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Discussion on the Environmental Protection of Ultrafine Grinding Equipment in the Pro
The environmental problems of ultra-fine grinding are mainly dust and noise, and the pollution of water when wet-processed.
Dust problem, in the dry ultrafine mill, there are more or less dust problems, feed port, discharge port and the fan seal, due to the fine powder size, can easily fly out from a bad seal. The solution is to use a negative pressure system as far as possible, using good crushing equipment with fine sealing and fine grading equipment. If necessary, install a dust removal system in the crushing workshop to ensure the clean production of the workshop. This is a problem for pigments, dyes, fiber powders and poisons. Powder is extremely important.
Ultra-fine grinding, there are some vibration and noise, especially for vibration mill, ball mill, noise up to 120dB, if necessary, set up a special isolation box or isolation room, isolation grinding equipment. Some low-noise ultra fine grinding mills have been developed, such as tower mills, agitator mills, etc., which can be used preferentially. However, the ultra-fine grinding environment is harsh, and different industry requirements are not the same. In industries such as mining, refractory materials, and coal industries, the conditions are relatively poor, and there is a need for cleanliness in the pharmaceutical and food industries. In any case, reducing noise is imperative.
Superfine wet comminution, regardless of the process used, especially fine ceramics, powder metallurgy, inorganic non-metallic materials and other industries, the application of water, oil or alcohol can be recycled. This requires the filtration of water or oil after dehydration (or oil), and it can be recycled in applications where it is ensured that the raw materials are not contaminated.
Ultrafine grinding is a unit operation in many industrial productions, and environmental protection issues should be comprehensively considered in specific working conditions.

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