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Welcome Newbies! to Board Shitless
NEWBIES!Msg # 1 of 6                     Date: Thu  4/04/1996, 10:30 pm

From: PRIVATE PAARTZ             Read: 200 times

     To: All
Subject: Welcoming - WARMLY - ALL Newbies


Its use is very obvious, so please read on....

     If you're NEW to Bulletin Boards, or even just NEW to this
Bulletin Board then we want to make you feel comfortable and welcome

    (most of us want to feel wanted...I know that after I was kicked
     out of home at the age of 11 - sent off to live with the homies under a
     Park Bridge that...ooops, sorry, I shouldn't unload my horrible life
     onto all of you like that. It really was very, very, very,
     veeeeeeerrrry sad...)

ahem, ah, yes, we want you to feel like one of the family, chat, and
share all those precious moments.

     So, all you have to do as a newcomer, is just write a like spiel about
yourself, what you like, dislike, do, avoid doing (like the plague), any
hobbies maybe, if you've got a really cool computer setup (if it's drab, we
might no talk to you... Tongue <-- if you don't know, that means tongue in
cheek) and anything else that you think might be interesting (but please
make it all readable... :> )

     Then hopefully, some of the older, more-established guys/gals/unknowns
will get off their Esc key and write a few FRIENDLY and WELCOMING words
(won't you everyone - <ALL NOD YOUR HEADS AND SAY "YES SIR"!!>). And before
you know it you'll be One of us/them/something-else, and joining in

     And I will personally welcome you, or your money back - oops, wrong ad!

PS I've un-unanimously volunteered for this post by our beloved Leader, Ms
   Aimee Winn, and though surprised to start with, have made it MY Mission!
   And eventually, I might get promoted to Major Paartz! And, uh, this all
   happened today, believe it or not....!

So, Bon jour, Bon journo, Velkommen, and G'day to you....

    ......and now REPLY! please...    :-)

   Yours etc etc   Private Paartz
NEWBIES!Msg # 2 of 6                     Date: Mon  8/09/1997, 10:42 am

From: GURU                       Read: 84 times

Subject: Great questions

Great questions of Board Shitless:

Is XLNC really all that XLNt, or is he faking?
Just how angellic _is_ Halo?
Whos blood in on the sword?
Just what _is_ Guru a guru of anyway...?
Just how old is Rasputin by now?
Did Aimee really Winn, or did she come a respectable second?
What show is Joko from?

umm... can't think of anyone else. Goes to show how many people post
messages here  Smile
NEWBIES!Msg # 3 of 6                     Date: Tue  9/09/1997,  8:26 pm

From: ZOSIMOS                    Read: 77 times

     To: GURU
Subject: Re: Great questions

>Great questions of Board Shitless:
>Is XLNC really all that XLNt, or is he faking?
>Just how angellic _is_ Halo?
>Whos blood in on the sword?
>Just what _is_ Guru a guru of anyway...?
>Just how old is Rasputin by now?
>Did Aimee really Winn, or did she come a respectable second?
>What show is Joko from?
>umm... can't think of anyone else. Goes to show how many people post
>messages here  Smile

BASTARD!!!!!    ;>
NEWBIES!Msg # 4 of 6                     Date: Mon 13/04/1998,  1:58 pm

From: HORUS                      Read: 68 times

     To: ALL NEW USERS           Fwd From: :      Board Shitless Visitor Info 
Subject: Welcome to the Jingle

Why did you logon to Bored Shitless? What is it you seek?

(HA! And you thought the interrogation was over, did you?)

I hope it wasn't for Door Games, because even though we have a few, you
will find better selections elsewhere.

I hope it wasn't for Files, because even though we have a lot, you will
find the same selection elsewhere.

I hope it was to Message, because WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Are you tired of leaving messages on other boards that no-one replies

The hardest part is getting started, convincing yourself you have
something to say. If there are current threads that don't appeal to you
personally, test the waters, start something else off. Believe me, once
you get under way, you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

Here's an easy way to get involved. ASK QUESTIONS.

If you read something in a message that interests you or you would like
to know more about, ask away! Once some form of communication has begun,
you may find two or three other people jump in, offering their views,
and before you know it, you have begun a thread. Not bad for someone who
was unsure of what to do!

Don't be daunted by the writing ability of some people, or the lack
thereof in others, they all have one thing in common, they are getting
their own point of view out in the open. This is what counts in the long
run, and is what gives us all something to read and reply to.

Most of all, enjoy yourself, jump in with both feet if you see something
you disagree with, then the fun begins.

I see no reason why everyone who logs on here can't leave at least one
message for others to pore over before they leave.


NEWBIES!Msg # 5 of 6                     Date: Sat  1/05/1999,  1:55 pm

From: RAS                        Read: 8 times

Subject: Re: J newuser

>>I am doing a computer course, and have not been on BBS's for a wh
>>ile, so I thought I'd better get back into it. Although I haven't
>>logged on here for a while, it would be cool to make some new fri
>>ends and see who's hanging out on here now
>What course and where?

Programming: what language?
Hardware? ...
NEWBIES!Msg # 6 of 6                     Date: Tue 18/05/1999,  3:03 pm

From: AIMEE                      Read: 6 times

     To: JOHN_HOSIE              Fwd From: :       Validation Requests :>     
Subject: Re: CYBORG newuser

>Hi I'm a solo father of 2 also an ex Sysop from the early 90's

I remember you from Wayyyy Back!

You used to run Cyberdine Systems, and even managed to get Shitlink!

Welcome back, Dahl :>

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