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Scribble: Sysop's Scribbles
SCRIBBLEMsg # 1 of 144                   Date: Thu  3/06/1993,  8:44 am

From: AIMEE                      Read: 185 times  [1 Reply]

     To: You                     Fwd From: General Chat
Subject: The Way Things Were:

The Way Things Were:

Once apon a time, not so long ago, Miss Aim‚e was loaned a modem.  Miss
Aim‚e got onto the wellington boards since she was on holiday and it was
Xmas time... Miss A had heard a lot about the board from others chatting
about them now and again, and decided that she HAD to be involved if it was
that much fun!

Lo and behold.. the first time Miss A dialled a board she didn't know what
she was doing and thought that she was going to be hit with a bill for her
time on one of the boards and left a message asking for help.  Miss A found
out that boards were free to ring and decided to go all out and ring every
board number that was given to her with her Telemate.

Miss A found a world where SysOps were god, and users were far more
intellegent than the norm.  There were people that shone out of the
woodwork, i.e. Skumo the halfgoblin, Lord Sneeble etc...

She got hold of a board list, and rang every board every day... and one day
actually met a SYSOP!!! Shock horror.. he was human!  This surprised her
quite a bit, after forming an impression of them being super-human!  Miss A
was said to a SysOp that the best thing about Telemate was the host mode...
so he said 'get a load of this one then!' and gave Miss A Searchlight to
play around with.

Miss A put Searchlight online for a few of her friends, and invited a few
more to become part of it.

Miss A got bored with the other boards being too serious, and a bit too
pompous to new-comers, so decided to put her board online 24 hours, and to
use a beeper for her own calls.  She called her board 'Scorpions Lair' but
found that it was too much like the other board names, so changed it to
Board Shitless, coz that's what she was becomming with the other boards.
She decided that her board was going to be a sitcom in the midst of

She was very proud when the big names from the board scene would start to
log onto her board, and decided to make it the best in wellington (pompous
huh?) and listened to the users and found out what they wanted.

The conversations were wonderful.  Everything was structured, and if
anything went wrong, the MMOS would jump in and help out a lot.

The BSA was formed, with meetings at the TAZ, and it was a chance to see
what the other users looked like, it was an interesting time, and it hadn't
been done before, so people kept arriving to find out what it was all about.

We had Raz then, who was the spiritual leader of the board, but alas he
left and so did others.  This marked the beginning of a new era.  People
stopped telling Miss A what they wanted, and just grumbled when things went
wrong.  Gossip started flying and Miss A got depressed and disappeared
regularly from her own board from time to time.

Other SysOps started fighting... 'Kiddie SysOps' turned up onto the scene...
Women showed up and the men went mad.  People started threatening to kill
themselves because of the other women.  People stopped caring about each
other. The board fractured.

Miss A now sits at home, logging onto the board with no real interest in
it... can't seem to find individuality within her users anymore, and gets
rung up regularly with people's problems with her board.

Miss Aim‚e is sick of it.

SCRIBBLEMsg # 2 of 144                   Date: Thu  3/06/1993,  1:15 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 152 times  [1 Reply]

     To: You
Subject: things to do

Well here I am again, trying to think up ideas for the board... things are a
bit messy at the moment, people fighting all over the place, abuse hurled

I've thought of getting the humour subboard back up and running, but it
takes a lot of effort to get the tone of the board changed that way... I
can't afford to wait for a change, it's all down to the users, and the main
users are squabbling.. .What with two of them in the corner for hacking this
board.. (I'd like to let them out, but as a sysop, I can't, really) the
others fighting about the drivel, which is causing more drivel than before
and has introduced an element of abuse here... and the rest of the messages
being non-entities I don't quite know what to do.

If I just stay as I am and ignore it all, I end up losing a good board, and
if I turn the heavy hand on people I find abuse about me on the other
boards.  I shouldn't give a shit, but I do.

I've asked the users time and time again what they would like here, and
asked for suggestions, but no-one is telling me anything other than to stop
the drivel, which I've tried to do, deleting messages left right and centre,
but then I got abused again.. the moans of 'you deleted more of mine than
anyone elses' keep coming up now and again...

I remember how it used to be... the board was a sharing of information...
people getting together, if only to meet on fridays or arrange a night out
at the pictures... I think those times are gone now.

The other sysops have asked me to get into the ISA so the MMOS can blow
Spider's Web away... but I've declined many times, those things are a fad
for just a little while, and are a bitch to set up, and I've got enough on
my hands without having to work out a silly game!

Pimpwars isn't working (I think) I've spent hours on that over the past few
weeks.  Ever since I changed the board to 14.4 it's been a hassle to get
things working as they were, I've had a few small triumphs with the games,
but people aren't playing them.

People complained that the Searchlight menus were awful, so I made a heap of
others, took me about 4 hours to work it out, this was before anyone else
had a clue how to do it... then people complained that my menus were bloody
awful, so I took them offline.. no-one noticed... oh.. except one, that

Things should be easier, but I guess Shit Happens.

I've got to think of ideas.. I don't want this board to be like all the
others... And I'm going to change things until it's settled to my liking
again, and if people complain... tough!


SCRIBBLEMsg # 3 of 144                   Date: Thu  8/07/1993,  9:03 pm
From: HARRY REDD                 Read: 121 times

     To: AIMEE
Subject: Observations

>If I just stay as I am and ignore it all, I end up losing a good board, and
>if I turn the heavy hand on people I find abuse about me on the other
>boards.  I shouldn't give a shit, but I do.
>I've asked the users time and time again what they would like here, and
>asked for suggestions, but no-one is telling me anything other than to stop
>the drivel, which I've tried to do, deleting messages left right and centre,
>I remember how it used to be... the board was a sharing of information...
>people getting together, if only to meet on fridays or arrange a night out
>at the pictures... I think those times are gone now.
>I've got to think of ideas.. I don't want this board to be like all the
>others... And I'm going to change things until it's settled to my liking
>again, and if people complain... tough!

Hi there.

I've been putting a lot of thought into how BS is going lately, myself. It
struck me that what made this board so unusual and different right from the
start (besides just it's name) was that it wasn't just a computer nerds'
board like most of the others. The different thing about BS as you set it up
was the social element (and the meetings at the pub were an obvious outcome
of this).

The times when it worked well were when you put a lot of thought
into how to keep it lively and interesting. What you don't seem to
appreciate is that it has been so successful that there are dozens of new
boards that have tried to emulate different aspects of BS - you should be
flattered! - and of course this has led to a fiercer competition for BBS
users. This in turn makes it harder as time goes on to come up with new
ideas that make an interesting board such as BS retain its lead.

In other words - it's YOU more than anyone that's made this board what it is
(users come and go), so you have to work it out (haha!). But I'll
contribute my idea (which I've mentioned before), which is to suggest that
you rename the GATES subbie to PENPALS and advertise it as a specific
pen-palish type of thing.

I don't think you're ever going to be able to stay clear of the
mud-slinging, etc - that's part of being human, and boards are notorious as
dens of misunderstanding. And besides, if users decide they hate you, and
leave, there's always zillions of other boards out there and zillions of new
users coming on stream.


 @ @
m   m

PS Not all users whinge and complain!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 4 of 144                   Date: Tue 13/07/1993,  5:29 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 103 times  [1 Reply]

     To: You
Subject: Another Scribble

Well, here we are again.

After an exhausting few days (more like a week) I've managed to put on as
many doors as I can handle.

Most of them I got set up, for the local side, that is, but when I went to
play them over the modem there was generally a lot of problems with
configuration.  Some of them I managed to get going.. most of them I deleted
in a fit of disappointment.  But then again.. there are about 5 or more
games that are on-line now, and I know a hell of a lot more about what makes
a door work!

I've put a special thing online in the files area... it's 'ASK' for people
that are looking for a specific file... in there you can request files,
specifically and generally.. the only problem is that I can't access it
while I'm on locally.  I'll just have to set up another one for me that will
work on the local side.. but all in all it's quite a good idea.. I'll be
using it quite often.

Hmmm.. what else has happened... Apart from the gossip and backstabbing that
usually goes on...

It's hard to get the backstabbers off my mind though, I know that I
shouldn't give a shit.. but when I think of how I helped a few people and
they just turn around and... <sigh> oh well.. they know who they are.. and
if they want to keep up a pretence of a friendship while I know what they
are really after I'll just have to humour them some more.  And laugh.

So... back to what's been going on.

I've generally been playing around with the doors, and trying to get the
memory configuration going on this machine.. it would be wonderful to have a
machine that didn't need any work... But I guess that's half the fun.. .and
the satisfaction of doing something properly, and quickly with the minimum
of fuss MYSELF!

Hmmmmmmm.... what else... I've been trying to think of a way to get the
local subboards going... They are really what the board is about, it's a
messaging board.. and if I can't give people something that they can't find
on any other board, then it's just not worth them logging on.. so there are
things I have to do...

I have to find out who the people are that frequent this board more than the
others, and I have to find things that interest them, and find out why it's
this board that they've chosen to log onto... they are really the ones that
make the board... So how about I make up a questionaire for them?  I could
up their access a bit too, and have a leedle area that's just for them... I
would enjoy doing that.. And I could make the questionaire annonnymouse as
well, as an added bonus.. that way I won't target people with some of the

Hmmmmm... I need some more sub-ops too... A few reliable ones to get the
real BSA going again.. it used to be the group of the sysops and the
sub-ops.. and it made things much better because of the support group that
those people gave.

I think I'll do the questionaire now... do I make it access-proof or give
everyone a shot?  Hmmm... I think I'll make it for everyone, and make it
more comprehensive than some of the other questionaires on the other
boards... and I'll find out just who some of the users are.  Hmmm.. good

I'll do it!


SCRIBBLEMsg # 5 of 144                   Date: Tue 13/07/1993, 10:14 pm
From: PAN                        Read: 90 times

     To: AIMEE
Subject: Re: Another Scribble

Just to let you know that I really enjoy BS, being a novice user
I have found it to be what I always thought a BS should be. Since it is
Human nature to only say something when theres a problem I'll prove my
nonhumaness and say Thanks - I am really enjoying BS and hope to carry on
enjoying it.



Reg will now accuse me again of being too nice! Smile
SCRIBBLEMsg # 6 of 144                   Date: Thu 22/07/1993, 11:04 am

From: AIMEE                      Read: 87 times

     To: You
Subject: Another SysOp Scribble

Well!  There's been a lot of action lately hasn't there?!  It's certainly
been fun for me to see this going on... and it got my butt into action to
reclaim my board from the 'cancer' that's been eating away at it for the
past age.

It's been good for me, it's gotten me into action, and it's given me a
chance to find out how to stop this rubbish from happening again.  I always
had the pictures in my mind the whole time of the different sysops I met
when I first started out on the boards.  Boy!  The sysops in those days were
GOD!  <Gasp!>  And praise be the lucky person who gets to chat with them!

I remember running home from work so I could log onto one of the boards
every day at the same time, hoping to catch the illusionist sysop at his
computer to find some more words of wisdom from him.  Those were the days!
There was fun aplenty then (as there will be now yippee) and there were
boards like Ghost in the machine and the original Hideaway.

The Ghost in the machine was a strange board, there were lots of REALLY good
arguments, I remember one I had with Adrain Neilson (rip) about men v.
women... it was a fun time for all!  The sysop was a reverred one because I
found out that he never chatted, expected the users to look after them
selves, and once a year he would pop up with a message about motorbikes.
Oh, to be a sysop like him!  (doesn't work... I've tried it.)

Then there were other boards where the sysop's personality ruled the board,
people were witty, clever and ever respectful of EACH OTHER!  Wow!  It's
still the same on that board now! (but I'm not naming any names)... Now THAT
is a sysop to emulate!  It takes a hell of a lot of work, and you have to
know who EACH and EVERY user is, and to know who they are.  That's what
makes a good relationship on the board, Respect.

I got depressed with the way that this board was going (as everyone knows..
and was in the same state... sorry!) and I didn't log onto any of the other
boards, cause they have all turned the same.. but I did decided to re-log
onto two of them recently, I was toodling along on the board, actually
enjoying myself!  I had to stop and think for a while about what the
difference between my board and this board was... it was quite disturbing...

On this board, no-one knows who the other person is.. even if they had met
them in person, or had chatted to them on the board, because the names can
be changed at will!  There's a certain respect to be seen amongst the users
there, because they haven't a clue who anyone is.. and you can't ask
outright who they are, it's an unwritten rule.  This took me back a bit.. as
I hadn't realised that this was happening, I was too caught up in escaping
from my board most of the time I was on there.

I decided to try it on my own board (I must thank the sysop again, for
letting me bug him about his workings, and for letting me steal his idea)
and it's working!  Some people have chosen the most amazing alias's!  I
always have a giggle when i see what the name change is going to be...I'd
forgotten that people are inventive!

You remember when I was going to set up the questionaire?  I decided not to
after a while, for one thing the questionaire I had after configuring it
forever didn't work...!  <grin>  And I've been chatting to my users
instead... I'm finding out who the people are that log onto this board, and
I've been getting one hell of a lot of suggestions from them.  You can't
force ideas out of people, I know that now.  I've been stupid!

Geeze.. how many lines have I done?  I'll continue in another message.. hang


SCRIBBLEMsg # 7 of 144                   Date: Thu 22/07/1993, 11:17 am
From: AIMEE                      Read: 81 times

     To: You
Subject: Sysop Scribble

I'm actually ENJOYING this board!  It's the same feeling I had when I first
started this board.  Everything is coming up roses!

I've had a few kicks in the arse from people to get things going, and I
guess I had to wait until I was ready and not doing it because of spite or
for any other stupid reason.  I know who the users are that I want to keep,
and I know that they are supporting me in this 'change for good'.  The new
unleaded bbs!  hehehehehehhe

I'm not here for the users of any other board, I'm here for MY users!  The
ones that have stuck with this board (and me) through thick and thin.  I
have a few apologies to make to some people, mostly the ones that have seen
the board degenerate into a mess, and with me not changing things properly.
I have to apologise to people for not replying to their mail.  I have to
apologise to this poor board for doing this to it.  And I have to apologise
to every user on here for letting them see the fight that has made this
happen.  I got manipulated and suckered into getting pissed off, and that's
not going to happen again.  Sorry.

I also have some thanks to make.  Firstly of all TeeJay, who showed me a
board that was far far better than this one had become.  His board opened my
eyes and made me see that there ARE good users, and that users aren't a
group, they are all individuals with ideas and wants, and that there are
good ideas still out there, ready and waiting to be plucked out and
utilized.  In fact, this subboard idea came from his board!

The second thanks is to the MMOS for sticking here, and giving me a hand
when I didn't think I deserved it for the mess I got the board into.  Also
for dredging ideas out of me that I thought I'd exhausted.

To Scott Whitman, who stayed online while I changed everything, and gave me
the confidence not to worry about it. You're going to be one hell of a

To all the people who have given their support... B'Stard, The Joyous One
(who got brought into the fight without any real reason at all), and the
many others who have sent me mail (I won't name them all... I'd like to, but
I'll have to go through my mail again! <grin>)

And to my users... who have stayed here, waiting.

And a small thanks (very... hehehe I'm not *completely* over it yet! <grin>)
to the opposition:  They let me see how manipulated I could get if I didn't
keep a reign on things. And they let me see that I'd better do something
FAST!  Thank you and.....

                          Check Mate!

Proud SysOp of the Group commonly called "Board Shitless"!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 8 of 144                   Date: Sun 25/07/1993, 12:38 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 77 times

     To: You
Subject: Another Scribble

Well... D'bridge is finally configured, and most of the problems have gone.

Shesh, I should really stop reading the manual, it's no bloody help at all!
In fact, there's a strange bit in there, you see, when you highlight a menu
option, it has a help blurb at the bottom of the screen so you can get more
detail of what the option is all about.. but somewhere, someone fucked up.

On one of the options the menu says something like:

Disallow unlisted nodes to send echomail:
the common answer is YES!

The help says:

Do you want unlisted nodes to send you mail?
And the answer to this one is NO!

<grin>  Very confusing indeed!

Oh well.. it's all sorted out, things are running smoothly at last, I have
little to complain about.

And to think.. I actually ENJOY this kind of thing!  <grin>

Oh, and one last thing to remember:  DSZ won't run over a network.  Dammit.

ehehehehehehe now all I have to fix is my chat thingy... I've got the
network up and running, and people can log into SF now, but they can't
download, but that's life, and we can't fix it.. unless we run a batch file
copying the file over to BS and doing it like that, but hell.. why bother?

Oh, what else... oh.. ummm lessee here.... nothing much to add... I'll have
to change my 'strings.sys', people are getting confused by the message:
'have you checked the children'!  hehehehehe

Oh, that's right.. I've got to put Mona online.  I'll do that now. Tarah!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 9 of 144                   Date: Thu 29/07/1993, 12:30 pm
From: JONO BADDILEY              Read: 81 times

     To: AIMEE
Subject: Back in the golden years

...I remember that bowie still wrote good songs back then as well...and
the people were more interested in talking to eachother than leaving stupid
little two line messages, and skumo and my idea of a good time oa bbs on a
boring sunday afternoon was to leave comments on all of the files on david
benfells board (stargate? long that I can't remember) about how it was
such a loss that the files didn't have any references to antelopes in them,
even if they did have nice colours.

And people were nice to eachother.

And Life was good. (well...close as possible without being taxable)

And then a nice little person on tv called mr holmes ran a story on how
there was pornography on these computers called bulletin boards, and all you
needed was a modem and a phone line to get it, and suddenly everyone had a
modem, and in the rush to get their porn before it all ran out, the nice
people were trampled all over, and the bbs scene was full of little people
running round acting what they thought big people acted like, but not making
a very good job of it. And their names were never original, and always
alluded to a computer item or a samurai movie (remember the serial-port
ninja?) (neither do i, but it sounds about right. There are several people
that I know who should have been using names like that)

And it was dumb.

Dumb dumb dumb.

So all the nice people said "sod this for a joke" and either locked
themselves away from the rest of the bbs community, or left it for good.

And it was still dumb (if not even more dumb)

And I have no idea (short of enacting a well known McG.S.P. policy of legal
abortion up until the age of 18 years 9 months quite liberally) what to do
about it.

Maybe we could put out flamewars with water (but that would get water in the
computers of the flamers, and then they would stop working....but hay! Those
sorts of things have to be expected)

Or I could sod off again (but then I couldn't continue checking the NACS
server I am testing at the moment)

Or I could say "Anyone else got any bright (or even slightly lighter than
dim) ideas?
                Jono the Baddiley (back from the not really dead)
SCRIBBLEMsg # 10 of 144                  Date: Sat  7/08/1993,  1:02 pm

From: AIMEE                      Read: 80 times

     To: You
Subject: Another SysOp Scribble

Well, here we are again...

I've noticed that the messages have started petering off a bit... I'm not
sure whether to do something about it or put it down to 'the usual'.

Hmmm... I've been looking for more doors, or fun things to put on the
board... jeeze, I wish I could program, I would make so many fun things!

I guess I expect not to be bored at times with the board, but I think I wish
for too much, it does happen, and all the file searches for things can't
help that.  I'll have to find another way to amuse myself at times like
this.. The games are a big help, but they don't go on for long enough!

I need to find some good games to play on the other machine, or maybe I
should get a life?! <grin>  nahhhhhhh

I need a coffee.. hang on!

Hmmm I was just downstairs making myself the obligatory coffee (too much
milk, of course.. yummy!) and had a striking thought.. I was thinking of
what I would make if I could program, and the answer was 'a text reader'...
dunno why that came into my mind.. i don't have any text worth reading...

I then thought of all the things I've put online.. and I've spent the past
few days on other boards looking for little items that would be handy for
the board (joining thingys and suchlike) and I have a few ad-ons on this
board... I was on these other boards looking for the bits.. going into every
submenu to find them, and the thought struck me that if they had the add-ons
in a bulletin then I could find them.. but then I could do the same here!
(Yeah, took bloody ages to boil the water)...

So if I put a bulletin up with all the bits and pieces so that people would
know what they were (finally) and know how to use them.. but then hell...
how could I put that in a bulletin?  It would be a waste of time and effort,
what I needed was (tadah!) a text reader so that I could edit the
files that came with the utilities and then people would get the low-down on
what all these things can do, coz I'm buggered if I can use some of them,
let alone remember what they do...

hell.. I'm not making much sence.. but then I'm typing while I'm

Then I remembered that in one of the menu options for the sysop you can
choose [t]ype a file (which in effect meant that you could get an ansi into
the menus or suchlike..

Now.. if I made a 1st floor menu, with others off it, I've got my text
reader!  Woah!  I'll do it!  Where the hell do I put it though.  Hmmm
lessee... I have no friggin idea.. my main menu is cluttered.. What the hell
is the {t} on here? ummm I can't remember.. but I know that I don't have
many letters left...

I'll have to read those docs again to find out how to do it.. I hope my
memory isn't failing me.. I hope I can do it!

Oh.. and while I'm at it...

Try and write a few messages, guys! <grin>


SCRIBBLEMsg # 11 of 144                  Date: Fri 13/08/1993,  1:04 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 75 times

     To: You
Subject: Another Scribble

Well, isn't this going well?

<grin>  I really don't have that much to say...

hehehehe I just went through my userlist, and got rid of a few people from
it.. geeze that was fun!

Then I went and updated my mail subboard.. deleting messages from people who
aren't going to be getting mail anymore 'cause they don't exist here...

I got rid of Michelle (coz she will never log on here again) and that blonde
one.  The mail file had 3061 messages in it, and after I'd done a purge, it
had only about 600-odd messages in there... I wonder who's they were?

This is a good time to ask people to go through their mail and delete any
that aren't of any use anymore...

Oh, I also had a problem with one of the mail messages being corrupted, so I
had to get rid of about 20 or so of them, they were all garbled up and
destroying the other messages around them.  I don't think they would have
been important ones, they were all from a year ago or so. (I hope none of
them were mine! <grin>)

Hmm what else...

Oh yes.. I got a file from Highlander (sp?) BBS, which is an update of the
1-member command... it doesn't need pgup and pgdn anymore, thank god!

What else...hmmmm I'd kinda like a file so that you can't go into the doors
unless you've left a message, or messages, but I haven't got one for this
version of SL.. never mind...

My machine is still in pieces beside me... I had umpteen problems with the
board.. found out that it was 'case sensitive' and didn't like having one on
it... dammit!  So the case is floating around here somewhere acting as a
doorstop.. what next!?  A drive sensitive machine? <grin>

Well.. the BSA is tonight.. and I'm nowhere near ready for it... I'm not
even dressed, which is the usual story.. I got a buggered back from having
the flu (the dreaded one that is going around.. gives a sore throat and then
lotto time for the aches and pains) so I guess I won't be doing anything
strenuous for a while..

And I'll be moving house on the 4th next month... Shit it's hard to move
everything I've got now!  It used to be a case of throwing everything into a
few kleensaks and driving it over in one go.. but now I've got a whole
house-load... And the board to boot!  I can never get that bit right.. as
soon as all the computer stuff is shifted over, I don't know which bit goes
to which machine!

But don't worry guys, the board number is staying the same.. I'm only moving
up the road a ways.. so there will only be a few hours when the board will
be down (that's if Telecom can do it's stuff!)

Well, Sun, I guess your donation will be used for an installation at the new
place... Your donation came just in time!

Oh shit.. I can never remember how many lines I've done.. I'll start another


SCRIBBLEMsg # 12 of 144                  Date: Fri 13/08/1993,  1:14 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 68 times

     To: You
Subject: Another scribble

Oh, that's right..

I spent a few harrowing hours yesterday with that game 'fantasy'.

I was a bit bored with the setup there, and wanted to have at least 100
rooms to have a play with, and as I have no imagination of my own, I went
through the Wellington street maps!

I had one hell of a time with that!  The game now has wellington stuff on
it. You start at Vivian st and work your way up to the Taz!  Yay fun!

heheheheh... I got a bit sick of finding places, so I made the botanical
gardens a bit large... <grin>  Try and get yourself outta that one!

I'll have to go through the sodding map again, I think I've made a few
pathways wrong.. but never mind.. it was a lot of fun at the time!

Oh yeah.. I had to reset the game to get the maps to work.. I didn't want to
wait around for it to re-roll itself at the end of the month.. but I'm sure
no-one minds.. I was winning anyway!

So,. the next question is... What am I going to do next?  I'm not too sure
myself...It would be wonderful if I could program... But I can't.  I should
do a course and find out how to do it.. I'm going to be sent information on
various courses that are available.. but I should have done this years ago!

Next step I suppose at the moment is to get some messages going... I'm not
really in the mood for it, and I haven't had a flash of inspiration for a
while on those..but I'm sure it'll come to me...

I might put my voice-recognition card in the board machine.. and see how
many macros I can stuff into it!  And then see what it all does.. knowing
me, I'll probably end up muttering to myself and format the drive!  <grin>

I've been having fun with the menus lately.. I hope they are fast enough!
I've made them almost completely text, so that they don't take so long to

Anyway.. I've got to get ready.. I'll yak to you all later!


SCRIBBLEMsg # 13 of 144                  Date: Sun 15/08/1993, 12:37 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 73 times  [1 Reply]

     To: You
Subject: SysOp Scribble

Well.. that's just great.

I make up a questionaire to find out what people want on here, and what they
want changed, and half the people think it's a load of shit and don't answer
correctly.  Lovely.

s'funny though.. .the people who logged on during the day had some good,
valid answers, but the ones that logged on in the weekend, and after work
hours just pissed around and didn't even read it correctly!

I've had some laughable answers to some of the questions... for instance,

What do you like about B.S?
'The fact that it has lots of game files'

Huh?!  I've got 2 on here... I don't know whether these people have actually
looked in the past few months at the file area! <grin>.. Or:

What don't you like about B.S?
"The menus have changed"

Huh?  I haven't changed them at all!  In fact, all I did was put them into
ansi/text because people get confused by having so many options available!
The menu items haven't changed one whit!  Strange...Or this one:

'The upload/download limits'

I don't have any on here... wording change needed in questionaire because
people thought B.S.. stood for B.B.S in general!  (silly me!)

(hope no-one thinks that I'm targetting anyone!)

But what's stranger, in my estimation.. is the fact that a lot of people
said that they were sick of questionaires on here... funny that, this is the
first one!  The other thing was so that people would change their names...
but oh no... no-one bothers to get their facts straight. Must be human
nature, I spose..

I wonder how *I* would have answered it?

Anyway... that questionaire only comes up once for each person, so they
should all be happy about that.

And thanks to the people who answered it correctly.  I've had a few requests
to change things, and I may be acting on them over the next few weeks or

Hell.. it hasn't been easy for me... I didn't really want to make that
questionaire up at all.. It's a bit like saying 'hey guys.. what is it that
you don't like about me...'  All a bit personal, if you ask me!  but I went
ahead and did it anyway.  I just wish that people would answer it properly,
otherwise, what's the use?

Y'know, it would be easier if I was just a user on here... It's hard to
judge your own board by being the sysop... the ego gets involved, and
there's a certain amount of modesty that stuffs it all up as well... but
that's something to live with.  It's no use logging on and pretending that
I'm a user... Even changing my name from SysOp to Aim‚e on here didn't do

It's like being a hostess at a party.. even if you try not to be the
hostess, people still see you that way, including yourself!  You know the
house, you know all the people, and you have to watch that no-one breaks any
glasses while they're enjoying yourself... All you can do, is say "I'm the
hostess, and that's that.'

...but I'll be damned if I'm going to make it my 'job'!  In my estimation,
this is a good board.  It has good users on it, and I like the fact that I
can change it at will, and add things to it, and take things off it.  You
can't do that being a user!

It seems to happen to all the 'good old days' users... You remember the
ones.. the ones that stand out on a board, and are witty and funny.. then
all of a sudden, they have a board, and never log back on, and end up not
being able to stand their own.. They think that since they were such a good
user they should be able to have a really good board.. but oh no, it doesn't
work that way!  The wonder goes out the window for them.. never to return.

But at least there are others to take their place, it just takes a bit of
looking around for them, but they're there.

Maybe the opposite is true then... I make a lousy user!  I don't leave
messages.. I steal files... etc etc.. <grin>  And I think I'm a fair SysOp
(ego time.. <grin>)

Anyway,. I'm wasting space here...

I've gone and compressed all of my message areas, so they should be faster
now.. and I've been jimmying with the speed a bit.. to make it faster.

It should work.  See ya!


SCRIBBLEMsg # 14 of 144                  Date: Thu 19/08/1993,  2:14 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 75 times

     To: You
Subject: Questionaire answers

Here are some of the answers to the questionaire;  These are the answers to
what people *like* about Board Shitless... I'll put a few of my comments in

Huh?  files?  where?!


Good all-round board, high qualtiy message area, backed up by an excellant
file base.
See Files

Gross messages
I don't know what this means, but I'll take it as a good thing!

Because it has got heaps of files and message bases...

A lot of my friends use it and I like the stuff they do

Access availability

All of it. This is hard to put your finger on one persific area. But if I
had to, I would say the message sections.

Because thats what I am

CTRL+ALT+DEL to continue...

Don't Know exactly. Helps a lot that its free though

Dont know yet, just got 'ere. I suspect though from what I've 'eard, its
quite a nice, hassle free BBS.

Easy acess and control


Full of shit and interesting people


Hmmm... That's a difficult one... Wink I like the fake Sysop chat!


I don't have *a* favourite board. I see Shitless, Silicon Fantasies and The
Monastery as being the only _real_ boards around.

The sysop scribble area! I think it is/was an excellent idea, and it really
helps us keep in touch with whats going on around the place. Good work....Smile
I like this one...

I like the discussions and the door games

I like the games on here

Interesting messages

It feeels like home

It has a lot of games files

It has a quality-only policy

It has got heaps of Files and message bases Plus it has got over 1 Node
which makes the BBS more interesting
Errr... ummm would if it worked... <grin>

It has thinking type people on it, and is friendly, and is always available
when I call, and there is the MMOS

IT has what I enjoy in a bbs and it has lots of games files

It's tops
Its cool!

Lots of shit happens

Martial Arts sub-board



Messaging and that it is Searchlight

Nothing is ever the same



Professional presentation


Relaxed, humours

Shitlink, and the ever changing flame wars going on

Sick humour.

Thats a hard one.... umm well the sysop is nice... but apart from that that
I don't do much else her... I must get into messages soon!!

The amount of files that are avalible

The boards attitude towards things

The fact its not run by geeks...:-)...I mean, just look at some boards the
sysops are total losers, and they are just the sort of geeks from hell that
you only thought were possible to exist in movies...

The loonies here are mad north-northwest, which tends to suit my own brand
of manias

The messages - the recipes.

The messages and files

The messages and the users

The name and the pic at the start

The overall feeling of the board fits in well with my own personality

The people are also good to talk too.

The quality of the messages and the way it's operated...

The sysop

The Sysop.... ummm the doors... the messages... oh and did I mention The
Sucking up for more time huh?  (pity this was anonomouse! <grin>)

The varied types of messaging

The variety, it provides me with the things I like, messages on topics of
interest. For me it primarily the contact it provides me with other types.
Some of the games are nice to.

The whole thing

Um Aimee run's it really well and I it is a nice friendly place,kind of
like Cheers
THIS one I LIKE!!!!!  We should do a cheers-like theme song for the

Well it used to be shit link.  wonder what its like now
Ohhhhhhhhh catty!  Deardeardear... Claws in dear...

You speak my kind of language.

Thanks everyone who answered the questionaire.. It's great getting feedback!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 15 of 144                  Date: Thu 19/08/1993,  2:23 pm

From: AIMEE                      Read: 75 times

     To: You
Subject: answers to Questionaire

Reasons for liking the other boards:

Large storage space, lots of things like CD-ROM, 2 Nodes, good message base

Well, its been good for messages since it got changed around...also, I like
it because of the time limit (1440)...

Hmmm i get on with the cool sysop.. i like bre to bad it ant inter vrs ...
i have lots!

Lot of files

Its quite user friendly, and I know most of the people on it

Tonnes of great/latest files.

Cause it runs FAST! and cause the doors and files

Good message areas and gets quite alot of new files

Lots of files for free

I have a lot of access, they have good files and door games, and I have a
couple of subbies there too, also the users are friendly and there isn't
many arguments, etc... I like it :-)

Message bases are kinda huge; I've been a cosysop since it was set up, too,
and it's nice to see it evolve ... Smile

a) I'm co-sysop
b) I had to say that
c) Good relaxed atmosphere
d) I'm mates with Murray Guess who!

It has good messages, files and online games.

Interesting Gif (aldult) files

Bre,  and files areas,  good accesss


SCRIBBLEMsg # 16 of 144                  Date: Thu 19/08/1993,  2:26 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 75 times

     To: You
Subject: Answers to Questioaire

Doesn't like BS because:

Dumb flamewars and annoying personalities (but I can dodge them)
Okay, I think that the flamewars are over on BS, so no work here!  Apart
from having to keep people in line when they are being idiots... but that's
the job of the sysop anyway!

Difficulty in connecting at some times (holidays esp.). That and the general
background level of sheer bitchiness exhibited by a vast majority of users.
Dunno who said this, but maybe it's a personality problem? <grin> Well
anyway... I haven't noticed the bitchiness in quite some time.. See

The main shitlink echo...too many messages to plough through...
It's too popular and hard to get on.
These are things that can't really be changed.. The popular part could be
fixed by getting another line.. but that costs money, and I'd have to charge
people.. so flag that for a joke!

Curcuit board
Call waiting!

Power Crazy Sysop's.
Waiting to get through on the line.
Down/upload Ratio's.
The Time Limit.
Is this *my* board?  There are no real power crazy sysops here since the
Shitlink was fixed.. and waiting.. well see above.  There are no file ratios
on here, but I guess it's expected by everyone.. And time limit.. hmmmmm How
about I give people unlimited time?  As long as no-one abuses this, and we
have more people using offline mail readers, I don't see this as a problem,
but if it's abused, I'll set the time limits back up again.

No amiga section files or messages
You're right.

The text editors can be a real bitch sometimes....
Don't I bloody know it!  I can't fix this.. maybe in the future something
better will come along!

Some of the prompts have been changed and I don't know what they mean.
I've made a few into quick-ansi's, but the commands haven't changed,
there's just more of them.
In the files area I noticed that people were getting confused by all the
sodding commands.. most of which would never be used, so I changed the
format of the menu, to make it easier to read, but essentially, it's all the
same as before.

Too much useless bloody pub-talk!
And there's too much useless bloody BBS talk going on at the pub.

The insulting things directed at me!
... pass

Hard to connect and hold connection sometimes
Yeah, I'll have to work out this bloody modem.. myself!  Last time
someone else buggered it all up and I had to change it back again, but I'll
look at the manuals and see what can be done.

BBs's that really rip my nighty are the on's that only let you down-load one
file at a time
That's part of the protocol... And there are trouble on the boards when
people would download *.*.. <grin>

To many commands
I know... I changed the menus to make it easier a while back, but if you
read the next one, you'll find out what happened!  Don't worry, I'm working
on it!

Horible menues.  havent been on for a while so they might have gone by now,
but we will find out when i have finnished filling this stuff out.

Some of the user

No filies for free
They are all free.  Try it, you'll like it

That I can't play Studs or Fantasy and that the users are kind of... well t
they are sometimes less than friendly.
Then you're underage.  I'm not going to be shot for letting kids get into
the porn, and I'm afraid the games are in that category.  Sorry!

this is the only one I've done so far... 

No Amiga file support Smile
No, there isn't, is there?

Why delete one-liner messages?  I like them, eg. this one.
See messages dated 01-05-93 - 01-07-93 in the shitlink. We don't do that.

The grotty character-based user-interface
I'll pretend to know what this means... ummm eah?

Doesn't use frontdoor and takes time to connect.
I know... I'm working on it!

The restrictions of time
See above

Users that spout off, before engaging brain
Put it down to human nature.

It does'nt have enough files but it does'nt really matter.
I've always maintained that this is a Messaging board, Files don't matter
here, but there is request thingys in the file area, where any files you
want can be asked for.

No bre
No wwf wrestling door game
As stated above, this is a messaging board, The games take up time of
people wanting to log on and read the messages.  If more people used the
offline mail reader, then maybe there would be time allocated for people to
play these sorts of games.

Thanks again.. Most of the answers weren't specific enough to act on, but
these will form the base of the changes.. there are more people to do the
questionaire.. and I'll look at all of them too..


SCRIBBLEMsg # 17 of 144                  Date: Sat  4/09/1993, 10:58 pm
From: FIEND                      Read: 79 times

     To: AIMEE
Subject: Questionarre Results

>I make up a questionaire to find out what people want on here, and what they
>want changed, and half the people think it's a load of shit and don't answer
>correctly.  Lovely.
>What do you like about B.S?
>'The fact that it has lots of game files'
>"The menus have changed"
>'The upload/download limits'

                            Aim‚e me old dear,

          This SysOp'ing thing really is getting you down init?
 Take two of these little orange pills after soaking them in water for a
                    while and call me in the morning.

Admittedly, people do come up with some shit (funny that), but *my* answers
 were thruthfull, honest, cohesive and to the point. You should essentuate
  (wotever) the possitive and eliminate the negative (saw that one on TV

The answer I particulary liked was the one where you turned into a goddess
or something similar, and this BBS looked like Compuserve, but with twice as
                     many nodes, and half the price.

       Other than that. I have a very interesting thought for you.

  It's a quarter to eight, we're going to town. The walls are closing in
 this alley, out of sight I play it down. You gotta believe in something
different, drunk, stoned, no tears of rage. Cause the wurld outside is so
        hard to understand, just enter the pub and turn the page.

                      Yes, this is all my own work.

SCRIBBLEMsg # 18 of 144                  Date: Thu 16/09/1993, 12:43 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 79 times

     To: You
Subject: Another Scribble

Right!  All done!  I've moved flat, and there wasn't much of a disruption
with the board.. so that went well!

I got a new terminal package a while ago.. bloody marvelous one too!  It's
called 'terminate' and I got it from PEter <grin>.  I had a bit of a problem
though, I installed my modem into it, and it worked fine, but when I went
back to the board, I found that the package had hard-coded the information
to the modem, so there was a few days of fixing there!  But hopefully, I've
fixed all of the problems with it and it'll all be hunky-dory.  (I now know
a HELL of a lot about supra modems because of it!  Aren't manuals great!)

What else.. I'm winning in Fantasyland.. hehehehheehehe <cackle> and that's
a bit of fun!  I've got to fix a few areas, as they aren't connecting to the
right places, but that just makes it more challenging, it's even *more* like
wellington now, what with one-way streets! I should really find out which
streets in Welly are one way and put that into the game itself... <grin>

Ummmmmmm..... I'm building up a database for myself of all of the users
here, and that's taking up a hell of a lot of time, but it's better doing it
this way, so that I can keep a record of people, for easy access.  Don't
worry, it's a private one just for me.

Ummmmm... I may be getting another hard drive for $50, so there will be lots
of space for putting files online... I may have to instigate a time
restriction on the files if I do that, as I've given everyone more or less
unlimited time here. (yay team!)

The Skate went well!  Had quite a lot of people coming to it.. didn't
recognise a lot of people, but there was really no way of knowing who
everyone was, especially if I'd never seen them before... But fun was had by
all, and to all a good time!

Ummmm what else.... I should read the other scribbles to find out if I've
done all that I've promised... ummmmmm I'll do that later.

Oh!  And if anyone wants to change their aliases again, you can do it from
your 'options' from the main menu.  Ok?

Right... well nothing really has changed, on the board.. I'll toddle off and
see if I can think of something...

I should do another logoff screen <sigh>  what a pain in the arse! <grin>

Toodle pip alls!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 19 of 144                  Date: Sun 26/09/1993,  1:54 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 78 times

     To: You
Subject: Another SysOp Scribble

Well.. the last few weeks have been fun!

I've got the user-database set up for me on the other machine.. and when
someone logs in, it tells me their age, real name and their validation
message and rubbish like that.  It's great for checking phone numbers!

So, what else have I been up to?

I've set up a board within this board.  The "StoryBoard" is accessible
through the doors.  This board has all of the continuing storys that I've
run on it, and it makes it into an entirely different board.  Try it, you
may like it!

Ummm.... well, since I've fixed the problem of having recurring boards, we
can put Silly Fantasies back on line some day, there are still a few bugs to
sort out with that, but if all goes well, it should be a goer!

Ummmmm.. I got studettes, and that's in the doors, it's more or less the
Studs! game, but with the piccies changed around.. big fat hairy deal.

Oh, and I'm now a 'sexpert' in Fantasy.  Hah!

letsee... B'stard made me up a ramdrive, and stuff like that, so the board
has more memory to play around with.. It's just a pity that I don't have the
disk space to jimmy with as well!!!!!  So if anyone out there is selling
off, or thinking of selling off a drive, let me know please!  (IDE, pref.)

Ummmmmmmmm I had a look at making Valence local, but I can't be stuffed.

Oh yeah.. hehehehe about those password quotes.. wasn't that funny!  Hell..
I thought that people would know not to put their passwords in there,
specially since I added the 'Grin'.. but the ones that did it were all new
users, and didn't know my sence of humour... hehehehharharhar... hehehehehe
And Dave O'Keen is in the corner for going into the quotes, and writing down
all of the passwords, and using them to win in the space dynasty game..
lucky I caught him in time!  So he's in the corner for a while.. you can all
go in there and hassle him.

So, what do I now need to do with the board...

I need to change the strings.. I haven't thought up anything good to put in
them yet, so I'll do that another time, when I'm in the mood for it.

I want to change the names of some of the subboards, they are as boring as
hell.  I'll change the political one (I remembered a while ago, when I just
started, it was called 'keep left', which was a better name for it.) So I'll
do that at some stage too...

I've just had my telecom bill too, so I'll have to pay that and change the
accounts thingy in the bulletins.. it'll be interesting to find out how much
I owe, since I had the line reinstalled... shouldn't cost too much
(hopefully!)  keep those donations coming in!

Nothing else has really happened... so I'll leave you all to it.
SCRIBBLEMsg # 20 of 144                  Date: Tue 26/10/1993,  6:08 am

From: AIMEE                      Read: 69 times

     To: You
Subject: Scribbles

Well!  This has been a weird time.

I've been up all night.. playing around on Citynet for a bit.. and I've
spent 2 drudging days setting up (or trying to set up) a few doors.

I've got them all in the testing area at the moment, there's some good ones
there.. there's an update on Pimpwars which is a lot faster than the old one
that is online, but it's no different in any other parts.  So we'll look
forward to that being online!

There's some other doors, but you'll see them as they come.  I may have to
split up the adult doors to make room for the other ones.

What else.. ran out of sodding room again, so I went through the subboards
(again) and got rid of some of the old messages... That was satisfying!  Had
a bit of a panic when I found out that the threads were screwed up, I was
deleting the messages by thread.. but no harm done there. (phew!)

Errr... Lessee.. Yeah.. I've had to be a bit brutal with the accounts..
they've been a bit of a mess since the board started.. but with the access
levels changing and with the extra access level in there for the checked
people it should make things better.  Sorry for the people who inadvertantly
got lumbered with 60 minutes!  <as if that's a REAL hardship anyways!>...
but that's just the way it goes.  As long as your account checks out (by
reading the phone book, amongst other things) then you should be alright..
if not.. well... READ THE BULLETINS! <grin>

So what else... there's a bowling night coming up soon... I'm just waiting
on the Ansi there.  Should be a good time for all!  <used quote #32>

Ummmmmmmm It's coming up to the busy time of year... having to worry about
kiddies getting modems for xmas and all that junk.. seems to be a bad time
for the boards.. people go away after exams, and kiddie hackers try their
stuff out on the boards (though that's a good way to weed out the 'naffy
boards' I think... <snicker>) so I'll probably be busy with the board and
other things until after xmas now. <sigh>

Well... what else is happening... I've got to change my strings... have a
few more things to change in there, like putting a quote string back in.
Anything else?

Wow!  It's light outside.. I've been up for AGES!  (well haven't been to
bed, what do you expect?)  I'm also trying to type quietly, as there are
sleeping people in the house.. but it's a bloody ticking keyboard.. shit.
Oh well.. early to rise, as they say.  (They'll kill me, that's for sure!)

Well I don't think that there anything more to say.. so I'll bid goodnight
to you all...


SCRIBBLEMsg # 21 of 144                  Date: Fri 12/11/1993, 11:59 am
From: AIMEE                      Read: 82 times

     To: You
Subject: Another Scribble

Another while has passed...

I haven't done that much recently, I've had the flu for starters (and I've
been told that I'll probably look forward to another week of it 8() and I
haven't been feeling much like writing messages.

I have, however, played with putting games online and moving the doors
around quite a bit to accommodate them, and typed in a few stories.

I've got a few new subbies now, one is Moaning, which is all of the mona
stories (I thought they needed a special area of their own, since they are,
in their own right, special!), and another one is the Articles subboard,
where I've put a few longish stories, that I've found particularly
interesting... I hope others do the same!  (aren't offline readers great!?)

Hmmm what else... The new HD is installed, and I've got room to play with.
YIPPPEEEEE! And I've put some of the games from my other machine onto it, to
spare up some room on my work PC.

I'm trying to arrange the party too, I'd like for this one to be better than
the last one, that was pathetic!  Half of the people didn't have transport,
and the park was a terrible place to get to!  Ahhhh well... This will be the
first party that I've had at my own place... And I'm a bit nervous about it!
 Which is why I've made the party for a Sunday, instead of a Saturday.
Firstly, since it is the real date of my birthday, and secondly because we
don't really want people getting ripped off their faces, what with all the
glass around here! (grin)... so there'll be work in the morning for at least
some of the people that are coming!

Funny, when I've asked people to come to it, they say that 'they won't know
anyone there!'.. well all of the people that I know in Wellington are from
this Bulletin Board, and hell.. we didn't know each other until we plucked
up the courage to come to the BSA.. the first time *we'd* seen each other!
But I know how they all feel.   I'm not much into meeting a group of
strangers.. not that we would be.. we know each other's style of writing

I'm getting a chip for my modem soon, I found out that the modem I've got is
a bit faulty, but that's being fixed for free.  Thank god!  Hell... I got
the damned thing to make life easier!

Hmmmmm what else... these messages are always hard.. I'm not one for
structured thinking, really!

Oh yeah, I'm voice validating people now, seems to be the easiest way to do
things, I quite like the idea of it, really, and I don't have to worry about
security quite so much...What to do about the current members that haven't
been checked out! <grin>

<cough cough>  Will this damned flu ever go away?!

Oh well...

Oh yeah.. gotta change the network cards around too.. this one keeps
crapping out, and can't find the board files sometimes... Well seems that it
can only not find the Batch files at times, so I guess it's the bloody
network.  That'll be oh, all of 2 minutes work for me!  Took me ages to find
out what the problem was... if I turned this machine off, it was one hell of
a trial to get it back on again... You heard that this machine was case
sensitive?  I haven't had the case on this machine since I moved, but with
the changing of the hard drive and all, and having to turn it off, I had to
tell Guido, who was installing it, that the machine would only turn on again
if I held onto the casing while pushing the 'on' button.  We took the
network card out and it worked beautifully!  the damn thing must have been
shorting against the machine. <grin>

Funny how you can own something for so long and know it so well that you can
tweek it when it's not working and just call it 'personality'.  I should
have just tried to work out what the problem was in the first place!

Ach! <grin> What else has been happening... Not much.

I'll sign off and see what else I can do with this board... I'd like to RTFM
and see if I can change some of the things around on it.  (I MUST be sick!)

Oh yeah!  How come no-one has done a badge outlay!  Hmmm no-one out there
know how to draw? <grin>

Get your thinking hats together... there hasn't been one entry, so if you
enter it, you may be the only one.  That way *You* will get the prize!

Oh well.. see yers!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 22 of 144                  Date: Mon 29/11/1993,  1:37 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 77 times

     To: You
Subject: fRIGGIN cAPSlOCK kEY... wHERE iS IT?!


Guess I'm in a strange mood today... everything's very amusing.

Logged onto the board and found out that a new user had decided to abuse
everyone in one go by using the CC. thingy... HAHAHAHAHAaaa

I shouldn't laugh, but it's a nice trick... even nicer trick was shoving him
into the corner in, oh, 2 seconds flat...

Oh viva la bloody university holidays... That's the reason most of us sysops
are grumbling.  This time of the year is time for all the students to come
fresh out of uni, and try hacking the boards... fun.. NOT!  <grin>  but I
wish I could do it!  Would give a bit of excitement to the life of a menial

hmmm so... enough of this rambling.. what the hell have I done recently.


Just kidding... Nah, I haven't done the network cards, coz I can't be
bothered.  Yet.  I'll do it when I'm in the mood to get up to my armpits in
computer parts.  oh to be a housewife.  Oh bloody likely.

Hmm.. so.  Well the party went well... didn't quite sink into my head that
it was there because I was turning 25.  I think it's sunk in now.. and who
gives a shit, it's just a number.. so anyway... it went well.. I may have
another one.. this time I'll hide the fucking computer instead of just
pulling things out of it.

wow... it's raining.. and I didn't hear it.  funny that!  It's nice having a
cat.. .they always rush in to tell you that it's raining.  <jump, purr purr
stomp, shake>  (GERROUTOFIT!) hahahaha

As you have probably noticed.. I'm disgusted by the amount of <grin>'s I've
been doing.  Bad habit.. I think I'll laugh instead.  har har har har...

Less than 4 weeks to Xmas.  oh yay.

'among the fields of green......' sorry, just listening to music... sting...
yummy.  <chortle>  Yes, I can chortle.

Ok.. so my mood's a bit strange... I'm quite enjoying indulging in
rediculosity at the moment... stops me being depressed about christmas... I
mean hell... it's sposed to be a good time of the year, but no-one enjoys
it.. why not?!  Is it that outdated?  It's the time for meeting parents and
doing all that 'duty' shit.  It should be different.. They should have New
Years before Xmas.. so you can have a spruceup time with your friends before
having to do duty...

Isn't that strange... new year isn't a time for families...

Enough of this.. I'm going to count how many lines I've done.

Not much.. oh well... I could do this all day.

I'm not going to though... people do have to log on, y'know!  Hmmmmmm Ok..
back to the topic... What else is going on.

Oh yeah, the  subboards are a mess.. I'm going to be forwarding left, right,
and centre to get them back into style... I've been taking a sort of a
holiday from the board.  Not very long, but I do need to do it now and then.
I should get a babysitter for it at times like this.

Where are the co-sysops?  Damn, that's right.. they've got their own
boards... Still wanna Co-SysOp guys?

<ahem>  nope, that wasn't what I wanted to say.  Anyway.  Lessee.. it's nice
having the large hard drive... I don't have to delete the log files all the
frigging time... bliss!  I really should get some blu-tack sometime to put
the volume regulator onto the casing... I'll do that someday when I finally
remember it when I'm out.  Should get my mouse fixed too... hmmmmm <squeek>
Got the little bugger!

Ok.. before you all get bored with this ... I'll toddle off and think of all
the things I *should* do and forget about them all.

See you all online!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 23 of 144                  Date: Mon 29/11/1993,  3:24 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 83 times

     To: You
Subject: things to do while waiting for users.

There are many ways to refine waiting.  I've done a careful study of it, and
these are the short notes that I've taken so far:

1)     Smoke
2)     Read the Reader's digests looking for juicy material to put online
that users will take an interest in
3)     Burn the Reader's Digests in a fit of pique
4)     Play some music through the soundblaster
5)     Get bored with the selection and put a record on
6)     Get sick of the record jumping and look for a tape instead
7)     Alphabetize the tapes and try and put the RIGHT tapes in the RIGHT
8)     Look all around the house for the one tape that you just HAVE to hear
right NOW!
9)     Flag that, and try and find a CD instead
10)    Find the CD, but find that your player isn't plugged in.
11)    Plug it all in, and lose interest anyway
12)    Yell at the computer and demand someone log in
13)    Check the computer and find that it's crashed anyway
14)    Fix the computer
15)    Find a game on the computer
16)    Look for the secret level codes in the mess of papers on the desk
17)    Find all sorts of things, but no codes
18)    Smoke
19)    Make a coffee
20)    Glance at the D'bridge screen saver
21)    Wait for users...
22)    Make another coffee, and down it in one sip
23)    Consider logging onto Citynet
24)    Get caught up trying to swap modems...
25)    Flag Citynet, it's boring anyway.
26)    Chase the cat around the room
27)    Find Band-aids to cover the gashes in arms and legs
28)    Sneer at cat... they ALWAYS grin.. bastards.
29)    Clean the house
30)    Make a coffee
31)    Glance at computer.. RING YOU BASTARD!
32)    Run out of smokes... roll a Park Drive...
33)    Hack guts out... ahhh that feels good
34)    Contemplate giving up smoking
35)    Laugh at self.
36)    Put on some Bette Midler
37)    Contemplate dancing to music
38)    Dance
39)    Look out window
40)    Blush.
41)    Play Sherlock
42)    Flag sherlock
43)    Write Scribble
44)    Look at time...
45)    Look through userfile, and target a user for deletion
46)    Delete co-sysop instead... ooops, sorry!
47)    Think about things that need fixing
48)    Get tired thinking about it
49)    Wow!  User online!  Woopeee!
50)    Watch user use the offline mail reader and zap off immediately
51)    Fingers at the screen
52)    Think about sunbathing outside
53)    Watch it start raining
54)    Check the mailbox for mail
55)    Throw out rubbish
56)    Look at time
57)    Chase the cat (will I *ever* learn?!)
58)    Look at time
59)    Consider sleeping
60)    Write another scribble...

Maybe I should get a job?! <chuckle>

SCRIBBLEMsg # 24 of 144                  Date: Tue 15/02/1994,  2:55 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 76 times

     To: You
Subject: Yo.. this is your captain speaking...

Hmm... Just thought it was about time I posted something, it's been quite a

I've been spending most of my time on Citynet (as a lot of you know) and
having quite interesting times on there.  There's a diverse range of people
that log on there, and we generally keep to the same areas, where we get
known by our message style.  It's another world on there... you don't have
to wait to get answers like on the boards.. and it's very international.
You have to pick your words well, or get tromped on quickly by the others.

I used to wonder what the fascination was... before I was on there. I'd
think "talking to about 10 people at once... what a pain in the butt that
would be."  but after being on there, it's quite an amazing thing.  It's not
just talking to about 10 people at once.. it's like a virtual room has been
created, and if you let yourself go, you can enter into the situation and
change it quite rapidly.  If it's boring, stage a foodfight, start
dancing the tango... It's amazing how many people get into the swing of the
game and enter into the fun!

That's what I've been missing from this board.  The 'situation' that people
find themselves in.  That's the hard part of looking after this board.
There's different feelings when the board is 2 dimentional from when it's a
situational 3 dimentional image.  Hard to describe really! But I hope you
get my meaning.

I was asked on IRC what made a good user.  It took me back a bit.. had to
think quite rapidly of who I considered a good user and why.  I came up with
the answer:  "someone who puts their personality into their messages, and
knows the personalities behind the people replying to them".  I had to
re-read my answer quite a few times before thinking "Hell.. I don't do that
anymore!  Geeze, I've been slack!"

I think that's why people want to go back to the 'old days' on the boards.
There are people that are remembered for having their personality in their
messages... and they knew the personalities behind us that were answering
them.  It made us feel wanted and liked to have that respect.  And of course
we feel the loss when those people leave.  But it's just the way it goes.
People leave, and other's come.  But if you keep clinging to the memories of
the people that have left, you don't tend to notice the new people that are
doing the same thing, knowing the lay of the land.  We're all blind in that

I suggest that we all try and put a bit more of ourselves into our messages,
and to hell with any backflash that may occur from that.  It's a daring
proposition, I know. ;>  Make sure that you're in the mood when you ring up
to write messages.  Find out what little quirks you'd like to have, i.e. a
specific colour, way of greeting people, or format of the replies that you
leave.  It all adds up to being something that people remember you by, and
people will click into your way of thinking when you posted the message.
After all, they can't see you, so they have nothing else to refer to!

Just a suggestion folks, and I'm going to try it for myself as well.

c/- Nightowl News.
SCRIBBLEMsg # 25 of 144                  Date: Fri 11/03/1994,  2:48 am

From: AIMEE                      Read: 70 times

     To: You
Subject: Ok... this is your SysOp speaking again.

Yet again, it's time for a word from our sponsors...

Hehehe.. nope.  it's me again.

Today's topic is "Depression and the forms of getting rid of it" or some
such drivel, because that's what I'm going to do.  Drivel.

Around xmas time I was on the way to the BSA, on the bus (which is a 1/2 hr
busride) and I had a spark of a thought that I swore I was going to put into
this scribble, or somewhere, at least.  Well.  I didn't.  What a surprise.
I'm going to try and remember it now, because at the time it was quite an
important thought to me, for some reason.  Ok.. on with the drivelly story..
where was I?  oh, on the bus, as usual.

I was in a bloody good mood, which is usually what happens when I'm on the
way to a BSA... and I was looking at the other people, on their way home
from work, or just milling around.  Most of them were looking down for some
reason, and that struck me as odd... there is a lot more 'up' to look at
than down.. but that's the way of human nature.  So I looked down to see
what they were seeing, and could see ugly pavement, lots of smog from cars
and busses and suchlike.. rubbish, and decomposing bits of god knows what.

I thought that it was a bloody awful place to be, at that point, and decided
to start looking UP.  The bus was near the Botanical Gardens at that point,
and I looked up and saw the highest tree, it stood quite far apart from the
other trees, because of it's height, and I saw something there that I doubt
that many wellingtonians saw last xmas... from halfway up the tree were
christmas lights glittering in the tree.  It was an amazing sight, just the
tree with the lights backlit by the empty sky.  It raised my spirits quite a
bit and got me to thinking.

People have given themselves a very limited view.  They look at the crust of
the earth, and seldom look into the untainted skys, unless it's to find out
what sort of day it's going to be.  People have forgotten to search out

If people took a bit of time out every day to lay down on some grass and
look up at the rest of the world, I think it would give them a brief break
from their worries.  It would give a fresh perspective on their own worries
because who can have worries when they are looking at the unsoiled part of
earth? If people spend long enough gazing into the heavens, then they can
reach the inner peace within themselves, and then get back to the human
world of worries with everything back into perspective.

I think it's time I went and layed down under a tree.  Care to join me?

Nightowl out.
Goodnight Wellington, whoever you are.

SCRIBBLEMsg # 26 of 144                  Date: Sat  9/07/1994,  4:49 am
From: AIMEE                      Read: 61 times

     To: You
Subject: Charging hassles

Well folks, another sleepless night (as you can tell by the time) on account
of having to think about something I have desperately not been wanting to do
for the past 4 odd years.  To whit:  To start charging for this bbs.

Now.. my thoughts are:  This bbs is sucking up a whole lot of my living room
space, my time, and hell... quite a bit of my money as well, despite the
help I've received from a few users... <sigh>   It's getting so that the
board is just a black hole in my flat.  I'm not even that inclined to do any
work on it, with the way I've been feeling about it lately.

Now.. I've done a study on the other bbs's in wellington, and I've found
that 24 of the boards are charging, and 34 of them aren't.  Quite a hefty
amount really, judging that there's one hell of a lot of fly-by-night bbs's
cropping up.  Out of those boards charging, the least they're asking for is
$20... I'm inclined to think that that's a viable charge rate...  less than
50c per week.  Now... expenses for a year of running this bbs is approx
$2000, and there's maintenence on top of that... files bought, modems
bloody fixed over and over... upgrading now and then.. it'd be nice to do it
for the right reasons, not just because some things have become redundant.

As you can see.. I've been doing my homework.  The only thing I can't work
out is a) how many people would be willing to pay, and b) what I can do to
make it worthwhile for them.

For this, I've decided that I'd put one hell of a lot more work into the
board, spruce things up, add on things that people want to play around with,
and generally get the damned thing back to the level it used to be at.  Oh,
and get fidonet too :>

shit.. this really does have to be done. 8(

If no-one can think of an alternative to this REAL quickly, as in two weeks
or so I'm going to have to institute a payment system. probably something
like $20 per year, and $30 for sponsorship...

Sorry folks... but I'm being run into the ground at this end.. and it's not
making my outlook as regards to having things to do on the board very rosey.

Oh yeah.. heh.. if, on the very remote chance the bbs goes down with paying
users on it, the payments will be refunded (in part, I guess.. hmm.. I'll
have to think that one out.)

And lifetime membership is a sham anywhere and I'm certainly NOT going to
run that silly little scheme!

SysOpus Frustratus.

SCRIBBLEMsg # 27 of 144                  Date: Sat 15/10/1994,  3:46 pm
From: SYSOP                      Read: 39 times

     To: All
Subject: Roving Report :>      1/2

Greetings from what is considered the 'world power' <chuckle> like
hell.. it's just the US ;>

Viva la offline mail readers.. it means that I can still keep my
clutching claws involved in the bbs while I'm way the hell out here in
the other part of the world *grin*

Well.. .it's all pretty weird over here.... it's sorta the same, but
different, if you look at it all with your head sideways :>

For instance.. finding cheese.  Now.. this *should* be an easy task..
but OOoooooo noooooo... nothing can be that simple.  Picture a normal NZ
supermarket:  The cheese section for normal boring people has Tasty,
Mild, Colby etc.. and then the gourmet cheeses, camembert and the
stringy stuff that noone looks at cause the price is bumped up beyond
belief... Now here... <insane laughter> you have cheese FOOD... WHAT THE
HELL IS CHEESE FOOD!  it's not normal!  You cook it, and it turns
plastic.. I'm sure that's what they make the McDonalds toys out of.
Trying to find something even remotely the same as NZ cheese is an
effort... it's a WHOLE ISLE!  (and cheddar is a bilious yellow.. which
doesn't look too great at any time of the day).  so flag that for a

heh.. that's just one of the differences... try to find food, and you
end up looking at things already made up 'for your convenience', and
also 'for your convenience' they take out anything that has any food
substance that anyone could even be remotely allergic to... like milk,
salt, sugar, CHEESE.. and other natural things that keep the Kiwi Kids

Which brings me to coffee... now.. coffee is the staff of life, as
everyone knows... if you can't have at least 15 cups a day life isn't
worth living.  Here, there's like.. 2 main brands... and both TERRIBLE.
If you even consider ordering a coffee from somewhere you end up with
something that's almost coffee (if you don't get the decaffeinated,
detastifyed type) which has something that they call 'creamer' which is
really just another word for baking soda. it whitens it, and that's
about it.  heheheh  (there's shreiking in the background about this ;>)

Although, as was pointed out by Yawn, there is one redeeming feature to
this country, and that's the burgers... they've been making them for so
long that they've turned the whole episode into an art form.  There's SO
MANY burger places that NZ ends up looking like a 3rd world food
eatery... "what, you have to kill animals to make hamburgers?  how ...
<cringe>  archaic!"  *giggle*  NZ seems to take the US way of making
these things, and promptly take out all the things that makes a burger a
BURGER!  Sod the bloody beetroot.. none of that rubbish.. you get
that juice dripped on your new sweatshirt and IT'S SUING TIME!  hehehehe

Oh, hang on... I've offended someone's sensibilities <chuckle>

<american insert>:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ <---- "American insert"? oh please, someone save me
from this woman!  BTW, I told her I wanted to say something so you
people wouldn't have a scewered view of the US.  From what she's said so
far, you'd think the US is this "*(HORRIBLE)*" place to be and that
there's no redeeming value left of it.  The cheese is bad, the problem
is we have way way way too much variety, and standing in the presence of
it, Aim‚e is all befuddled about it.  Every kind of cheese has a name.
And when I asked Aim‚e what kind of cheese she wanted I get the response
"cheese cheese", what's it taste like, "it tastes like cheese".  It's
almost like telling a blind man what the color yellow is, there'd never
be an exact explaination of it.  Oh and there's more than "2" brands of
coffee here.  There's got to be at least 50+ kinds of different types of
coffee beans you can choose from, but Aim‚e likes "instant" coffee.  Now
I'd say if you're a "real" coffee conniseur, you'd be really picky in
which kind of "real" coffee bean you'd want ground as coffee (:

I'll say this much she's got right...people in the US are "SUE HAPPY".
Some old woman got a HOT coffee from McDonalds at the drive-thru window,
had the coffee in her lap, drove off and burned herself, sued McDonalds
for 4.5 million dollars and guess what?  She won!  Yes a bit ridiculous,
the thing was appealed and so she 'only' got about 2 million out of it
(:  I'm sure the lawyers got at least 10-15% of it and the government
got another 75% of it in taxes. But *shrug*, she still ended up with
some pretty decent amout of money from her own negligence.  Don't ask me
how that works, I just live here (:.  Well I'm way way off the track
from what I started *oops*.  What I'd like to say is...ummm...*laugh*..
...ummmm...well...don't listen to Aim‚e's blanting and going on *grin*.
Come see this country for yourself, there's quite a lot about the US
that's good.  It is by far the MOST convenient country to live in, and
you can get ANYTHING here if you are willing to pay for it.  Oh another
nice thing is department and grocery stores here don't close at 5pm on
you.  Almost everything is open on Saturdays & Sundays.  If you want a
snack at 1am, you can go and get it or have someone deliver a pizza, yes
at 1am (3am in some places in the summer).  Land of convenience is what
this is and Aim‚e's just ranting and going on about it *grin*.  And now
back to Aim‚e...who know what she'd say next.  If it's more ranting and
going on...well *shrug*, I had to tell my side of the story (:

<american rant over.>

Cha, right... you can get anything.... well.. NOT BLOODY VEGEMITE!
>>> Continued to next message
 þ SLMR 2.0 þ Unable to locate Coffee -- Operator Halted!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 28 of 144                  Date: Sat 15/10/1994,  3:46 pm
From: SYSOP                      Read: 47 times  [1 Reply]

     To: All
Subject: Roving Report :>      2/2

>>> Continued from previous message
hehehehehe in all that, Lunch got ... nuked to a frazzle :> hehehehehe

Ok... that was the bad side of shopping over here for this 'lil
provincial gal ;>

There is something over here that I find absolutely fascinating.. and
that's the way that people take pride in their workplace, if it's a
public place.. no skimping at all anywhere.  If you get a fairground in
NZ, there's the bare minimum of care taken over anything.. sure, the
lawns are looked after (until people get dissilusioned by the littering
and stuff) and the rides are there... but for example.. we went to a
fairground that had a ride called 'Top Gun'.  This was a roller coaster
where you were sorta dangled below the rails... before going up to the
ride there were HUGE displays, that were well done from the movie..
there were radar thingies that were working, umm.. parts of ships and
planes that looked like they were just ripped out of the real things...
and THEN you got to the roller coaster.. .. now if NZ had that at
Rainbow's End there would be a walkway..... and the rollercoaster.  full
stop.  Where's the frills?!!!  There's lights on the shops, flags
everywhere, things are clean and from what I've seen, sod all graffiti,
(if any) <in sacramento, that is>

Even the Mini-golf place we've driven past, no tacky 10" mushrooms here!
There's full sized bloody windmills, neon everywhere, and service you
probably wouldn't believe.  Hard to understand why these people go the
extra distance... where in NZ people just get things up and running, and
assume that people will go there cause it's the 'only one around for

There does seem to be one things that happens to people in this country
though, with all this convenience.. they get FAT!!!! and this isn't just
fat fat I'm talking about.. this is mountainous, glutenous, wobbling
FAT!!!  You can't go anywhere without bouncing into a roly poly child of
enormous proportions that just makes you want to *pop* them on sight and
watch the bits splatter.  The parents are no better... they're even
BIGGER!  AND THEY WEAR SHORTS!  ACK!  no wonder their cars are so
large.. when they sit in the drivers seat they <<spread>> out to
encompasse the whole seat! (heh.. try to explain a 'mini' to an american
and they look at ya funny... the Jap cars they have here are as large as
the rest of the cars).

Oh, and here's an american myth exploded.  Their hotdogs are *small*.
Not those giant 'orrible things we get at the petrol stations.. they're
little weiners :>

Well... gotta toddle for now.. I'm off to play the famous game "Spot the
Skinny Person"  I think I may actually spot one!

I'll keep ya posted on other things that happen :>


Le Grande Poohbah of the BSA, Temporarily On Location in the USA :>
 þ SLMR 2.0 þ Unable to locate Coffee -- Operator Halted!

SCRIBBLEMsg # 29 of 144                  Date: Tue 18/10/1994,  9:24 pm
From: ONE THUMB                  Read: 49 times  [1 Reply]

     To: SYSOP
Subject: Re: Roving Report :>      2/2

Great to hear from you Princess - In spite of the things are you ENJOYING
the trip?

I've just been informed that thay have closed your ITS account - but your
locum is working on it - so don't worry about it!

Looking forward to your return on 28th

Much hugs and kisses!

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From: SYSOP                      Read: 49 times

     To: ONE THUMB
Subject: Re: Roving Report :>      2/2

>Great to hear from you Princess - In spite of the things are you ENJOYING
>the trip?

hehehehe I didn't get to relog on here till I got back :>

Yup.. I had a wonderful time.. missed NZ soooooo much though.  I missed the
little things like the flowers, small cities, and most of all ... FRIENDS!

The trip has made me open my eyes to quite a few things, mainly because I
didn't know anyone there, and missed what I took for granted:  people
phoning me up about stuff, working on the board, having people pop around
without notice, having someone to ring when I'm lonely... I guess I've grown
to appreciate what I've got over here.  Simple friendship can be so
underrated at times.

>I've just been informed that thay have closed your ITS account - but your
>locum is working on it - so don't worry about it!

hehehehe the home guard to the rescue!  I can't thank the people who've
supported me over the trip enough. <sigh>

>Looking forward to your return on 28th

So was I!

The flight back was pretty frustrating.  Trying to find my way around the
HUGE airports was quite frightening.  There were so many people milling
about, and not enough information for those of us that don't know the ins
and out of travelling.  I finally sorted it all out, with a bit of
pannicking along the way.

I got from San Francisco to LA easily, but getting from LA to Auckland was a
story in itself :>.  I arrived finally at the right terminal, and was quite
nervous at getting everything organised, so I was a little wary when a guy
came walking up looking like a security officer... Hell... I thought I was
going to be strip searched or something!  Turned out that it was all a nasty
trick.. it was some guy trying to show me photos of 'poor children that are
being tortured' by some dictator 'and were going to have a bad xmas'.
Another scam to get money out of people.  I told the guy that I had noooo
money (true) and was promptly told that I could use my credit card (didn't
have one of those either) or set it against some NZ insurance money or
something silly like that!  Geeze... politeness goes a long way, but I was
getting a bit pissed off after a while of this.. so managed to lose him with
a lame excuse about having to hurry for my flight.

hehe 'hurry for my flight'.. what a laugh... We all gathered at the gate,
and were told that the plane hadn't arrived yet, and they'd tell us more
about it in an hour.  In an hour the plane arrived, and there was something
wrong with one of the engines.  It was particularly trying when they'd keep
giving us graphic updates on what was wrong with the engine, and having them
tell us that we were still going to be on that plane!  Hells teeth, like we
felt safe knowing that we were going to be on a jury-rigged plane for 12

hehehehe it was all sorted out eventually after 2 1/2 hours of delays,
although we still gave each other nervous looks every time we hit turbulence
in the air.  *smile*

Well, besides all that... I'm back HOME, and am looking at things a little,
if not a lot, differently.

>Much hugs and kisses!

and HEAPS right back at ya!


SCRIBBLEMsg # 31 of 144                  Date: Tue 10/01/1995,  1:56 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 42 times

     To: All
Subject: Another scribble

Well.  another few months have passed :> almost painfully.

I had a wonderful xmas :> got a dart board from The Dude, and had some
friends over to play darts, and have a sausage sizzle.  Just the kind of
xmas that I enjoy.  None of this family crap.  I can't afford the flight to
Auckland, and it brings back a nice facial tic. *giggle*

Now, New Years.... that was fun!  Went around with some of the BSA to the
more popular nightclubs in town.  Almost got involved in a fight in the
ladies loos, but it was just some maniac guy trying to slam open doors on
people's heads to get in and take a slash.

All in all, a festive season to remember :>

So... how to change the subject subtly to bbs stuff.  can't do it.  so.

BBS stuff:


I found out *finally* what was wrong with my sodding modem.. it was missing
characters, and being a real dog.  Worked out (after changing io cards, etc)
that it was the frigging MOTHERBOARD that was causing all the damned

*note here:  All the help I received (or in fact... all the work that was
DONE, while I made coffee and sat wringing my hands) was from Gavin Cross,
from Smash BBS.  geeze.. that guy knows a computer like Bill Gates knows
money!  Many, MANY thanks go to him, and I think I owe him a car now...*

so... Gavin brought around another 386sx16 motherboard, we plugged it into
Fred (my bbs computer's name) and lo and behold... the disk crashed!  ARGH!
Now... try and guess who didn't do a backup.  g'wan... try and guess.
Yup... that's right.  me. *grumble*

well... Gavin poked and prodded my wee baby to try and make it work,
crooning soft words, swearing, beating it and kicking it.. .y'know.. the
usual story :>  And... you'll never guess what he found out... the
controller he got with the motherboard was naffed!!!!  it ATE my BBS!

Well... 2 machines in parts, disk in fragments.. nothing else for it but a
format.  At 3 am.  poor guy.  Well... someone had to do something.. I was
busy trying to get out of Strip Poker with Yawn.  hehehehehehehehe

Well... Gav finally said 'fuck it'. and left, looking like he'd been beaten
for hours with a wet noodle, and I stayed up with Yawn looking with mournful
eyes at my baby, and trying not to lose my shirt at Pontoon.

Next morning, Gav shows up, I go to bed.  I hate people that look bright and
relaxed in the morning, it was just too much for me.  I had to leave.

well... The Disk got formatted by the fairy gavmother, the backup that I
*had* done in December (thank god.. that was a fluke) was put back onto my
BBS HD, and the motherboard from my games machine (no, NOT an amiga) was put
into the BBS, leaving my poor Ethel (games machine name) stripped of all her
worth.  But the bbs worked!

And all I'd lost was all the bloody changes I'd done to the bbs in that
month... like.. almost everything.  SHIT!  Oh, and the user file for that
month.. but.. *shrug* no biggie :>

Friday saw us at Quay Computers again (for the umpteenth time) and they made
me a deal.  I wouldn't rave on about shoddy parts, and all the troubles I'd
had, and they'd make me a deal on a 386 dx40 motherboard. hehehe VERY nice
of them! (in their favour:  They do have the cheapest computer parts in
wellington :>  And they're always quick to solve a problem for ya :>)  So..
Saturday my babies were complete :>

and I'm still trying to revamp things to make the BBS look cool :>

I didn't end up losing that much, but some of the disks that I did the
backup onto (yes folks... I've been backing up the 170 meg drive onto 1.2
floppies) were corrupted.  *sigh*  but then most of that stuff was door
games that I was going to take offline anyway :>  *PHEW*!

I'm still trucking on... grumbling about backing up onto shoddy disks.. and
trying to pay off the motherboard... they don't come cheap y'know!

So... if anyone wants to make this year look better than it has done so
far.. Please either donate, or give in your Validation donation to the BBS.
It'll be used for the MotherBoard Fund, and maybe to get myself a good tape
drive, so this will never happen again!

Toodles people, until the next crisis :>


SCRIBBLEMsg # 32 of 144                  Date: Thu 26/01/1995,  9:20 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 45 times

     To: All
Subject: Bad news...

Well... just got the bad news that I have to move house again.

Seems that the landlord has worked out that with the skyrocketting interest
rates he can't afford to keep the house, ergo, he sells it.

*sigh*  I'm really sick of moving.  Having to get the power and phone
changed over, having to get another line installed for the BBS, moving the
computers, the cat.. all of my stuff.  And a waterbed is hard to move at the
best of times.



SCRIBBLEMsg # 33 of 144                  Date: Sun  5/02/1995,  1:09 am
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 56 times

     To: All
Subject: Blah blah blah :>

Guess it was time for another scribble :>

Well.. yet again I'm up at all hours, and will probably be up till about 4am
or so (like that makes a change?).

Times like this I get really bored.  I spend the first maybe.. 2 hours going
around the other bbs's, looking for something interesting to catch my eye,
or a new program to put onto the bbs, but after this abuse, I work out that
there's no bloody messages on any other board that's worth while, and I've
seen all the damned files, or download them to find that they don't work

Then I log on here.   And end up doing another scribble.  hehehehehehe

Well... an eventful week, Shelly got a year older (in one day, imagine...
ain't that strange?  hehehhe)  And I've been looking for new homes for the
BSA, much to no avail.  but hell.. there's a few weeks left of it yet.

What else?  Lessee... Played around with some Backgammon door games, and
found a really nice one.  Haven't really tested it, but I'm sure it'll work
first pop. HAHAHAHAHA! yeah right.

*ahem*  sudden hysteria there :>  sorry

Oooookey.  What *is* going on?  No major decision have had to be made,
umm... *whistle... look around room for inspiration...*

Umm.. watched a video tape today.. which is about the most exciting thing
I've done since making lunch... it's The Time Machine, by some old dude, and
was a bit of a giggle (quote #65 of the Aim‚e Files).  Been sorta expecting
to have an earthquake today... things seem to be a bit 'off'.  Even the
flatmate noticed it enough to comment.

Well.. can't think of anything interesting :> So I'll be off to do some more
toddling I think :>

See yas

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From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 41 times

     To: All
Subject: Another scribble from me :>

Well folks... here we are again.  Been ages since I wrote a scribble, I'm a
little out of practice ;>

So.. what's happened:

Got myself installed into a new flat, and I've been spending the time here
working out where the hell everything goes :>  It's a small place, so I've
got a wee (read BIG) overflow problem.

<rolls ciggie.. thinking of what to say...>

<rummage... rummage... click... stuff stuff.. .roll roll... licky thing...
pop... shlup... flick... puff...>

ahhh.. that's better :> <tap tap>

Well... lets see... Went up to Auckland last week for a bit of a rest and
stretch with the family.. and all went well there :>  I'm in the good side
again ;>

Came back to find naff all messages on the BBS, apart from the ones in
e-mail saying 'where the hell *are* you. .. come back!'. hehehehehe I did.

gosh.. I haven't futzed around with the bbs for a while.. people must be
getting complacent... I think I can change that *cackle*.

ummm... umm... The Cat From Hell got moved ok... but now every time I sit
down at the computer he whines to be fed.. which usually means just walking
with him to the kitchen and watching his reaction when he finds that he's
already got food in his bowl. 'what, like I *knew* that this was here?  Oh,
and by the way <dirty look>  thanks for finally stopping paying attention to
that damned clicky-light-thing instead of paying more attention to ME!
<nasty flick of tail>'

*shrug* oh well.. goes with the territory with owning a cat I spose *grin*

I *assume* that the BSA pubnight is ok... I missed the last one as Harry and
I were de-watering the waterbed.  Seemed that I didn't put it in the right
place the first time :>  hehehehehe What a kaffuffle!  Water Water
everywhere, and not a drop to sleep on!  Hehehehe I think I've got the room
sorted out now.  The 'Puters aren't a problem, as they've got a room all of
their own... well.. sort of on their own.. if you discount the crap that's
floating around them :> hehehehe Viva la lack of storage space!

What else is happening?  Ummm... <puff>...  sod all really... Shitlink's
still up and going.. haven't had a crash.. haven't done a backup.. oh SHIT..
I haven't done a backup!  ach.. later.

Umm.. you've all heard about the new call-waiting system?  You can turn it
off for individual calls, by putting in *52 before dialling.  You can't
actually do this from the dialling directory, so make it into a prefix
instead :>  Handy hint #1

Oh.. that's right.. Which Won kindly has lent the BBS some memory so I think
most of the locking up problems will stop (hopefully).  If not.. leave me a
message.. I can't see the lockups at this end.. and I'm not much of a
mind-reader :>  <much>

Oh.. if anyone has any stackable baskets (the ones that stack one on top of
the other, for putting things in.. not the ones that just 'sit' in each
other and make a bother of themselves) please let me know :> that'll fix my
storage problem tenfold!

Well.. can't think of much more to say.. so I'll go for now.


SCRIBBLEMsg # 35 of 144                  Date: Thu  6/04/1995,  3:08 am

From: AIMEE                      Read: 43 times

     To: All
Subject: 2am scribble

Well folks.. it's hard to believe, but it's April.

April is one of those months where you don't think to yourself 'gosh, april
already, I remember clearly what I was doing *last* april!'... no... it's
not one of those months.  It's one of those months where you think year
after year 'gosh... april already... what the hell have I done this year?  I
can remember Xmas.. and the sun's not shining like it used to.. it's going
to rain from here on in, better wear a jersey from now till next november.'

It's one of THOSE months.  Like June.

April is one of those months where I get really bored.  For some reason the
logins drop off, and I'm left with the dissatisfactory feeling that I
haven't done enough, that things are getting stale.  I look outside, and
think to myself 'if only it was a nicer day.. I'd go to the zoo, or the
museum or *something* but here I am, bored out of my tree, stuck with a bbs
that feels.. well.. old, and a flat that's sorta dark.'

What to do about this.

Well... I'm not sure.  I'm outta ideas.  I've got a few door games sitting
in a directory waiting for me to get my act together and install them, but I
have the sneaking suspicion that they're all crap.  heh

Donations aren't coming in as expected either, I'm a little miffed about
that, but not too much so.  People will be people, and if they can get
something for free, they'll get it.  Although it makes the doors boring, as
only registered people can play them, and they aren't many.

C'mon guys... gimme some ideas, or some donations at least, so I can see
this month through with a brighter frame of mind :>

SCRIBBLEMsg # 36 of 144                  Date: Thu 27/04/1995,  2:44 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 55 times

     To: All
Subject: Tis I.. L'eclair

Well.  It's been another while, and I thought it was about time I tested out
this new bloody 'natural' keyboard on a Scribble :>

heh.. it's going to take me ages (backspace backspace)

so.  What's been going on.

Firstly I got my bum into gear and sorted out getting different menus for
different levels of access.  Now the registered users get everything, I get
a wee bit more (and a note to myself not to take everything so seriously)
and unpaid users can do umm.. some stuff, and they can also see what they
*can't* do.  hehehehehehe  it's a nasty trick, but people should know what
their money will get them :>

the unregistered users are having a tough time of it here too ... to whit:
I've changed the subboards around so that unrego's get 1/5th of the
subboards per day, with all of them displayed in the weekends.. nasty I know
:>  hehehehehehe

There *is* a method to my madness however.  In order to get subscriptions I
have to futz out some of the goodies from the unpaid users... and when I
instigated a no-doors/no-easy-downloads thing no one batted an eyelid...
which I guess is because this bbs is based on Messages!  So I crippled them
too. <shrug>  had to be done.

Are you registered users lucky! *grin*

So that's one thing I've changed.  There are a few things I'm going to be
putting online soonish, one of them is a COOL game called 'Sky Mountain'
which is a particularly clever, mean game that I fell in love with :>  It's
registered too!  (WOW!)

umm.. I'm still looking for a new place to hold the BSA as the TAZ is a bit
ikky at the moment, and we aren't able to yak much with all the pool playing
that's going on.  Sooooo a pub crawl is going to be in the works sometime
(when I can get my a into g and rev up TheDraw for making the bulletin :>

ummmmmmmmm..... anything else?  Paid off the telecom bill.. had it sitting
there for a while till it reached a phenominal size!  heh... ahh well.
that's out of the way now.  and it looks like there's enough donations
coming in to dwindle down my owing!  (it'll take years at this rate.. but
it's going alright so far :>)

I've also been going through the files area, getting rid of the utter crap
that's been sitting in there for a while... I got rid of most of the crappy
.mod files, as they weren't all that great, so now they're the best of the
best :>

umm... the tape backup unit is off for fixing, as I couldn't get the blasted
thing to work so I'm still doing damned backups onto 1.2 floppies.

Got a few things that I have to do, like make up some nice menus for the
message areas... I'll need about 4 of those, and I'm getting some neato
programs to replace the topuser proggythingies, not that anyone bothers with
that stuff anyway :>  hehehehe

Oh, and I found my stamp pad with the pussy-cat footprints on it :>  so I
stamp CAT prints over telecoms DOG prints on their envelopes. hehehehehe

well.. the message areas are making me proud :>  people are posting in there
regularly, and quite good messages too :>  Although the sub-slaves will have
to do a wee bit of forwarding into appropriate areas at some stage (hint,
hint) or maybe I'll just do the thing myself.  Not like I've got anything on
at the moment.

Oh!  And good news!  My circadium rhythms are back to normal :>  so I'm not
staying awake until god knows what time of the morning :>  yippeeee!

heh.. I'm still smoking like a chimney, and drinking coffee by the gallon :>
Actually, I'm a little disappointed with this coffee.. I'm drinking
'Africaf' which a couple of years ago was the crem de le creme of coffees,
but I guess that now that I can find it in supermarkets, as opposed to
having to go to the Trade Aid store, it's being mass marketed, and isn't as
good anymore 8(.  Guess I'll have to find another brand to stick to now.

I'm listening to Kenny G on the CD player at the moment.. bought the CD
today, and it's useless!  I think I'll go back tomorrow and swap it for
something else.

So!  Lets see.  gotta clean up the flat, looks like there's been a search
and rescue team in here moving things around.  I'll do that later.

humm de dumm.. what else.. <taptaptaptap>  I think the lockups have subsided
a wee bit.. but I'm not sure.  I've tried to change everything around, but I
doubt that that has fixed anything.  It's not a memory problem, maybe it's
the fossil driver?  Who the hell knows?

<think think....>  I haven't had any major ideas as of late, but that's ok,
I don't think I need to instigate anything just yet, though maybe it
means that this is a good time to work out what I *would* change once I get

About time we had another skating day or something...   I'll find out what
times the rink is open, and whether I've got any padded jeans :>  hehehehehe

hmm.. now there's an idea.. maybe one day if there's a couple of movies on
at the same time we can all get together to see them.. and maybe pub
afterwards.. or something different coz of underagers.. a licensed cafe
maybe?  Not a bad thought :>

Gosh... I'm bored! (if you haven't worked that out already, that is).. but
then, it's coming up to the first of next month, and I do a few bits and
pieces then (if I could only remember what they were..) I did the accounts
early (as I just paid the bill), so I won't have to do that. (isn't there a
lot of brackets in this paragraph?) hehehehehe

oh.  talking about cleaning.. does anyone need any cups or glasses?  I've
got a whole housefull.  And anyone got any spare pot-plants?  I kill them
off too often to go around buying them for the prices they go for :>  and
I'm just getting into looking after them.  Although I've only got 2 here,
and more would make the flat look a lot more healthy :>  I promise I'll
remember to water them!  oops... just reminded myself.. <blush> <sprint>

heh... that's that little job done :>

Well.. I guess that's all for now.  I'll be off to play some gam.. I mean
clean the flat.

See yas!

c/- NightOwl News

"Goodnight Wellington, wherever you are."

SCRIBBLEMsg # 37 of 144                  Date: Sun  4/06/1995,  8:52 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 49 times

     To: All
Subject: Todays Scribble.

So.  Here we are again.  June 1995.  How old will *you* be in the year 2000?

Aside from that. (as I don't want replies ;>)...

I just got back from a weeks holiday in Rainy Auckland, to arrive back in
Rainy and Windy Wellington.  I much prefer Wellington.

On to the bbs stuff.  What have I done?  Well... I watched a few people try
to log in amidst line noise, and fiddled around with the modem string.  Hope
it works.  I don't think it has, as the 14.4 people are all coming in as
9600.  ahh well.. back to the drawing board!

I've done the monthly stuff, bar the game of the yea.. month.  The birthdays
are all up to date (all manually done too.. aren't I clever!  hehehe)  and
the finances are looking a wee bit.. umm.. well.. not exactly rosey, but at
least it looks like they've stabilised over the past few months.  Just in
time for my motherboard to go boom.  hehehehe

I *finally* got the latest version of SL installed on here... found out that
I'd used the wrong batch file just before I left for AK and had to wait a
week to fix it up.  I think it screwed up a few people's accounts, so.. if
you're having to log in as new again (I can only think of one record that
got munched offhand) don't panic!

I haven't touched the doors yet, that's going to be a major job.  Most of
them are carried over from the old OLD version of SL I had years ago, and
they won't need the conversion files to make them work anymore.. but that's
a bitch to work around, so I'll leave them for now, and just fix them up as
they screw me around.  So.  On to bigger and better things I guess.

I haven't got the pub crawl organised, too many other things going on, and
have been going on as of late.  I'll get back into organising it, and maybe
a skate weekend or something.  I'm a wee bit bored :> hehehehehe  Hey..
someone want to help me organise it?  It's not too much work.

What else?  I deleted a few people that hadn't been on this year, and had
only been on one day last year, so off they go.  They've probably all
forgotten their passwords anyway :>

Oh yeah.. the motherboard is being a wee bit weird on me... so bare with me
while I futz around with memory and stuff like that.  hell.. and the modem.
but at least I've got a tape drive to play with for a while! (thanks go to
Witch Won.)  It saves me about 4 or so hours of futzing around with 1.2
disks to backup the bbs.  Just slap in a tape and backup!  Bliss!

Lessee....... I still can't get my bathroom light to work, and the roof is
dripping with all the weather.. plus my sweatshirts were found in the dirt
this morning dripping wet.  Another day in paradise. 8-7

The Cat from Hell became neurotic while I was away and has developed an
amazingly loud whine in the mornings.  No idea what he's after at all...
he's got food and water, what else does a cat need in life?  He's caught a
cold too, so I've taken to keeping the heater on nowadays, even though my
power bills are going to rocket. 8(

Y'know.. it would be really nice to have a washing machine.  Would save me
having to throw everything in the bath and stomp on them.  hehehehehe

Well... I can't think of what else to say at this point, so I'll sign off,
and see if I can do something jazzy with the messaging menu.

Till next time,

c/- NightOwl News

'Goodnight Wellington, whoever you are.'

SCRIBBLEMsg # 38 of 144                  Date: Sun  4/06/1995,  9:12 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 50 times

     To: All
Subject: addendum

Oh, right, I almost forgot...


Oh... I did forget.  sorry.



SCRIBBLEMsg # 39 of 144                  Date: Fri 16/06/1995,  1:52 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 46 times

     To: All
Subject: Another scribble.

Well.  Almost a week has passed since the last scribble... I should reread
that one and see what I've done about any of the problems that were in it.

Nah.. can't be bothered. *grin*

Well.. I'm sitting here, bored out of my skull, trying to find ways to
spruce things up.  There are a lot of LARGE things that I could be doing at
a time like this, but I'm after something new that I can do.  Not just the
usual 'change the ansis and fix the doors' type thing.


Well.. for starters, I've just finished the yearly 'spend a couple of weeks
deleting old messages that are utter crap' session.  There's a lot of stuff
that have jogged my memory in the subbies, and a few things that I think to
myself 'hell, did I write that?  Geeze!  What a gimp!', and also the fun
things that we used to get up to in the B-S-A subboard.  I'd like to get
back into that at some time.  I guess most of it will involve finding
another BSA pub to go to, and having a bit of a lark of a time there. :>
(also getting new blood into the Friday Pub Nites, but that's another thing
altogether :>)

So.  Some of the Subbies are looking a little skimpy, but that's no problem,
and there's a few that I'd like to get rid of.  For instance the ButterFly
Net Subboards.  They haven't had mail in them for yonks, mainly because the
Host BBS has gone down for a while, but ... there wasn't really anything in
them at all anyway, after the first growth spurts!

Some of the Shitlink Subboards are going to have to be revamped, as the
BBSes that were hosting the SL subbys aren't around anymore, or aren't on
ShitLink.  So... we're thinking of getting rid of COMCHAL and GROSS.  (Rip)
But not until we can think of something to replace them with.  Can't have a
skimpy ShitLink!  Unheard of!  hehehehe

Well.. that done, what else needs to be nutted out?  Some sort of
get-together, but I'll have to find a day that I'm free.  A weekend I hope!
I've found an old ansi for a Skating Day, and I'll do that up to be current,
and figure out the prices (they may have changed since we last went) and a
day to do it in.  Transport would be a fine thing too!  The damned place is
in Petone, so I guess some sort of Car Pool would have to be arranged for
the people that don't have transport to the far edges of the world.

Hm... Got the BSA tonite... I wonder if it'll be worth it?  A pub crawl is
DEFINATELY in the cards!  I've tried relying on others for ansis and ideas
for the crawl, but I'm a bit sick of waiting.  So I'm going to have to rev
up THEDRAW and figure out how to draw in it.  Oh, bloody fun.  I don't

Damn.  My coffee got cold.  Oh well. <sip> *cringe*

There's one bright star on this BBS, and that's the Continuing Story.  It's
going great guns!  Fancy that!  I never thought I was a writer ;>
hehehehee Oh, and thanks Hydra, for compiling the story into a downloadable
file :>  I always re-read it before posting another episode :>

Oh... one thing that I've done online is to offer unregistered people the
chance for a free month (rego people can have it too, I guess :> hehehehe).
All they have to do is post a biopsy of themselves into the GATE area (I
should change the name of that subby to something a bit better at some
point).  I went through that subby pruning out the idle chatter, and it's a
pretty good subby!  It's great to see what some of the BSA people put in
there in 1991 about themselves. :>  And it's pretty good to have them update
the information as the bbs matures :> Some of the people don't exist on the
BBSes anymore, but are in contact with those of us that meet at the Friday
Nights :>  Come along too!

Hmmm.. What to do.  Well.. I guess first on the list is something about the
skating night.  I've got a few ideas about that, and an idea for a prize for
the best fall or something :>  I like that idea!

So.. I'll leave you guys to it, and try to find out session times and prices
and so forth for the upcoming BSA skate!

Have fun y'all!

C/- NightOwl News
"Good Afternoon Wellington, whoever you are."
SCRIBBLEMsg # 40 of 144                  Date: Sat 24/06/1995,  3:52 pm

From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 38 times

     To: All
Subject: Another scribble

Well well well.  Here we are again.  What a surprise.  *grin*

So.  what's been going on?  People are telling me that they're coming to the
skating, and it looks like there's going to be quite a lot of us!

Oh, there's 3 seats going in a car, if someone will have transport problems.

'Ang on, I'll whack a jersey on.  It's sodding cold in here!...

There.  That's done.  Made myself a coffee and put some music on too.  Much

So.  What's been going on. <sips... stares at ceiling>...

Well.... I've done a lot of changes on the bbs, but most of them are only
for the unregistered people, to make life easier.  I realised that it was
sooooo hard to win the free years access, and I'd like people to look around
the bbs for a bit before they decide whether to pay before being docked back
down to unrego'd.  So I made it a 2 weeks free access, numbers to guess
between 1-20, and they can only get it once.

Reason I could do that was cause I got a new 'expire' program, which will
take care of all of the access levels.  If I didn't have that program
everyone would be reset back to new user after their trial ran out, which
isn't a nice thing to do to people :>  So this way I can expire people to
any level I like, and send them automatic messages once their time is about
to expire.  Nice program!  (LARGE docs.)

hehehe isn't it amazing what typing on a bbs will do for your
syntax/language?  I've been thinking about this for the past 2 days or so.
People talk differently vocally, but on a bbs it's all clipped, and strange.
Makes you wonder how people will talk in about 100 years, if computers carry
on as they are now :>

Anyway.. back to the changes... ... I made the Message Menu into an Ansi, as
it sorta stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all the other colourfull ansis
around the place.  I don't like raw LurchLite - if you haven't noticed by
now *grin*.

So that's done, but if you don't like them, change your user level to
'expert' and you won't get the damned slow things :>

Oh, put on a new subby, about TV stuff, and it's going great guns!  I should
have put one on ages ago!  The TV one may be made into a ShitLink subby, so
that others can get into it on other bbses as well.

What else have I done?  I got rid of the old topten programs, as they were
pretty tacky.  Now it's just one command that gives you the lot.  yay!

(I'm excited by that?  *sigh* I've gotta get a life!*)

I've cleaned out my storage area (under pain of death) and have now got my
exercise machine in there (only thing that fits) so I've been doing a bit of
muscle pumping :>  hehehe I'm still in agony about that!  Ahh well.  If I
keep up with the exercising I may end up with real arms, and not just wet
noodles. :>

Umm.. I've got my MicroSoft Natural <heh> Keyboard back after spilling a cup
of coffee in it (thanks Gavin!) but I haven't plugged it in yet.  I'll do
that some other time.  Umm.. .what else?  umm... Validation levels are all
cleaned up... I had different levels from the different nodes, whichever I
logged in to to validate people used a different lot of access levels :>
hehehehehe dumb dumb dumb!  So that's fixed up.   Some people went up in
level, some down.

Not much else to say, except that people have been posting heaps since I've
changed things around (even if it was subtle :>) and I'm pleased with that
:>  even *I* am posting more!  Amazing what a change for good will do!

Anyways... have fun, post heaps, and use up your time on here if you wish :>

C/- NightOwl News
"Good Afternoon Wellington, whoever you are."

SCRIBBLEMsg # 41 of 144                  Date: Sun  9/07/1995,  3:00 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 42 times

     To: All
Subject: Another week gone past...

Well.  Busy week!

I was stuck on one of those 'getting back to work' courses run by the
Employment Service.  The course was alright, got to meet a whole bunch of
new people, and managed to get up at the right time to get there (just), but
it took up all of my time, so I didn't get to do much to the bbs.

I'm actually, just this minute, trying to get out of cleaning some more.
I've rearranged my whole flat, for wont of something to do, and it looks
quite snazzy, but now I've got to try and fit everything in. 8(  I'll be
here forever trying to do that! *grin*

So.  Nothing's happened to the bbs, but lots of things has happened.  heh..
ahhh well.  oh, well I guess one thing has happened to the bbs... it's
moved.  It's gone from one wall to another.  Big fat hairy deal!  *grin*

Well... time I went and uh... avoided the cleaning some more :>



SCRIBBLEMsg # 42 of 144                  Date: Fri  4/08/1995,  1:30 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 43 times

     To: All
Subject: Another scribble

Another couple of weeks have passed, and not much has gone wrong really!

I finished off a game that had me completely flumuxed (sp), which is the
pinnacle of my week ;>

umm.. what else.. went up to Auckland, and had a bit of fun up there,
cruising the restaurants and so forth, and of course seeing my 11 year old
sister again :>  Lovely child.  I miss her lots.

What else?  I put some more doors online, changed Triple yahtzee to normal
yahtzee (I'm trying desperately to beat Dizzy at her own game :>), and stuck
some more boards in the listing :>  yippee :> hehehehehe

ummmmm....<munch>  Got a prezzie today ;>  I'm eating it now!  Ta Bo Peep &
Skidders! <munch> *mmmmmmmmm!*

So.. what's coming up on the agenda?  A pool tourney, maybe a ladies night
out, War Games, umm.. and a pub crawl.  That should keep me busy for a
while!  I'll keep you <munch> posted on it all :>

oh.. hehehe just realised that my shoulder pads were all munched up!
*blush* should remember to check them 8Smile

humm.. lessee... I've got to find a strong person to move my telly for me...
hehehehehehe I've rearranged my flat so that I can fit things into it for
once.. it's not going so well!  I've got way too much stuff here.  The 3
piece suite doesn't quite go anywhere, so I'm sorta hiding bits of it under
clothes at the moment (as I can't place my wardrobe thingy anywhere) so it's
looking a bit like a bomb site.. but the computer is in a nice place now.
Far away so that the sound and screen lights don't keep me awake, and too
far away from the bed for me to get out of the warmth to answer pages!

Oh... now here's something interesting that happened.. someone uploaded the
DOOM II virus!  Not as interesting as the game, and quicker to get rid of.
No worries there. :>

Well.. umm... I'll post again once I can think of anything :>

Board's going great guys :> Thanks!

"Good afternoon Wellington, whoever you think you are."

SCRIBBLEMsg # 43 of 144                  Date: Fri 18/08/1995,  2:38 am
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 43 times

     To: All
Subject: Just another day in paradise...

                   This bulletin contains language not
                appropriate for our younger viewers and is
                          rated [A] Adults only.
                      Viewer discretion is advised.

Well.. I thought it was time to dribble on for a bit while I try and decide
what to do next.

I've been logging onto all of the boards, searching for something to occupy
my mind for a bit during the evenings and wee small hours of the mornings...
and I'm frankly, quite disappointed with the other boards.  They are ALL SO
BLOODY BORING! ('cept Dizzys and here, of course ;>).

I don't know what I expect from a bbs, but hell.. I thought that at least
some of them would be amusing, in the least, and have something to offer
someone like me, who reads magazines instead of novels.

Buzzzt.  wrong.

I recall the 'old' days, when I first got my modem.  My friends talked about
bbses with this air of ... oh.. I don't know.. almost wonder.  There was a
whole world out there with a personality of its own, and I couldn't wait to
get involved in it.

There were about 10 regular bbses in those old days, and I was led to
believe that they were really exciting.  heh... yeah.. right.  Maybe they
were for the day, but I found them stodgy and downright boring most of the
time.  People talked like tech manuals, and witty people with nothing to say
said it a lot, and were not appreciated all that much.

So.  There was me... a modem.. bored out of my skull, so Viola!  I'd form my
own bloody board, and to hell in a handcart with those other boring sods.
So I did.  It was just what I was looking for.  excitement and humour on a
bbs.  Just as it should be.

Just what I expected to find all over the wellington boards this month, when
I went logging into every single one of them.  Yes... all 150 of them.  I
did all this for the bbslist I've been doing, to make sure some of them at
least still existed, which only some of them did.

Well.. to make a long story even longer, I've noticed something rather
disturbing.  Most of the boards are CRAP!  No offense meant to the SysOps,
I'm sure they are quite happy with their boards, but I didn't find many of
them that were different from the ones I'd encountered in my green days.
It's quite disturbing.

It makes me take another look at my own board.  Is it stagnating?  Is there
some ideas I can still use to keep things fresh?  Hell yes!  But it all
takes work, and mostly I don't enjoy changing *everything* around, just
little bits and pieces here and there.

Well... to hell with it.  I'm determined that this board is going to stay
part of the lighter side of wgtn bbsing.

There are 2 bbses that I ring every day.  Here is one of them, and I intend
to keep this as my main source of entertainment.  If I can't rely on the
other boards for that, then I've got to keep this one jazzed up to keep my
interest.  Somehow I've got to make this bbs so interesting to me that I
don't have to stray further afield to find my jollies.

So.. what am I going to do?  I've a few thoughts.. I'll stick 'em in another

hehehehehehehehe noone reads these anyway!  *grin*

SCRIBBLEMsg # 44 of 144                  Date: Fri 18/08/1995,  2:51 am
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 42 times  [1 Reply]

     To: All
Subject: Ideas..

Part 2 of the other one :>

Well... I've always maintained that there are 3 parts to a BBS.  Messages,
Files and Doors.  I've always wanted to have a main menu with just those
three things on it.  I did it for a while, but now I've got so many other
bits that they've all sorta joined up and congregated into the main menu.
*sigh*... so .. based on that, lessee what ideas I can come up with.


Weeeeeeell.. lemme think.  A few of the doors have sorta run their time on
here, and hell... to be honest, if I log onto a bbs, look at their doors and
they have too many things there, I ignore the lot.

I think I'll get rid of the dead weight, have the main Doors thingies, with
the main screen being the door(s) of the month for the unregistered users
(c'mon guys... it's not that expensive to help me out for goodness sake!),
and have the validate people's doors off'v that.  It'll just take a little
rigging with THEDRAW to get that done.

Will anyone mind having another menu to go through to get to the registered
users' doors?  Tell me if it'll upset you :>

hmm, what else can I do with the doors?  delete the dead ones, advertise the
free one(s), and ummm... hmm.. I can't really have competitions on the
doors, as I don't have the donations to give a prize out at the moment.  and
anyways.. most of the registered people on here are sysops anyway and get
the access gratis. <grumble>  NEED MORE DONATIONS!  Heck.. if more people
donate, more people will playing the doors for reg users, and thus there's
more competition in the games!

ah well.  can't get blood from a stone.  *sigh*


I've no idea how to spruce this up.  I don't want a CD Rom (since I can't
afford one), and don't want that many files (small hard drive)...

All I can think of to do with the files is to rezip them all with the
current bbs advertising, and maybe use the best compression for them to make
them smaller too.. I've been using the pkzip default, and never worked out
how to get maximum compression!  Just lazy I guess Big Grin

So that's it for the files... I keep on the lookout for good stuff for the
board, but I only find on average one file worth keeping for every 20 I



That about sums it up really.  This is a BIG area, since it's my main one.

Headache time... I've held onto some of the subboards mainly because they
were a novel idea at the beginning, like the Helpline, and Gate, and I'm not
prepared yet to give them up :>

I don't need to do anything to the FIDO areas, they're out of the way and
can rot there for all I care. :>  so lets see... I've thought of a few new
subboard ideas, and marked some for deletion.  I dont' want to keep putting
new subboards on as it's a bit daunting having too many areas!  Or
maybe..hmmmmmmmmm the unpaid users get a 5th of the selection per day, so it
won't matter to them, in fact it'll be better, but for the rest of us?
ach.. well.. everyone just goes New anyway.. so I doubt anyone even looks at
the list :>

Ok... so I'll put the new subboards online.  That's that done.


umm.. what needs to be done in general?  I need to work out this fragging
keyboard for a start.  Get back my sense of humour and post longer messages,
and maybe rev up some of the other areas, like Articles and Story.  they're
the ones that take effort :>

okok.. that's it for now.. thanks for being my sounding board yet again :>

C/- NightOwl News
"Goodnight Wellington, whoever you are."
SCRIBBLEMsg # 45 of 144                  Date: Fri 18/08/1995,  7:45 pm

From: TOM O'KEEFFE               Read: 42 times

Subject: Re: Ideas..

I know i can leave another messy as you're probably tied up at the mo with

there are only 6 bbs that i call on a regular basis.

Yours, Dizzy's, Ken's (when i can get on), PODs, Welcom (for net mail) and
Bryans for a few files. But not on a daily basis.

This is partly an age group thing. (not that i would put you in the same
group as myself) (whew!).

I get home from work and we both rush to call BSA. To read and reply to the
messages. The peaople that call the bb are what makes you want, nay need to
come back.

My other half asks me to say "you run  the best bb". She's indisposed,
womens things, lunar cycles.... sends *hugs*Smile)))

ttfn Smile

SCRIBBLEMsg # 46 of 144                  Date: Sat 26/08/1995,  4:38 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 42 times

     To: All
Subject: Attention, this is your SysOp speaking:>

Well well well.  What a week!  I'll try to remember what's happened.

I jimmied around with the doors menus, and I think I made it all a lot
tidier.  They hadn't changed in years! Well.. apart from sticking on new
doors and suchlike :>

I went through all of the messages the other day (yes, ALL of the messages
on here) and picked out bits about the board that was interesting for the
'years that were'.  I'm going to add to this every month.  I *do* enjoy the
beginning of the month, there's so much for me to do on here!  there's
making up the doors of the month, purging users ;>, doing the birthday
stuff, the accounts, umm.. files.. all sorts of stuff, and now I've added
another one!  damn this week is going to go slowly now!

The sun is shining, and there's the odd drift of cheering that comes my way
through the windows.  Must be a big game on at the moment :>

umm... Went to the BSA last nite, and to Dizzy's do as well (talk about a
packed day!

Oh, here's something good that happened:  I went to the mail box today and
there were soooooo many donations in there!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  I didn't think
it would work so well, but now I'm wondering whether it's worth asking for
donations for something big, like a cdrom or something.  Not sure on the
CDRom, since I've never even touched one before, and I'm not all that hot on
them, but I'm sure something interesting will come up if I think hard on it!

oh, I'm getting a design made for a sweatshirt or poster about the bbs, it's
done by the same graphic artist that did the oh-so-cute seagull thingy for
the Lynx ferry!  I can't wait for that to be done!

So would anyone be interested in purchasing a BSA sweatshirt or t-shirt or
poster or sommit?  I'd need to know the numbers for doing it, to see if it's
worthwhile getting bulk orders, or just getting one for me :>

Or... if someone has any ideas about what else can have the logo on, please
step forward!

I also wouldn't mind thinking of some kinda knick-knack that I can send out
to paid users when their birthday hits :>  Nothing expensive mind you!  Just
something to go along with a card :>

Oh yeah... with the recent spate of hacking, I'm going to be ringing
Telecu.. uh.. TelecOM to ask if they'd monitor this phone line.  That way if
someone hacks, I can just ring 'em up and ask who the last caller was.

umm.. I've got a few more ideas for putting online, like subboard ideas, and
stuff like that, but I won't rush it.  I'll wait until I'm really bored and
go for it :>  So watch out! *grin*

umm.. what else is going on?  ummmmmmmmm... sweet sod all really... got a
dinner tonite, for Harry Redd's Birthday, and nothing else planned for a few
weeks. (I think...)  One of these days I'll get myself a diary!  hehehehehe
or at least a calendar... hmm.. bsa calendars, sent out to users every
xmas... that's a nice idea :>  hmmm... I wonder how I can do that?  I could
probably do it all myself!  Hell.. all I'd need is a poster thingy for the
top, and laser-print off the calendar for the bottom.. I'll have a think
about that :>

umm.. <having stared into space for 5 minutes>  I've run out of books to
read, so I'm going through some more Readers Digests to put me to sleep, so
be warned, if there's good jokes or stories in them, I'll be posting them!

oh heck.. gotta remember to get some lotto tickets for tonite!  I hate it
when I miss out...

Well.. I'm just waffling on about nothing now.. I'll sign off and go play
some games ;>

Toodle Pip!

Aim‚e Winn
C/- NightOwl News
"G'Day, Wellington, whoever you think you are."

SCRIBBLEMsg # 47 of 144                  Date: Mon 25/09/1995,  5:37 pm
From: AIMEE                      Read: 46 times

     To: All
Subject: Another scribble

It was the best of times, it was the bloody worst of times..

That sorta sums up what's been going on the past lord-knows-how-long since
the last scribble.

The cat is back home, thank god, and seems well and healthy (touch wood - oh
to hell with it - bathes in sawdust), so that's good news.  I also spruced
up the main menus, and changed a few things around.  I've got the latest
version of Searchlite to load, but I'll do that later, after a backup and

Well.. caught the flu, so I'm using it as an excuse to sloth around.  So
what's new? *grin*

The modem is still screwing up deluxe, with the 2400 baud users, and others
I guess (since I've been getting a LOT of NO CARRIER's coming up of late).
I've tried different modem init files for d'bridge, but they haven't worked.
If I had the money I'd buy a modem that worked, but until I pay off the Vet
bill, the rent, phone, power and gas, or win Lotto real fast, that isn't
going to happen soon.   So bear with any problems that come up on here, I'm
sure I'll think up something to fix it all in my spare time.

I haven't been typing much, had a scare with RSI, and thought that cutting
down would help.  *buzzzt* wrong.  I guess I played mouse games too much
since then, so now my RSI is fully blown, and feels like I've splintered my
wrist, so sorry guys, but I've got to sign off the BBS for a wee while, or
try to type with only one hand. 8((((((((

I'll still be in the background, trying to keep things together, but as for
messages, you're sorta on your own.

Oh yeah, one last note:  Please, Please please please donate if you're an
unregistered user, cause I'm having trouble with the phone bill.  All I need
is 3 rego's a month and the bbs is square with telecom.

Bruised, battered, but still fighting,

C/- NightOwl News
'Goodnight Wellington.'

SCRIBBLEMsg # 48 of 144                  Date: Mon  2/10/1995,  3:38 am
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 67 times

     To: All
Subject: another scribble

Here we are again.  Sitting at god-knows-what hour of the morning, deciding
whether to clean the kitchen or read a book.  The BBS won out :>

I haven't done that much on here lately, what with RSI and all that jazz,
but I guess today it's not so bad, so here I am.

So.  What's been happening?  Witch Won was kind enough to lend (and install,
thank goodness!) a faster motherboard for the BBS (can't remember what speed
it is.. *blush*, so I think I'll slap a multi-tasker on here (or there,
since I'm typing this on a cruddy 386) and see if I can run two nodes off'v
the one machine :>

Anyone know how to install Deskview?  I don't!

Had another Samson meeting last week, about hackers and stuff, and didn't
really learn a hell of a lot.  *shrug* ahh well.  that's life.

ummm... gosh.. I haven't done a thing really... Oh, found a new pub for the
BSA to go to :>  As soon as I can describe where the hell it is, I'll post a
message about it :>

I've still got MAJOR money worries at the moment, and may have to sweet talk
the bank for an overdraft just in case... well.. just in case the landlord
arrives within the next two months asking for rent! *grin*  I think that's
quite possible.  drat!

uhh... hmmmmm... can't think of anything to say...

Got a few really neat ideas in the pipeline, but I'm keeping them secret
until I've worked all the kinks out of them :>  Should be fun!

Oh yeah.. I still haven't fixed the @#$%@ modem.  The S registers don't make
any sense to me, and I just can't work anything out.  So uh.. don't panic :>

Well... I'm going to find something to fill the morning, hopefully not
cleaning.  So I'll bid you adeiu.

Toodle pip!

C/- Nightowl News
'Goodnight Wellington, wherever the hell you are.'

SCRIBBLEMsg # 49 of 144                  Date: Fri 20/10/1995,  1:17 pm
From: AIMEE WINN                 Read: 56 times

     To: All
Subject: another scribble

Here we are again :>  Been a while since I last posted in here, but lots of
things have been going on!

Firstoff, I did my 'yearly' sort on here, stuffing lots of stuff onto disk,
as everything's been sitting in countless directories called things like
'blah, blah1, blah2, crap, temp, save, work, do' etc etc ad nauseum.. so all
the stuff that I've been meaning to get around to at some stage has been put
onto disk, where it'll sit until I mean to get around to it all.  *grin*

After doing that, I compressed all of the message areas, made sysop areas,
went through the files and got rid of the rubbish, sorted out the user
database, and generally had a whale of a time, usually from about 2am till
9am.  Seems to be the only time that I can do all this stuff :>

Now all I've got to do is do a full backup again. *groan*  I HATE doing
those.  It takes up two computers for about 2 hours, and all I can do during
the time is clean the flat.  Hense, I haven't done it yet.  Fairy nuff :>

So.  What else?  There's a new BBS listing, with a new board on it.  Ummm...
<munch>  Easier to write these things while eating chocolates Big Grin

umm.. what else have I done?  I've ummmmmm cleaned the flat a bit.. taken
the cat out for a walk... picked some wildflowers (weeds, to those in the
know ;>) and ummm ... read a few books.

Oh, that's right, I've moved the BSA... it's now at Cactus Jacks, where the
drinks are cheapish, the food is good, there's no Karaoki and there's a lot
more people turning up!

Come along if you're bored on a Friday :>

Can't think of much else to say... so I'll leave it at that for now :>  I'll
post something more interesting when I think of it.

Toodle Pip!
C/- NightOwl News
'G'day Wellington, wherever you are'

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