinkies.. and hoho's... and dingdongs. If there's fat in them and no food content... DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! One word... NewYorkCheesecake.
Yet another post by me:

I sent a message to Edmonds. Let see how it ends:

Thank you for your submission

Your submission has been verified successfully.
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Aimee Winn
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Argh! I recently moved and lost my 1980's WONDERFUL cookbook of yours with the first ever part of the microwave section. (I, like most of the population, never used that bit because it used too many utensils that weren't available at the local dairy and I had no idea how to ask for a 'browning tray' at Farmers without looking like a complete yuppie at the time. I was a teenager at the time anyway and if there was a recipe that didn't call for 'add a cup of water to the noodles and nuke for 2 minutes' I wasn't interested.)

I've grown since.
I've discovered that there are more herbs than parsley.

The recipe for the afghan biscuits was completely covered with remnants of my numerous baking to make it almost intelligible.
I found the perfect balance between your recipe and changing it for the Vita-bits Weetbits with fruit in it, and then... lost the whole book. I can't find another copy. I recently paid for a new book... bloody expensive, and all my favourite recipes had changed from grams to cups. I tried the afghan recipe (my signature piece)wanting to really impress my boyfriends' (sad) gaming friends and ended up with what my mother used to term SWB's. (She used to write this in the margins of all of her cookbooks. Stands for Small Windowless Buildings. She got it from a very clever advert.) I was MORTIFIED! (They loved them. This is coming from a group that plays role-playing games and ordering pizza. but I was trying to make an adult point...) Please... Where can I get a copy of the old recipes? The ones with the weight measurements instead of the mass measurements?! Things have changed over the years, additives are added which change the mass of the mix. I haven't changed... and I wish to rely on the old ways... since I'm myself ancient and decrepit. I just wish to make the biscuits as I had. I'm too scared now to make the shortbread.
Please help. Aimee.
(19-10-2015, 04:40 PM)Aimée Wrote:  Spiro thinks that my cooking is easy.

I don't think your cooking is easy. I just think you're a genius who makes it look easy.

Those Swedish Meatballs should have been called Swedish Amazeballs.
hmmm...80's Edmonds Microwave cookbook...hmmm...well I want 1 MILLION DOLLARS....maniacal laughter....followed by maniacal laughter...followed by even more...ok enuff!

I believe we may have the droid you are looking for. I'll have to dig it out (being my wife last used it - because it is hers - therefore it wasn't put back in the cupboard with the other cookbooks and will be in a totally randon place like behind the sofa) and check the edition.
I then may have to make a 'backup' and store it offsite somewhere safe, like Wainui...
Edmonds sent me a scan of the page with the Afghan Biscuits on it Big Grin

Nom nom nom!
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