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How to effectively prolong the service life of ultra-fine mill parts
The performance of an ultra-fine mill depends to a large extent on the performance of the parts. For example, the quick wear of fittings will affect the production efficiency of the entire mill production line, and how to extend the service life of ultra-fine mill parts. What?
Bear the brunt of its normal wear and tear, ultrafine mill accessories including grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, etc., these must be considered when buying, you can consult the manufacturer, which ultra-fine grinding machine parts wear fast, buy When more than one set, in case of need. Here, we must remind customers, in the purchase of equipment, we must check the quality of the products, these wear parts, some manufacturers use high-chromium materials, some with high-manganese materials, some will directly use ordinary materials This can make a big difference in use.
This is often the case, users only consider the price at the beginning of the purchase, the other to ignore, use a period of time to find problems, new equipment, before the investment is not thrown, this time to consider taking some Protective measures to avoid excessive wear.
If the hardness of the processed material is very high, even the wear resistance of the ultra-fine powder mill with high wear resistance will not be low. At this time, instead of replacing the entire equipment, you can contact the Shanghai Shibang Superfine Mill manufacturer, based on the ultra-fine The standard model of the mill, purchased with high wear-resistant fittings, is broken into smaller particles as much as possible before the material is fed into the mill.
If the hardness of the material is not high, it will still wear fast. At this time, we must check the raw materials to see if there are hard-to-grind impurities mixed in. Because it can not be ground, it will continue to cycle and grind in the host of the ultrafine grinding machine, which will accelerate the grinding of the components. The rate of depletion must be screened between feeds to remove impurities.
After ensuring the materials, we must devote more efforts to the operation methods. In strict accordance with the instructions for use, we must refuel the ultra-fine mill. We must not run out of oil. After a certain period of operation, we must stop and maintain the machine in time. Timely cleaning and bonding, as long as the equipment is properly maintained and produced under a reasonable working environment, will greatly extend the service life.

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